Connecticut - Paradise Lost

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"A wave of education funding cuts hit Connecticut cities and towns on Monday, forcing them to freeze spending and consider tax increases as the state moves into its fourth month without a budget." 

Thaddeus Farrow Dies in Connecticut Car Accident

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As USA Today reports, he died in a Connecticut hospital after a car accident. Disabled Thaddeus Farrow had once been a "throw-away" human being in India. Then celebrity Mia Farrow adopted him.

Connecticut - Souring of The American Dream

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Residing in the state of Connecticut used to be  the symbol of having made it. That was hammered in pop culture. Ad executive from fictional programming "Mad Men" Peter Campbell got on the Metro North in Cos Cob, CT to play the big game in Manhattan.

Connecticut - Is it jinxed?

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Recently Fairfield, Connecticut lawyer, Christopher Andrews , was shot dead by police as he was attacking his wife and three children. Mega corporation GE is pulling out of CT and relocating across the border in Boston. Three horrors haunt the state.

Peace Be to Madonna Badger - 7 Years After Fatal Christmas Fire in Stamford, Connecticut

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  In addition, in the years after that fire in 2011 in Stamford, Connecticut, in Badger's life was also the loss of the girls' father Matthew Badger.   I had awaken very early Christmas morning in Connecticut seven years ago.

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Brand Connecticut - In The Crapper

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In influential New York Magazine, Annie Lowrey publishes her article "What's The Matter with Connecticut?" " Here you can read that insightful deep dive into the erosion of Brand Connecticut. When I had first moved to Fairfield, Connecticut from Washington D.C.

Connecticut - Fall of a Cool Brand

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GE is moving from Fairfield, Connecticut to Boston. The latter is the new cool, including as a hub for tech. Once, CT was also a very cool brand among East Coast movers and shakers.

Holiday Season Had Been Cruel To Connecticut

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Early one Christmas morning, a fire broke out in Stamford, Connecticut. The three Badger young daughters and their grandparents died. The house was torn down. The mother, Madonna Badger, was hardly injured. Physically. Later she attempted suicide.

A Truly Heroic Speech

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Six-year-old Benjamin Wheeler was one of the victims of the 14 December 2012 shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Analysis of a Speech David Wheeler Newtown Connecticut speech analysis

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Connecticut - UBS, Aetna, GE and I All Fled

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For three consecutive years, the state of Connecticut has lost population. In addition, it has lost major corporations such as UBS, Aetna and GE. Yet, those supposedly in the know can't agree on why this is happening, explains Derek Thompson in The Atlantic.

Connecticut - Tragedies Seem To Occur In A Set Of Three

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The state of Connecticut, part of scenic New England, has been the setting for three relatively recent horrific tragedies. As the state continues to heal, let's pray this holiday seasons that the universe will smile on Connecticut for the next 100 years.

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Message: Few Showed Up For Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy's Parade

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As Jessica Roy reports in New York Magazine , today was Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy's parade celebrating his inauguration. Sometimes the public signals in subtle ways. Other times the messaging is blatant.

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Connecticut: We are mourning our dead, again

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The 20 children massacred at Sandy Hook, Connecticut Elementary School - this is the third time we have lost children.    Connecticut is with them. 

Hearts Break in Connecticut

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It's such a heartbreaking day in Connecticut.    I wish that attorney David Dow, who recently wrote AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF AN EXECUTION, could come from Texas to Connecticut.    The great hope of the state economy - gambling at Monhegan Sun - sputtered.    It announced that 355 people would lose their jobs.    Actually more than that many positions were eliminated but some of those cut could be deployed in other jobs. 

Michael Skakel's Next Trial: Gawking, reporting in Connecticut

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 There is now much to look forward to Connecticut.   Connecticut-based established media and bloggers like myself can make names for ourselves before, during, and after the second trial. Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel is out on $1.2 million bail.

Toddlers & Books: Miller Public Library, Hamden, Connecticut

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  That's what I have concluded from observing the brisk business at the check-out counter at the Miller Public Library, Hamden, Connecticut.  Print books still cast their spell on toddlers. 

Connecticut - We had our White Christmas, thank you

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  Before the snow really started to pound New Haven County, Connecticut, the stores were jammed with people. Today had all the characteristics of Christmas Day.   They weren't scooping up bread and milk.

Connecticut, Cars, Nemo: The worst isn't over

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The trusty red roaster is in the parking lot serviced by an outside vendor, not those maintaining the complex where I live.    After an ample breakfast I dressed warmly and headed out to that parking lot to dig out my car. 

Linda E. McMahon Has Spent Nearly $100 Million in Senate Races

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Barnes & Noble: Hero of Connecticut Small Business

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  My section of Connecticut was one of the few which didn't lose electricity. Hurricane Irene has been the enemy of small business.    Much of our low-cost communications systems were knocked out. 

Petit Home Invasion: Connecticut's 9/11

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Connecticut time is divided into Before and After the Petit home invasion in tony town of Cheshire.  "  Over and over, out of nowhere, someone in Connecticut will reflect, "How can that man go on, how can he, after losing his wife and two beautiful daughters."  It's not that Connecticut has been spared other kinds of tragedies. 

NEW HAVEN CONNECTICUT ADVOCATE, Dead: Bad sign for alt-weeklies

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Amidst the shifting landscape in media, the print NEW HAVEN CONNECTICUT ADVOCATE couldn't manage to survive.  Begun in 1975 as an alternate weekly, it took on issues in an edgy way.  As of today, it is dead.

Newtown, Connecticut: It could become tourist mecca like Salem, Massachusetts

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This is a capitalist society so some alert entrepreneurs could spot the tourism potential in Newtown, Connecticut just as they did in Salem, Massachusetts. 

Connecticut Speechwriters: Trading best shot at business for less trauma

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"When my husband and I moved from our apartment on the Upper East Side of Manhattan to a large house surrounded by so many trees in Westport, Connecticut, we assumed that his speechwriting skills would still be in heavy demand. 

Gold Coast of Connecticut: Too few had flood insurance

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Why didn't more homeowners on the Gold Coast of Connecticut carry flood insurance? THE WALL STREET JOURNAL reports on three towns in that area.    In Norwalk, 6% had it, Westport, 13%, and Fairfield 12%. 

Sandy Hook School Shooting: Tragedy again visits Connecticut

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A state known for its quiet living, Connecticut has become the national focus of tragedies set there.    That began in the home of Dr. Petit in an upscale neighborhood. His wife and two teenage daughters were murdered by two thugs. Both

Veteran's Day: Connecticut Legal Help Needed

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You're an attorney in Connecticut specializing in expungement of records.    If you are a Connecticut attorney specializing in expungement who can work for a low fee or know of someone, please contact David Schmidt at , 908-709-0500.   And, although this is not pro bono, it will be low paying. A veteran back from combat duty in Iraq needs your expertise.    His superiors want him to apply to Officer Candidate School. 

Triple Petit Murder: Connecticut's "In Cold Blood"

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More than the lousy economy and midterm elections, we in Connecticut are transfixed by the trial in the triple murder Petit case and the push for the death penalty.  So do many other residents of Connecticut.    The world will watch if Connecticut gives in to the mob and agrees to the death penalty. 

March 31, 2014: Snow in Central Connecticut, Hold the Troubles Talk

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 Snow began in central Connecticut about 7 A.M. There seems to be a correlation: The longer the snow season lingers in the high-pressure Northeast the less bearable is listening to Troubles Talk.  Or, come to think of it, any uninvited conversation.

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Connecticut - Metro-North commuter train, symbol of success, crashes

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The Metro-North commuter train from Westport, Connecticut to Grand Central Station in Manhattan is a symbol of success in that iconic novel "The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit."    THE NEW YORK TIMES reports that yesterday during the evening rush hour the train heading back to Connecticut crashed with another Metro-North train. 

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On a clear day in Connecticut, you will no longer see SAC Capital Advisors

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  Hedge fund in Connecticut SAC Capital Advisors has accepted a plea deal in which it will be shuttered. Truth, justice, and the American way just trumped the evils of insider trading.

Newtown, Connecticut Slaughter: Spare us reminders of that, Madonna Badger fire, Chelsea home invasioin

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Who doesn't know that the first anniversary of the Newtown, Connecticut murder of 20 children and six adults is coming?   We here in CT know that most of all.  And most of us struggle to put that behind us.

Healing in Connecticut: Dr. William Petit, Wife Christine welcome baby boy

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Six years ago, the Cheshire, Connecticut home invasion shocked the nation. Two years ago, another tragedy happened in Connecticut.  At the end of it, Dr. William Petit II was the sole survivor. Two thugs had snuffed out the lives of his wife and two young daughters.

My Boring Life in Senior Housing in New Haven, Connecticut

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The 1400 unit complex called Bella Vista in New Haven, Connecticut provides subsidized housing to us geezers.   They marvel how fast I can get around, and without a walker, electric wheel chair or scooter. 

No Cars on Road: Nemo makes Connecticut look like day after end of whatever

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Here in Connecticut, Governor Dannel Malloy banned all driving, except for emergency vehicles.  The next election is won or lost, depending on how adeptly politicos manage a severe snow storm.    Nemo has been severe. 

Impossible Weather in West, Southwest: Snow Sticks in New Haven, Connecticut

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  Snow was sticking in New Haven, Connecticut. Last night families started getting the jitters about everyone arriving safely, never mind at all, for the Thanksgiving holiday.  And the news media sternly warned that a major storm was heading this way from the west and southwest.

Joshua Komisarjevsky Sentenced to Death: Connecticut's "In Cold Blood" ends, finally

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  Here in central Connecticut the story has been the home invasion of the Petit family.    Our generation in Connecticut will continue to be haunted by it.  Every area has its defining story. 

Connecticut Post-Alfred - 430,000 still w/o power

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Wet snowstorm Alfred hit Connecticut last Saturday afternoon.    Here it is Friday evening and 430,000 are still w/o power.    It seemed like all of them were at my 12-step meetings this week.    And none at the meetings had drunk through the ordeal, even though some had to bunk with with their grown children whose power hadn't gone off. One couple who had sobered up together five years ago turned the ordeal into an adventure. 

Ted Kennedy, Jr. Loves Connecticut: Dennis House won't have big story

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spoke so eloquently at his father's funeral mass we in Connecticut began speculating that he might go for the U.S. When Ted Kennedy, Jr. Senate seat to be vacated by Joe Lieberman. 

One = Three religious questions in Obama's Connecticut speech

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The full transcript of President Obama's speech at the Sandy Hook Interfaith Prayer Vigil in Newtown, Connecticut, on Dec. For students of rhetoric and oratory, there's always a silver lining to the horrific mass shootings that have become such a regular feature of American life - because one thing that's certain is that we'll get to hear yet another example of President Obama making a masterful speech that catches the mood of the nation.

Petit Murders: It's not over for Dr. Petit or Connecticut

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  The one survivor Dr. William Petit and our state of Connecticut still have to go through the execution and then the trial of his partner next year.  There was no closure today with the jury's decision on the death penalty for Petit murderer Steven Hayes.    After that trial, depending on the verdict, there will be more. Somehow this reality that horrific things just don't end is jarring.    Everyone wants the Petit legacy to disappear. 

Staples in North Haven, Connecticut: Mario hero of small business

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  Off to Staples in North Haven, Connecticut I went to buy one.  Chastened by The Great Recession, I was determined to extend the life of my Dell laptop as long as possible.    So when the keys began to stick on the keyboard I had no intention of buying a new one.    From experience I knew that I could just switch over to an external keyboard.    Here in New Haven, the car situation is much like that of Manhattan: forget owning one. 

North Haven, Connecticut Public Library: The place that keeps us working

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The North Haven, Connecticut Public Library has evolved into the working person's secret weapon.    Here in many parts of Connecticut, our power, phone, and Internet were out, all because of Hurricane Irene.    Take last week.