"Most Powerful Marketing Strategy" - Forget All That, Sell Me Results & Quantify Them

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The subject line should read: Boost Conversion Rate Up to 32%. The subject line of the email blast reads: "Most powerful marketing strategy." " Of course, I didn't click it open.

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Twitter Is Gearing Up For Long Form

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Here is today's article on boosting web conversion rates. The verbose have a stay of execution. The world won't be shrinking into short form communications. At least not soon. Twitter, the front lines of short form, will be providing a long form option.

How clearly do you speak? Try this one insightful public speaking test:

More than PowerPoint...

However, YouTube/Google understands most conversational speech fairly well. Try slowing down to a conversational pace. A conversational rate is between 140 and 170 words per minute. As a public speaker, you’ll want your audience to understand you.

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Cover Letters - Digital Tricks Baby Boomers Have to Get Down Cold

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Then digital introduced a conversational tone and need to keep the reader interested. " Get attention with "Social Media Expert Reduces Bounce Rate 34%." "The edge I provide is proven ability to reduce bounce and boost conversion rates."

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Using presentations for decision-making

PowerPoint Tips

For deciding on a marketing strategy for a specific market, you might want to know cost, technical difficulties, how much time each strategy will take, and predicted conversion rates. A table of the components and options, and ratings for each can help you decide.

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Presenting Business Diagrams: How to Deliver a Strong, Positive Impact


These tools illustrate the process that lead to a desired outcome, such as customer conversion, service subscription, or product purchase. Depending on purpose, funnel analysis can be packaged as a purchase funnel, customer funnel, marketing funnel, or conversion panel. Use the funnel shape to highlight the certainty of customer attrition and to emphasize the work needed to achieve the target win (conversion) rate. Business means a lot more than just making profits.

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Super Bowl Ads Just Ain’t What They Used to Be

Dahle Communication

I gotta assume at least a 1% conversion rate, meaning 1 million people buying a $10 ticket (that’s $10 million) at the theater more than covers that cost of the ad for the movie company, I assume. The following is a guest post by Brett Duncan of Marketing In Progress. I love Brett's stuff and he has been gracious enough to do a guest post here.   I must be getting old, because I find myself looking back on the “good ol’ days” at a much higher frequency than ever before.

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Small Business Blogs, Backs Off from Tweeting

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Small business is focused on the conversion rate, that is, how this or that bit of social media converts into a sale. 

"2016: Obama's America" - Conservative Dinesh D'Souza plays Sigmund Freud

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In marketing we're focused on conversion rate, not aesthetics.  A shrewd move at the DNC would be to show clips of the film "2016: Obama's America" and laugh.    It would be a mistake to ignore it. 

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DIY: Those email blasts which get opened, converted into action (Lesson 1)

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  No wonder many of you using this tool are disappointed in the open and conversion rate.    That conversion will shape everything else.  For

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Toyota Defaults into Mea Culpa - Maybe not smart PR

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  Far better would it be to make a positive announcement about a new client or a new strategy that is boosting client conversion rates 24%.  When thrown for a loop, frequently we take the flight to safety.    And safety in the auto industry operating in North America is to default into a mea culpa.    No surprise, Toyota North America, whose U.S.

Charli Jane Speaker Services: Does Your Website Have A Purpose


This figure is called the site conversion rate, and it is an essential element of the effectiveness of your site.

Social Media in F500: Flat

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The Center for Marketing Research at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth conducted a survey about the adoption rate of social media by the Fortune 500 [F500].  Essentially, the Center reports that the rate of adoption has been flat for blogs, tweets, and Facebook. 

Charli Jane Speaker Services: What is a Landing Page


While many boast a conversion and attribute it to the shortness of their introduction (many will be one short paragraph), others will boast a high conversion rate because they use long, detailed, and compelling copy.