It's Tough Being A Pro

Communication Steroids

It happened at a concert. Even more importantly, she, seemingly, lost none of her zest for the performance, singing with power and passion, staying well beyond the scheduled end time and delivering two knockout encores…at one point, after the comment, looking at the crowd and telling them that she understood that times are tough and that buying concert tickets and arranging for the babysitter, gas, and everything else can be a real burden and thanking her audience for coming.

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12 ways to diversify conferences with @NoWomenSpeakers

The Eloquent Woman

You can''t set the quota and forget it, however--this only works in concert with other efforts, and many conference have found it difficult to meet their own quotas. It''s disheartening that, in response to a call for male speakers to pledge that they wouldn''t participate in panels with no women , the pledge signup was spammed by misogynistic comments and fake signatories, and had to be shut down.

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Top 20 Seminar Scams and How to Avoid Them

Great Public Speaking

The Grateful Dead arguably one of the most successful bands in history allowed people to record their entire concert and even made it easy for them to do so. Many try to spam the Internet with false positive information about themselves to bury the bad stuff.

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