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Charli Jane Speaker Services: 14 Profitable Ways to Use Autore

Automate your sales process : Use an ad to insure repeated exposure of your message, which has been proven to successfully increase sales. Include the tangible benefits the visitor will get by purchasing your product. ► How to increase your exposure.

Wendi McNeill: Is Your Ebook Gathering Dust and No Visibility.No Sales?

If you already have an ebook have it recorded into an audio product, add it to your site and blog. Giveaway your ebook to a large website with your target audience Offer a discount to another service or product when your customer purchases your ebook.

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Productive networking during the holiday season for speakers

At this time of year replace this with a happy holiday card and include your business card for their records. Shop the display tables  if you are fortunate enough to attend functions that include trade displays, use the time wisely to also purchase holiday gifts.

Seven Steps to a Successful Murder Board

They are: Recruiting Sharing audience Intelligence Role-playing by participants Video-taping and/or audio-taping Critique of presenters Style and Substance Recording on cards of all questions asked Revision of the presentation Lets take a look at each of these steps.

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