Steve Jobs – Public Speaking, Preparation & Practice

Matt Eventoff

The preparation and practice that went into a product launch or public presentation was evident, and each presentation became an event itself – not very common in the corporate world today (unless it is bad news).

Public Speaking Best Practices from My Clients

DeFinis Communications

I had several interesting calls this week which revealed tips to fit nicely into a “Best Practice” list. And so the love fest goes on for the first part of the conversation. I haven’t practiced the 3, 4, & 5 syllable word drills you gave me.”.

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Everyday (but Sometimes Difficult) Conversations

The Communication Blog

Conversation is something we engage in everyday, often without thinking about the process itself. Yet, there are conversations that may create difficulty, apprehension, and an uncertainty about how to proceed. Here are a few such conversational situations: small talk, making introductions, giving and receiving compliments, giving and receiving advice, making excuses, and offering apologies. It’s also a conversation starter, “I like your watch; it looks very sophisticated.”

My Parakeet: A Lesson for Perfect Practice

DeFinis Communications

They say “practice makes perfect.” The only way to improve your competence at something as important as public speaking is to practice. But here’s the real secret: it isn’t enough to simply practice. After weeks of practice it finally happened.

13 Best Practice Tips for Effective Presentation Handouts

Speaking about Presenting

All of these options allow readers to comment on what you’ve written, so it’s a great way of continuing the conversation with audience members. Your presentation handout is the lasting concrete manifestation of your presentation.

How to Stop Ourselves from Doing All the Talking

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Frequent academic conversation supports learning for all students, and especially ELLs. PD specialist Valentina Gonzalez offers strategies to help teachers avoid ineffective practices and remove barriers to meaningful student-to-student and student-to-teacher dialogue.

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Podcasts - Not Much Different from Conversational Speeches

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

But really there is little difference between scripting and recording a podcast than what goes into conversational speechwriting and delivery. With practice the quality of the podcasting, both in presentation and subject matter, improves. The term is so cool:  podcasts. For instance, sentences are short and informal. Actually, there are lots of fragments which aren't sentences. The focus is on the you - that is, the audience.

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How to be an expert at conversation

Kate's Voice

I was nervous about going out to parties because I would have to start a conversation with other people. communication Practical application vocal powerI used to be quite shy. I would have to think of some small talk and it would have to be interesting and clever. I mean, people would want to know about me. So I didn’t [.].

Conversations: Line between private and public blur

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  At one time there was a clear line between the kinds of language used in private conversations and those used in public or published ones.  And we earned lucrative fees advising our executive communications clients on best rhetorical practices

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The practice paradox in public speaking

The Eloquent Woman

But the author missed my all-time-favorite paradox of public speaking: It's the speakers who have practiced the most who look the most unrehearsed. The practiced speaker has a secure base, and a sense of where she is and where she's going by the end of the presentation.

Vocal Impact Weekly Tip: Purpose and Repartée

Kate's Voice

Intention Public Speaking conversations engagement networking personal brand practicing vocal power Is there method to your madness? Recently, a client asked me how to prepare to network at an upcoming conference that she will be attending. She is somewhat reserved and doesn’t enjoy small talk. We discussed lots of the basics, but in the end, her strategy wasn’t clear until she understood her intention for talking […].

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Presentation, Conversation, and Improv

More than PowerPoint...

"You don't rehearse a conversation, do you?" To answer: Do I rehearse conversations? Go out with a list of questions and topics on an index card when socializing, do you? ;) If you have honed social skills, you probably don't rehearse conversations. Rehearse your conversations?

2008 52

The mic and the woman speaker: Practical tips

The Eloquent Woman

Here are the practical considerations that will save you time and angst backstage: Know which mic you'll be using, or state a preference: This should be high on your list of logistics questions for the organizers, so you can plan accordingly.

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Job Interviews - As in FBI Interrogations, "a conversation with a purpose"

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

A skilled job interviewer seduces the applicant into the open, give-and-take framework of a conversation. Part of all that was the need to interrogate, which the FBI euphemistically refers to as "a conversation with a purpose."

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Practical Social Networking Webinar - Guest Experts Interviewed

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Free Webinar Series Continues Join Patrick Schwerdtfeger and Joel Postman in conversation with Jim and me on Wednesday October 21st, from [.]. What do the experts know about Social Media? How can entrepreneurs make money online? What are large corporations doing? Find out as Jim Carrillo and I continue to explore these topics with two top authors.

Practical Social Networking Webinar - Guest Experts Interviewed

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Free Webinar Series Continues Join Patrick Schwerdtfeger and Joel Postman in conversation with Jim and me on Wednesday October 21st, from [.]. What do the experts know about Social Media? How can entrepreneurs make money online? What are large corporations doing? Find out as Jim Carrillo and I continue to explore these topics with two top authors.

Practical Social Networking Webinar - Guest Experts Interviewed

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Free Webinar Series Continues Join Patrick Schwerdtfeger and Joel Postman in conversation with Jim and me on Wednesday October 21st, from [.]. What do the experts know about Social Media? How can entrepreneurs make money online? What are large corporations doing? Find out as Jim Carrillo and I continue to explore these topics with two top authors.

Is poise connected to practice in public speaking?

The Eloquent Woman

Which begs the question: Is poise related to practice, in public speaking? Here's what I think practice can do to help you develop a poised, confident delivery: Rehearsing means you'll know what you do--and what you will be doing. Is practice helping you develop poise as a speaker?

5 tips from speakers on getting past practice to great delivery

The Eloquent Woman

If you've been reading this blog for any length of time, you know I always recommend practice, and lots of it. But for many speakers, moving from practice to a seemingly effortless delivery is the biggest leap of all. That evening, I practiced more with a few TEDMED attendee friends.

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6 Tips for Starting a Great Conversation at Business Events

Great Public Speaking

After spending a great weekend in Las Vegas for the Author 101 Event, I participated in and observed a lot of conversations. I love networking and networking at a business event is a skill that is developed with practice. I noticed some authors and speakers need a little improvement on how to start and have a great conversation at a networking event. I came up with 6 Critical tips for making the best out of your conversations with the other attendees.

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"Conversational Intelligence" by Judith E. Glaser: Bundles PR and Neuroscience (including mindfulness)

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

"Conversations are multidimensional, not linear." Glaser, "Conversational Intelligence" Many of us in communications have been catching bits and pieces of the breakthrough discoveries in neuroscience. The best practices are: 1.

2013 65

Speaking Science: Practice out loud with others to sharpen persuasion skills

The Eloquent Woman

And according to two Columbia University education researchers, practicing out loud with others--in mock Q-and-A sessions or debates-- might be the best way to sharpen your persuasive reasoning skills, all the more reason to build time into your prep for out-loud practice sessions.

How to say “thanks” like you mean it

Kate's Voice

Last week, a friend observed a conversation between my partner and me wherein we said “thanks” to each other a dozen times. In our family, we practice saying thanks. vocal image conversations Expression intention vocal impact Afterwards, she remarked on this and said, “That seems like a lot of work.” It’s a ritual for us; it expresses gratitude, and that we take […].

2014 158

From the vault: 6 stealth ways to find time to practice #publicspeaking

The Eloquent Woman

Without time to practice, your improvement will be slowed or stalled. This time around, I've added a bonus sixth option for truly last-minute practice.) When you first start working on your public speaking skills, the idea of finding time to practice seems almost impossible.

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PowerPoint Tip: Photo Best Practices

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

This is easy for photos already in that format, but may require you to use a photo conversion tool like IrfanView if the photos are provided in another format (get IrfanView at [link] ). Last week the Presentation Xpert newsletter published one of my new articles on using product photos in sales presentations. If you want to read the full article, you can go to [link] Today I want to expand on a couple of the ideas in the article.

2008 40

Tina Fey: Need to jump into a conversation? Use improv skills, not apologies

The Eloquent Woman

You never just come in - I mean, people do because you always make mistakes in the practice of it - but come in just because that scene looks fun and I want to be in it, too, or I've got a great idea for a loud character that could enter this scene.

2011 85

10 Reasons to Practice Active Listening | Communication Steroids

Communication Steroids

Skip to content Follow: RSS Twitter Home About Contact Us Current Programs Inner Circle Newsletter Products 20 Presentation Skills That Kill: Audio CDSeminar Social Media and Public Relations: Audio Task Oriented Teams: Audio CDSeminar What We Do 10 Reasons to Practice Active Listening by Tim 'Gonzo' Gordon on February 28, 2010 If you listen to our podcasts now and then, Roger and I will bring up ‘active listening’ as one of the most important aspects of communication.

Every communication is two conversations - ignore the second at your peril.

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

Every face-to-face communication is two conversations, the content and the body language.   Most of us spend a great deal of time preparing the first conversation for our important meetings, presentations, speeches, negotiations and so on.   But how much time do you spend preparing the second conversation – the non-verbal one?   What happens is that when the two conversations are aligned, you can communicate your carefully prepared content effectively.

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How to become a good speaker

PowerPoint Tips

Lack of practice. Practice, practice, practice. Then stand up and practice giving the talk at least two more time. Practice with a projector to make sure you don’t have connection problems. Have a conversation with your audience.

2010 220

How to Create “Enchanting” Relationships

DeFinis Communications

You’ll get practical, doable suggestions that could just make your company the next Apple. The word “enchant” means to cast a spell on or bewitch; to delight or captivate utterly; to fascinate; charm.

2011 201

Speaking of Airtime.

Speak and Deliver

Spontaneous Conversing. Start an actual conversation with someone you don't know. Practice. Reading Writing Goals Conversation Flying Speaking Planning Airports Practicing Brainstorming LettersA year ago I was flying all over the place, 2-3 times a week.

2011 65

How to Develop an Effective Lead Generation Strategy


For conversion optimization, your CTA may lead the visitor to a dedicated landing page, featuring some “offer” that will be given to them in exchange for their personal information. They are designed to do one thing well – lead the visitor towards the desired action (conversion).

Why timed builds are not a good presentation practice

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

It eliminates any possibility of spontaneous conversation with the audience and suggests that the presentation should just be recorded and played back on video. A presentation should be a conversation with the audience supported by some visuals that support the message. I have seen timed builds used twice recently and both times it left me scratching my head wondering why the presenter created their PowerPoint slide that way.

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Presentations: 5 Boring Behaviors and How to Fix Them

Professionally Speaking...

Try to imagine you are having a one-to-one conversation with various members of the audience -- we are less likely to speak in a monotone in an actual conversation. Tags: Practice and Rehearsal Presentation Tips and Techniques boring presentations business presentations

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A Public Speaking Alphabet

Manner of Speaking

“Jazz, of co urse, is about dialog and a kind of conversation with other musicians and a connection with the audience. Practice getting comfortable both with and without a lectern. P – Preparation and practice. Practice is essential to becoming a better public speaker. Practice using inflection. With preparation, practice and patience, anyone can become a more competent, more compelling public speaker. A - Audience.

Power Presentations Tip 32: Smart Practice

Executive Speech Coach

Transform your business presentations into effective conversations. Monday, April 12, 2010 Power Presentations Tip 32: Smart Practice Power Presentations Tip 32: Smart Practice Rehearse your presentation Practice doesnt make you perfect. Smart practice makes you better but never perfect. Smart Practice Condense your presentation into keywords that help you remember your points. Practical tips to help you deliver more effective.

Secretary Geithner - 7 Communications Lessons

Matt Eventoff

This was an opportunity for Secretary Geithner to talk directly to the public, in more of a conversation and less of a presentation and quell a bit of the panic and fear. More pausing, more focused points, and more practice would have improved this tremendously. The good news for Secretary Geithner is that, with training and practice, I believe he can still resurrect himself as a strong communicator. Click here to view the embedded video.

Toastmasters Friday: How Smooth is Your Choreography?

Speak and Deliver

The strong transitions from President to Toastmaster to Evaluator to Speaker, etc, that come from repeated practice. Conversely, be ready to take it back. Practice made Sexy.probably not for Toastmasters.or This week I attended my 11 year old daughters first Glee performance.

2011 87

Practical tips to help you deliver more effective presentations.

Executive Speech Coach

Transform your business presentations into effective conversations. Sunday, February 13, 2011 Practical tips to help you deliver more effective presentations with less stress Power Presentations Tips Vol 1 - on Kindle Business presentations that inform, inspire and persuade Power Presentation Tips offer you practical insights to be a more effective presenter so you can prepare and deliver successful business presentations in less time and with less stress.

Green Room Speakers: More Speaking Wisdom from the Karate Kid

Green Room Speakers

I dont have time to practice repetitive motions all day!" Thats 16,000 chances to practice your speaking skills. The next time you are talking with a friend, practice maintaining sustained eye contact. The next time you read a story to your child, practice varying your voice.

Room 56

less is more

Green Room Speakers

Saturday, August 29, 2009 Less is More Yesterday I had a fascinating conversation with a conductor who spent the summer working with an orchestra in Salzburg. Then try practicing your speech focusing solely on nonverbal communication (gestures, facial expressions, movement, etc).

2009 52

What Is Public Speaking?

The Arrowood Curve

Regarding the word "communication" in the definition, although most presenters do not view public speaking as dialogue between the presenter and audience, it can be useful to approach presentations as conversations rather than monologues.

Speaking for Authentic Expression: Interview with Dr. Brene Brown

Speaking Freely

“Authenticity is a practice” says Dr. Brene Brown in a conversation with Oprah. You have to choose it every day. This applies not only in one’s personal life, but in business as well. In business, authenticity generates authority.

2013 152