How to Earn $10,000-Plus in Keynote Speaker Fees

They participate in panel discussions, put on their own workshops, or present at concurrent sessions in the industry association market. Speaking fees either are below $5,000 or are free; qualified leads are enough payment. Attendees dont expect as much from concurrent session presenters as they do from the keynoters. What works in the opening keynote wont work as a concurrent session and vice versa.

When Applause Just Isn't Enough: How To Get More Clients From Giving Speeches

" The above distinction begs a few key questions: Why do so many great speeches not generate more clients? " Many experts have given up on speaking as a lead-generating tool. They either resign themselves to speak only to develop credibility or use the "speaking cant generate clients" argument to demand speaking fees (which they cant get for the reasons listed below). Its off to the next concurrent session…or lunch.