What makes a great CFO?

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Luke Johnson writes in today’s Financial Times of the list of requirements for a great CFO. A qualified professional who can assemble and analyze financial statements. An eye for detail, in absolute command of the financial basics such as debt ratios. Tags: Business Communication CFO CPA Financial times He recommends: Someone fundamentally conservative to balance the optimism of a CEO.

Don’t count on it

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

I recently saw a job posting for a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) which listed, among the requirements: A solid working knowledge of budgeting and auditing processes, institutional financial planning and strategic planning; Excellent interpersonal, communications, public speaking and presentation skills. This made me realize that the stereotype of a CPA as a bespectacled number cruncher is wildly inaccurate. [.].

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healthcare) or one specific area of operations within all industries (HR, financial, IT, etc.). Accounting/Financial Advisory Consulting. The big four management consultant firms all began in the area of accounting and financial services. Key Metrics for Financial Projections.