PowerPoint Tip: Why You Shouldn’t Use Google Images to Find Photos

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Because photos are copyrighted and you can’t use them without permission. Until their client received a letter from a lawyer informing them of the copyright infringement. It ended up costing the advertising firm $4,000 to settle the case when they could have purchased a photo for around $10. Stock photography sites sell professional photos for very reasonable prices, as low as $7-8 for a photo that can be easily used in a presentation.

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The Self Publishing Deception


This means their unit price to print and buy is higher per book. Because of its length the unit price per book is around $7. A pretty shocking revelation considering that the retail price of the book is set at $14.97, which is the thriller markets cap for a softbound book.

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Do your potential customers forget about you?


This is a potential customer who may have been very interested in your products, but who lost your contact information, or was too busy to make a purchase when your first message reached him.

Top 20 Seminar Scams and How to Avoid Them

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The problem comes in with the high priced coaching packages invariably sold at these events that promise the moon and the “secrets behind the secrets” but only deliver pitch after pitch for more training that leads you down a financial rabbit hole. The contestants all get in front of the crowd and praise the promoter to high heaven for their successes (usually from one of the promoter’s high priced coaching programs). Keep in mind I’m in no way advocating copyright violations.

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How to Change the World: The 10/20/30 Rule of PowerPoint


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