Be There, From Miles Away: The Webinar As A Sales Tool

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Tim and I were looking at several tools to help us “datamine” the social media for a new client. Radian6 hosted a “webinar” for Tim and I to teach us what their product could do, and how we would use it.

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TED Talk Analysis: Tony Porter “A Call to Men”

The Speaker Point

The journey may be towards a new idea, a new way of behaving, or a new belief or action step (such as persuading the audience to make a purchase). This is why in movies we can root for assassins or murderers; they’ve given us a glimpse into their goodness, pain, fear, or motivation for doing what they are doing. Return to top of page Copyright © 2011 · Genesis Framework by StudioPress · WordPress · Log in

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Exquisitely Great Marketing Plus Lousy Follow-up Equals NO SALE.

Communication Steroids

They had put us in a private room at a local restaurant – nothing fancy – and had place settings for another 7 or 8 people. They were pitching us on buying top-of-the-line fires safety gear: fire extinguishers, alarms, smoke detectors, etc.

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Make Your Blog Produce By Making It Relevant

Communication Steroids

The Social Media Site You May Not Know About

Communication Steroids

The currency is “Linden Dollars” (Linden Labs controls and operates the Second Life environment) which you can purchase for regular dollars in your account. So, some will purchase land, build apartments and rent you a place to live.

The Self Publishing Deception

discount which means that the bookstore wants to purchase it for $6.75 That means, if your book costs $1 to purchase from the publisher, they want $5 for each book. If it costs $2 to purchase, they want $10.

Speaking with Value

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Charli Jane Speaker Services: 14 Profitable Ways to Use Autore

Include the tangible benefits the visitor will get by purchasing your product. Make sure to include a paragraph or two at the end of each lesson enticing them to consider making a purchase.

The profitable world of self-publishing

Since I wasnt on the road speaking 365 days of the year I wanted to have my book available for purchase seven days a week whether I was speaking or not. At present I have a total of nine information products, manuals, books, tapes, and special reports available for purchase.

Do your potential customers forget about you?

This is a potential customer who may have been very interested in your products, but who lost your contact information, or was too busy to make a purchase when your first message reached him.

Wendi McNeill: Is Your Ebook Gathering Dust and No Visibility.No Sales?

Giveaway your ebook to a large website with your target audience Offer a discount to another service or product when your customer purchases your ebook. MEMBERS LOGIN Home SPEAKER SERVICES Speaker Services Get Found Now!

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Charli Jane Speaker Services: Public Speakers: Create Streams of Income With Your Products and Services by Wendi J McNeill

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Top 10 E's to Motivate and Influence an Audience

Stories help us see through the eyes of other people. Find out how to take your speaking to the next level by purchasing one of our programs. Top 10 Es to Motivate and Influence an Audience Speak with Es. Be a speaker of influence not control or guilt. With the privilege of the platform comes the awesome responsibility of motivating and influencing your audience to feel/think/act differently. Educate provide your audience with extensive information on your topic.

The Beginning Public Speaker: Some of the basics of getting started

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Speaking Business

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Productive networking during the holiday season for speakers

Shop the display tables  if you are fortunate enough to attend functions that include trade displays, use the time wisely to also purchase holiday gifts.

Ten Fun Ways to Liven up Any Presentation

Ten Fun Ways to Liven up Any Presentation Most of us would agree that having humor in our lives increases rapport, strengthens our relationships and overcomes communication barriers. link] 6.Mime- Marcel Marceau makes us laugh and moves us. People who work in a positive, often playful environment are more likely to stay. Productivity and creativity increase while stress is reduced. We just feel better after a good laugh. Think funny! Open with a humorous story.

Top 20 Seminar Scams and How to Avoid Them

Great Public Speaking

hahaha (It’s an unwritten law in the seminar business that us speakers use the word “Invest” instead of “buy”. The purchaser’s inability to assess what they are “actually” buying until it’s too late and whether it’s worth it or not. Many large companies are even ignoring their copyright violations uncovered on YouTube knowing that they’ll get more favorable publicity by looking the other way instead of crushing a fan with the threat of a lawsuit.

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Seven Steps to a Successful Murder Board

Larry Tracy, author of The Shortcut to Persuasive Presentations, (Available for purchase at his website) is a retired Army colonel whom President Ronald Reagan described as an extraordinarily effective speaker.

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How to Change the World: The 10/20/30 Rule of PowerPoint

10 slides 20 [Read More] Tracked on January 05, 2006 at 04:12 PM » Saving us all from PowerPoint abuse from PR Works Flying text, sound effects, animation and retina-burning colour combinations are included in PowerPoint presentations for one reason: because theyre there. People who get in and purchase early will reap a truck load of money. Copyright Notice ©2006-2008 Guy Kawasaki All Rights Reserved Optimization

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