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Your voice on conference calls: How to show up when no one can see you

Kate's Voice

Presence Vocal Image conference call engagement perceptionRecently, I facilitated a workshop for a group of people who work in their pajamas. One of them told me that she will do her hair and makeup for the rare call when her customer turns on her video camera, but normally she doesn’t have to worry about being seen.

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101 Top Tweets from the 2013 Ragan Speechwriters Conference

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

The annual Ragan Speechwriters Conference was held March 20 – 22, 2013 at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington DC.

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Conferences and Conventions – 7 “Don’ts”

Matt Eventoff

Pick a day of the week, any city, any major hotel, and more often than not there is convention or conference occurring. . I attend my fair share of conferences and conventions every year to watch clients deliver keynotes or participate on panels. Uncategorized conference convention convention dos and donts Public Speaking trade sho

138 Top Tweets from the 2012 Ragan Speechwriters Conference

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

The annual Ragan Speechwriters Conference was held March 14 – 16, 2012 at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington DC. Unlike other Ragan Conferences I’ve attended, where I had to select a small number of “top [.]. Speechwriting Ragan Speechwriters Conference Twitter

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Video: 2012 Ragan Speechwriting Conference

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

From first-time attendees to 10-year veterans, attendees at the 2012 Ragan Speechwriters Conference were uniformly impressed with the event. Speechwriting Ragan Speechwriters ConferenceHear what a random baker’s dozen of the audience had to say.

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Conference Best Practices: The Tech Policy Summit

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Too many conferences are painful to attend; lengthy keynote speeches in windowless hotel rooms, rubber chicken and endless PowerPoint conspire to dull the senses. The recent Tech Policy Summit at the Silverado Country Club in the Napa Valley was a well organized and engaging event. This event was an exception. Here’s a list of the [.].

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Calling all speakers for IABC Heritage Region Conference

Joan Detz Speaker Services

IABC Heritage Region Seeking Speakers for the 2017 Region Conference being held at the Omni William Penn Hotel, Pittsburgh, PA, November 5-7, 2017 The IABC Heritage Region is currently seeking speakers for the 2017 Regional Conference being held November 5-7 at the Omni William Penn Hotel in Pittsburgh. Calling all Speakers!

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Back from the PPTLive conference!

PowerPoint Tips

Overall, it was a great conference, as usual. One example, from the SXSW conference is discussed here. Keynotes. Sessions.

Gender Avenger tool helps you chart women speakers at conferences

The Eloquent Woman

The workshop is 23 October and the conference is 24 October. You can learn a lot on a train. The tool''s in beta now, so expect changes to come.

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Conference update from the American Society of Journalists & Authors

Joan Detz Speaker Services

No, you don’t have to be an ASJA member to benefit from ASJA’s terrific writing conferences. May 5 – 6, 2017 Annual Conference Update By Estelle Erasmus, ASJA New York City 2017 Conference Chair I’m excited to make two announcements: that the big reveal of our conference program will be up on […].

The 2012 Ragan Speechwriters Conference

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

I’m off this week to the 2012 Ragan Speechwriters Conference in Washington DC. It’ll be my fourth conference and the second one at which I’ve presented. As in 2009, I’ll be podcasting interviews with attendees and presenters and grabbing some video with my Flip video camera to post to YouTube. It all fits with the [.].

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Conference notes from #uksgcam2015: Diving into speechwriting

The Eloquent Woman

Last week, I had a deep dive into talking, speaking, and language.and it was all about writing speeches. I can draw a cartoon. Got a panel coming up?

Follow @NoWomenSpeakers to track conferences with few or no women on program

The Eloquent Woman

While it''s normal to think first of one''s own experience, we none of us attend all the world''s conferences (thank heaven).

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Famous Speech Friday: Billie Jean King at FIFA Women's Conference

The Eloquent Woman

You can register here for just the workshop, the conference, or both, and you'll get the best discount if you sign up by August 1. That's gone.

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On Demand: National Speakers Association 2014 Conference

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Here’s a free On Demand archive of certain presentations from the conference. For speechwriters, I highly recommend Nancy Duarte’s talk “Resonate: Present Visual Stories that Transform Audiences” and Giovanni Livera‘s “Storyboarding Workshop” Both are listed in the tab for Monday June 30.

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2017 ASJA conference (I’ve already marked my calendar)

Joan Detz Speaker Services

Keynotes Announced for ASJA’s 46th Annual Writers Conference – Fri May 5 & Sat May 6, 2017, Roosevelt Hotel, NYC By Estelle Erasmus As Chair for the 2017 ASJA Conference in NYC, I’m delighted to share that we have been getting many of your proposals for sessions and I’m really impressed with the level of […].

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Cisco Social Media Conference: Teaching elephants to dance

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

The Ragan Communications Social Media Best Practices for Communicators Conference, hosted by Cisco Systems, wrapped up on Friday. The 3-day event promised to share ways to “engage employees, build strong customer relationships and create brand buzz online&# using social media. Social [.]. Social Media Ragan Communications

Future Business Leaders of America – California State Leadership Conference

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

I was fortunate to volunteer as a speech contest judge for an impromptu speech contest for High School students held Friday and Saturday as part of the State Leadership Conference of the California Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA). FBLA is the largest and oldest business student organization in the world. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Speechwriters Conference Debrief 1 of 4: Jon Favreau keynote

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

The Silicon Valley Speechwriters Roundtable conference call took place Feb 20 at the end of the first day of the 2014 Ragan Speechwriters Conference.

Coaching a cadre of conference speakers to give TED-quality talks

The Eloquent Woman

Most interesting thing I''ve ever seen at a conference." The workshop is on 15 April, and the conference is 16-17 April. "Amazing."

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ASJA offers writing conference in Atlanta: Sat Nov 5

Joan Detz Speaker Services

Saturday, November 5, 2016: Dream Bold Atlanta Join ASJA for Dream Bold Atlanta, a one-day writing conference at Agnes Scott College in Decatur, GA, where freelance writers will have an opportunity to meet one-on-one with editors, content providers and agents. A limited amount of rooms […].

Chairing a conference: How I'm preparing

The Eloquent Woman

While we will conduct the conference in English, I know from experience that I''ll need to be precise. I''m aiming for the latter.

Conference co-chair asks "Would I attend my own conference?"

The Eloquent Woman

Why conferences need more diversity. The Web 2.0 What do you think of this post and its suggestions? Share your ideas in the comments.

Disastrous Opening to the Conference

Executive Speech Coach

It started 20 minutes late A full day conference will likely get behind schedule at some point during the day. How are you guys?” How terrible!

Professors and Public Speaking/Presentation Skills

Matt Eventoff

I have been fortunate to regularly lecture at colleges and universities around the country and am writing this post at 30,000 feet on a red eye flight returning from Boulder following a lecture at a conference at the University of Colorado.

My favorite easy conference networking tip

Speak Schmeak

When I''m at a conference by myself, this tip is gold. Take a look. ?. Networking Video

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The Lady Vanishes: My International Speechwriters Conference keynote

The Eloquent Woman

At conference after conference, in today''s world, women are underrepresented as speakers. It started with a client. She died in 1962.

The growing Twitter buzz about conferences with few (or no) women speakers

The Eloquent Woman

But lately, I've been tracking the conference gender imbalance and seeing a growing discussion emerge. Share your thoughts in the comments

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Steal This Press Conference!

More than PowerPoint...

In one paragraph, Hoffman describes timeless presentation techniques for snatching free publicity using the conventional press conference system.

How to Hold Your Own During a Conference

The Communication Blog

Here is a guest post on communication during conferences. How to Hold Your Own During A Conference. Holding your own in a conference boils down to holding your own in a conversation. workplace communication communication in conferences conferences Hope you like it. Surviving the On-The-Spot Skype Interview. link].

How to network with top editors and content providers: ASJA’s Atlanta regional writing conference

Joan Detz Speaker Services

ASJA Regional Conference: Dream Bold Atlanta Network with top editors and content providers November 5th The program is completed and exciting clients are signing up to attend. Freelance Writing News, events, and awards Professional organizations

Meeting Report: Cisco Social Media Conference

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

For the rest of this week I’ll be attending the Ragan Communications Conference Social Media Best Practices for Communicators hosted by Cisco Systems. The event kicks off on Wednesday when I plan to attend the Pre-Conference Workshop on Corporate Video given by Deanna Govoni and Alex Romano. Social Media

Sharpen your Skype, conference call & Hangout speaking skills: 8 tools

The Eloquent Woman

Hear and be heard is the mantra for conference calls. And let's face it: Most of us do our "public speaking" in these kinds of meetings.

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New speaker added to ASJA regional writing conference in Atlanta

Joan Detz Speaker Services

Learn as much as you can at #ASJAatl … Sat Nov 5 Dream of Being Pitch Perfect: Practice Your Skills With Top Editors Christine Moore @chrissiebmoore Christine Moore is a senior digital content strategist, editor and writer for Healthgrades, a leading physician search and health content brand serving up to 1 million users a day. […].

Conference season competition results

Max Atkinson

The delay in announcing the winner reflects how difficult the judge has found it to reach a decision. They don't." Better still, two."

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Chairing a conference: How did I do? Lessons for chairs from #esnbxl

The Eloquent Woman

I didn''t initially intend to blog about chairing the European Speechwriters Network autumn leadership and communication conference in Brussels.

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12 ways to diversify conferences with @NoWomenSpeakers

The Eloquent Woman

I''d love to see more conferences report their diversity results in this way. And often, it''s where the discussion ends. Great. Persist.

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How to follow up your meeting, conference, or event

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

  It's a perennial worry for conference people: how do you keep the interest alive so that the meeting has power long after it's over?  Top 5 Sessions at ABC Conference”) through newsletters and email campaigns to let people know what they missed.    And to create buzz for your next event. 

Famous Speech Friday: Huda Shaarawi at the 1944 Arab Feminist Conference

The Eloquent Woman

You can read the rest of her short opening remarks at the conference in the collection Documenting First Wave Feminisms , edited by Maureen Moynagh and Nancy Forestell. Photo by REVOLUCIÓN ESPIRITUAL ) Come to my pre-conference workshop at the S pring Speechwriters and Business Communicators Conference in Cambridge, UK, this April.

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Ed Milliband Conference Speech. Showing how it’s meant to be done!

The Presenter's Blog

By a perfect choice of subject matter guaranteed to get a conference giggle. Congratulations Ed Milliband. This speech has just changed my mind.