Megyn Kelly Panel Gets Into Heated Battle Over Obama Attending ‘Anti-American’ PSY’s Concert

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The paradox of performance

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Jan Dalley writes in the Weekend FT on the paradox that in an age of increasing digitization of our culture (via music downloads, YouTube video and more) people still seek out the unique personal experience of attending live performances: at literary festivals, rock concerts, and lectures.

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Madonna booed after touting Obama in La. Concert – USA Today

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Make your audience feel like rock stars

Speak Schmeak

Have you ever gone to a concert or watched one on TV? Specifically a rock or other popular music concert?

The why of presentations–getting results

PowerPoint Tips

I remember watching a video of a presentation given to some reporters in the context of a concert that Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr gave in New York City a few years ago. To get the best results from a presentation, you need to think about the “why.”

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A Lesson from Lang Lang

Manner of Speaking

A couple of weeks ago, my daughter, Kristen and I had the good fortune to attend a concert by Lang Lang at Geneva’s Victoria Hall. His performance was terrific. From the light melodies of Bach, to Schubert’s sombre Piano Sonata No. 21, to the moving and energetic Etudes op. 25 by Chopin, he he ld the audience transfixed for two hours. T here was one moment in particular that caught my attention, and it occurred before Lang Lang had played a single note.

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Standing Ovations: How to Earn Them and Why Some Speakers Don’t Want Them!

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I went to his concert in my hometown last week, and it was apparent to everyone there that he deserved that title. Elton John is a music legend. Moreover, when he wrapped up, there was, of course, a 10-minute standing ovation.

6 public speaking tips for your next protest rally speech

The Eloquent Woman

Lean in, part one: Sound systems vary at outdoor protest rallies, from bullhorns to platforms with mics and concert-level sound systems. With protests rising in number worldwide, public speakers need to dust off--or just learn for the first time--the skill of addressing a public protest rally.

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French students are revolting

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They rush off as excited as if heading for a rock concert. Sarkozy supporting students are on the street, leafleting anybody within 20 paces. Every fifteen minutes another bus load leap to the pavement, eager for instructions and a hand-full of leaflets.

Marco Rubio Is Repeating Himself… and So Should You (Public Speaking Tips)

Succeed Speaking

Think about it this way: If you’re an Eagles fan who loves “Hotel California” and their other hits, what songs do you want to hear them play when you go see them in concert? Embed from Getty Images.

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Invisibility works for superheroes -- not for speakers

Speak Schmeak

Whether I''m watching TV, a movie or a concert, I''m constantly inspired by how the best entertainers are so real and comfortable in their own skin, and have their own unique style and way of communicating their message with the audience.

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Own Your Industry - Book 23 of 52 in 52 - A Review of Douglas Kruger's latest book

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The first time I became acquainted with Douglas Kruger was on DVD - he was speaking in the Toastmasters World Championship of Public Speaking. He was extremely young, extremely thin, and had an extremely, exquisitely deep voice that anyone short of James Earl Jones would envy. That was in 2004.

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Famous Speech Friday: Taylor Swift's harassment testimony

The Eloquent Woman

As the New York Times put it , "She’s sold millions of albums and heard stadiums full of fans chant her lyrics at sold-out concerts around the world. It was courtroom testimony by a harassed woman the likes of which is rarely seen, and that's really the pity here.

How to be an inconsiderate speaker

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I'm a fast talker, and I've made a concerted effort over the years to slow down so my audiences don't have to struggle to follow what I'm saying. I recently heard a speaker who acknowledged up front that: 1. He had 90 minutes of material for a 30 minute presentation, and 2. He talks fast.

“You’ve got to get naked on stage”

Manner of Speaking

Here are some excerpts from the article: [T]he concerts that I have cherished the most are the ones that left me with very distinct memories. An entire evening’s experience recounted decades later, thanks to one action, one facial expression, or a moment of true, unconscious “aliveness” … When I play a concert, I want to create those memories for myself and for the audience. Dan Mangan is a Canadian indie folk-rock singer and songwriter.

Star Wars VII trailer: Storytelling & the invisible structure

Presentation Zen

and the entire room of almost eight thousand people just leapt to their feet and roared, I mean I can't think of anything I've ever been to—other than a rock concert—that felt quite like that." The Star Wars storytelling universe has always provided many lessons for storytellers of all kinds.

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Famous Speech Friday: Joan Baez's Rock Hall induction speech

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Play to the entire audience: Baez relates how her own granddaughter didn't know how famous her grandmother was--until she took her backstage at a Taylor Swift concert. She called her induction in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame "prestigious, and very cool."

What to do when your speech follows a tragedy

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Watch the video here or at the link: Watch Madonna's Powerful Speech About Paris Attacks at Stockholm Concert You know it's foremost in your audience's mind: One of the great roles of a speaker is reflecting what's on the minds of the audience.

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Chautauqua: A new look at the original TED

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For speakers, it's long been a mecca, featuring daily morning and afternoon lectures , as well as scores of plays, concerts, and more.

Communication is Easy and Difficult: An Exercise

The Communication Blog

Tweeting about a favorite celebrity’s concert. I'm developing this exercise for possible use in the new edition of Human Communication and I thought it might be of interest more generally for just about any course in speech communication or interpersonal communication. The ten items I have below can be changed and probably should be changed to better reflect the specific students in the class.

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Gloria Steinem's public-speaking "Road"

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My Life on the Road , Gloria Steinem's new bestselling book, is part memoir, part travelogue.

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Famous Speech Friday: Lady Gaga's speech at Rome Europride

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She's a natural relationship-builder with audiences, and this speech is as good an example of that as any of her concerts. Not every speaker will ask her audience to "put your paws up," but then not every speaker is Lady Gaga.

The Best “San Francisco” Speakers at SXSW

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Amidst the product launches, movie premiers, and concerts will be hundreds of experts featured on panels such as “Speaking to Geeks,” “The State of 3D in Cinema,” and “How to Save College Radio.”

What Does It Mean to Resonate?

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They might even quiver with enthusiasm and act in concert to create beautiful results. Language and power are inextricably linked. The spoken word pushes ideas out of someone’s head and into the open so humankind can contend with adopting or rejecting its validity.

Famous Speech Friday: Josephine Baker at the March on Washington

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Baker was notorious in her day for her body-revealing costumes, but she also broke color lines, becoming the first African-American woman to star in a movie and the first to integrate a concert hall in the U.S.

Toastmasters Friday: How Smooth is Your Choreography?

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During the Glee concert, several kids had there own solo, and they had only one microphone to share. This week I attended my 11 year old daughters first Glee performance.

Do all your references to women in speeches cast us as "mothers, wives and daughters?"

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Perhaps little noted nor long remembered by some who watched President Obama's State of the Union address this year were three little words that have stirred up a rhetorical storm: Mothers, wives and daughters.

Analysis of a Speech by Bruce Aylward

Manner of Speaking

This is important for getting people to buy in, later, in terms of making a concerted effort to eradicate polio everywhere. I have a special interest in this TED Talk for two reasons.

It's 2012, and women are still having trouble getting on the program as speakers

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The New Israel Fund, which advocates for equality and democracy, organized singalongs and concerts featuring women in Jerusalem and put up posters of women’s faces under the slogan, “Women should be seen and heard.” Forget a seat at the table, for the moment.

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10 Ways to Love Your Voice!

Kate's Voice

There are concerts, voice clinics and festivals in various [.]. This Friday, April 16, is World Voice Day. World Voice Day is a day to celebrate your remarkable voice. It was started in 2002 by otolaryngologists and other voice professionals who wanted to focus awareness on the use, care, and problems associated with the human voice. singing Speaking vocal delivery vocal health vocal power World Voice Day

NJ Gov. Chris Christie May Have Got His Facts Wrong « TJWALKER.

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News analyzed from a communication perspective.


Make your audience feel like rock stars

Speak Schmeak

Have you ever gone to a concert or watched one on TV? Specifically a rock or other popular music concert?

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Global Terrorism - Brandname Facilities Targets

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

That could be a concert hall or hotel. It was in the brandname Radisson Blu Hotel in Mali that the terrorism took place. Likely the terrorists' agenda includes discouraging human beings from being in a brandname edifice.

Terrorism - How The 21st Century Began, Going On Since

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Parents can never be confident that their children going to school, to a concert, or a job will ever return home. The horror of the 20th century was war. The big kind. Then the 21st century began with terrorism - sophisticated, organized.

Lady Gaga: Back to performance weight

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  It's a nice Ourbodies/Ourselves meme but it aint going to sell tickets to concerts. From the time of the Roman gladiators, the performance business was a tough one.    Lady Gaga knows that. 

10 Minutes of Poise, Power and Passion

DeFinis Communications

I am pleased to share this beautiful performance by concert pianist Freddy Kempf , who truly embodies the notion of poise, power and passion. One of my passions in life is helping my clients and those in my online community improve and strengthen their speaking and presentation skills so that their message will have a powerful impact on all those who hear it.

After London Bridge - Will Ordinary People Hunker Down at Home?

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

As those at the Manchester music concert, the folks on London Bridge were there to have fun. The Drudge Report used all its tabloid tactics to communicate how the alleged terrorist attack on London Bridge and other parts of the city unhinged the world.

The road to perfection never ends

Inter-Activ Presenting and Influencing

If you were, or are now, a musician, do you just come to concerts when your performance is scheduled? Guest Post: Fred Miller , No Sweat Public Speaking. “None of us is as smart as all of us, that’s why it’s always great to hear what fellow professionals have to say.

What is Toastmasters Dogma?

Speak and Deliver

I deliberately used this word last week, despite its negative connotations, in concert with what is occasionally a negative practice - using Toastmaster's guidelines in an oppressive manner. Last week, in my Toastmaster's Friday post , I mentioned 'Toastmaster's Dogma'. I had a few people ask what I meant by that, so this week, I'm going to delve into it. First, let's define 'dogma'.

Beware of personalization

Speak Schmeak

Like when you go to a concert and the singer shouts, "Hello, Santa Barbara!" Driving down State St. last week, hubby and I spotted a sign in the window of a soon-to-open Pinkberry: "Pardon our dust as Santa Barbara awaits Pinkberry's flagship store."