Just Because it's on the Internet Doesn't Mean you can Steal it

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Friday, February 11, 2011 Just Because its on the Internet Doesnt Mean you can Steal it Don’t violate copyrights in your presentations — Gihan Perera Playing YouTube videos during your presentations is completely against YouTube’s terms of use. Available for keynote presentations and executive briefings.Available for media interviews.Call 905-335-1997 or email George@Torok.com View my complete profile Twitter / PresentationsGo Loading.

On Promoting Books


News & World Report. On Promoting Books Books do not sell themselves; people sell books. If your book fails to sell, you did not know your market. Review copies are the least expensive and most effective way to promote books. It is easier to promote one book twice than to write a new book. The secret to successful publishing is not to publish more and more books, but to effectively market those books already published. Bookstores are a lousy place to sell books.

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Deliver a Presentation like Steve Jobs - BusinessWeek


BusinessWeek BusinessWeek Exchange Search all of BusinessWeek.com: Unstructured Finance: BusinessWeek s Wall Street News Blog Home Top News Economics Columnists Videos Newsletters The Debate Room In Your Face Blogs Money & Politics Green Business What’s Your Story? I broke down his 2007 Macworld keynote in a previous column (BusinessWeek.com, 7/6/07) and in a chapter in my latest book. In this years Macworld keynote, it was the announcement of MacBook Air.

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How to Change the World: The 10/20/30 Rule of PowerPoint


from MasterViews Latest News Guy Kawasaki, PowerPoint 10-20-30 rule its all over the blogosphere, and deservedly so, as Guy really nails down some of the long time obstacles and myths about effective presentation design and delivery. That and I've always been a huge fan of the Steve Jobs keynotes. :) Great Article. NowPublic Read news stories powered by the public. Slideshare Share PowerPoint and Keynote slides including audio.

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SEOmoz | Presentation Skills for SEO


Daily SEO Blog Pro + Free SEO Tools Search Marketing Guides User Powered YOUmoz SEO Services Marketplace SEOmoz Store Learn More About SEOmoz Blog Keep up to date with the most current News, Tips & Highlights from the search marketing industry with the daily SEO Blog.

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Public Speaker


The purpose of most keynotes is to entertain and inform the audience. This year, the keynote speaker is Guy Kawasaki, a well-known Silicon Valley innovator. NowPublic Read news stories powered by the public. Slideshare Share PowerPoint and Keynote slides including audio. Copyright Notice ©2006-2008 Guy Kawasaki All Rights Reserved OptimizationHow to Change the World A practical blog for impractical people. «

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