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Recently we went on a Photo Field Trip, and had the chance to enjoy all of these things, simultaneously. Our assignment: Take photos of contrast. Or take photos of whatever you want. Then he compiled the footage with our photographs to make this. Diary Video contrast creativity dolores park inspiration photo field trip san franciscoWe like photography. We also like fun, and Saturdays, and San Francisco, and sunshine. And we really like each other.

Cool Tools I Use and Love

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I got to thinking the other day that I’ve never actually compiled a list of those tools and posted it. Photoshop / Picasa : Both are great for manipulating photos; Picasa has an online storage and sharing tool; PhotoShop is the king of photo manipulation.

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Abandoned In the Panhandle

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I’ve taken the photos from my Abandoned In the Panhandle project and created a book. Though I’m not done shooting abandoned places, I felt now was a good time to make a compilation. Consider this Vol. Details at my book page. Grab Bag

How to design the ultimate TED talk.or nearly so

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Presentation Tidbits - Online PPT Sharing

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  Here is the second most popular presentation on the site (the first was a compilation of photos from the USAir plane that went down in the Hudson River).  Another player has joined the online PowerPoint sharing space - Slideserve.    The service is similar to those offered by other players: docstoc – [link] (all types of document sharing). Empressr – [link]. Flypaper – [link]. Freepath – [link]. Scribd – [link] (all types of document sharing).

Thought Trap #3: Mental filter

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For this thought trap, I'd like to direct you to two places for some perspective: a compilation of responses on SpeakerNet News for how to deal with a negative evaluation and a Speaker Sue post on picking yourself up after you fall. Photo by mnsc.

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Bring Your Audience into Your World with Stories

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According to Scott Ginsberg, The Nametag Guy , you should compile fifty of your own stories. But the idea is to just start compiling stories – no matter what they’re about. photo credit: tmray02 From → Uncategorized Comments are closed.

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Speaking of Testimonials

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Add a photo. Once I had my template together, each one took about 10 minutes, not counting compile and upload time. It's one thing when you spend your life writing marketing copy designed to tell people how brilliant you are as a speaker. It's another when you can get someone else to say it, too! Testimonials rank high when it comes to credibility for a buyer, whether you're selling dishwashers, toothpaste, or keynote speeches.

Famous Speech Friday: Emmeline Pankhurst, "Freedom or Death"

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Pankhurst, known for her theatrics, addressed crowds from a stretcher, broke out of prison, got smuggled into lecture halls to avoid the police, and spoke (as shown in the photo here) from automobiles and pretty much any venue she could find. I would have liked seeing British suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst in action. When we say her movement fought for votes for women, it really fought: The suffragette movement in the UK was unusually violent.

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May's top 10 tips, from speeches to small talk

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As usual, this list compiles the posts most popular with readers this month. Join our thriving community to get extra content, early input into my blog posts, and to share your questions, photos and video.

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top women speakers? Aimee Mullins

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She doesn't need photos like that to make her beautiful, and she should not seek acceptance from the skin-deep fashion industry to prove her beauty. Mullins for her true beauty, and I am afraid the mixed message of the photo shoot is trying to take credit for it.

top women speakers? K. Jefforts Schori

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So I'm working to compile a list of the top 10 women speakers. Official photo of the bishop from the Episcopal Church of the United States of America.).

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top women speakers? Hillary Clinton

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So I'm working to compile a list of the top 10 women speakers. Photos of Clinton from Barnard College and television screen grab).

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Chairing a conference: How did I do? Lessons for chairs from #esnbxl

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Get a feel for the space: I have the preparedness gene, so I checked out photos of the room online and made sure I dropped by the venue the day before when the organizer would be there. I''ll be blogging about the many insights I gained from the speakers about public speaking over the next several weeks, rather than compiling them all into one post. "You are going to tell us how it went, aren''t you?"

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Famous Speech Friday: Anne Summers on Julia Gillard's misogyny factor

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In publishing the speech--and the video, photo and graphic examples she showed--Summers created an " unexpurgated R-rated version " and a " Vanilla version from which the images and video links have been removed," along with an Appendix of additional material, which she compiled "because I felt it was important that we ordinary citizens and voters be aware of the obscene and offensive material that is circulating about our prime minister and our governor general."

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How to Present While People are Twittering | Pistachio

Photo credit : Pete Lambert Benefits of the back channel to the audience As a presenter, the idea of presenting while people are talking about you is disconcerting. Pistachio Micro sharing. Macro results. HOME TOUCHBASE BLOG Your Suggestions? SERVICES Market Engagement Enterprise 2.0