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  Yes, Schwartz handles the technology, pacing, key text, selection of photos, and copyright for the music.  Once authors have their first video trailer, they likely will build a marketing plan for their other professional activities, be it developing new business or searching for job, based on online video trailers.  "About 90% of your book's success is how effectively you position and promote it."

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Here are some quick tips to help position yourself better within the media realm, if you can learn these and implement them into your media marketing strategies then your going to stay on top of the pack and override the monster media feed. Start your media marketing today!

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How authors can endure the promotional process


This becomes more difficult for authors who dont have the means of getting their books marketed to the masses. Research ways to effective book marketing: Most soon-to-be authors are unprepared, and have a naive view of how difficult it is to break into the book business.

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Review your business plan. Make a two-hour appointment with yourself to review all the actions in your business plan  including your cash flows and targets  and spend time determining what you need to achieve your goals for this financial year. Revisit your marketing plan.

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Charli Jane Speaker Services: 10 Tips to Help Position Yoursel


Marketing yourself Add this to your weekly business tasks, this is of course a must, if you dont market you all know they wont find you! Marketing yourself and your company, should be one of your major priorities, which requires to be done on a regular basis.