Grouphigh: End to manually compiling blogger lists and more

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

For about 18 months I had been putting together blogger lists for clients the old-fashioned way: Searching the Internet, clicking on each blog to get a sense of what it was about and if it was worth reaching out to, hunting down the contact information, and summarizing my findings for the client.

Cool Tools I Use and Love

Communication Steroids

I got to thinking the other day that I’ve never actually compiled a list of those tools and posted it.

2010 63

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The Shy Speakers' Guide on Facebook!

The Shy Speaker's Guide to Succes on Stage

And to celebrate this launch, I’m going to release my latest compilation of speaking tips and techniques (with bonus resources) that will be free for you to download! Home About Gary Testimonials FREE MATERIALS!

2007 52

Abandoned In the Panhandle

Thoughts On Presenting And Design

Though I’m not done shooting abandoned places, I felt now was a good time to make a compilation. I’ve taken the photos from my Abandoned In the Panhandle project and created a book.

2012 130

The Questions You Need To Ask To Really Know Your Audience

Presentation Guru

The ability to connect with your audience is imperative when presenting.

2016 90

The Best Websites for Google Slides, Prezi and PowerPoint Templates

Presentation Guru

We have compiled a list of template providers for Google Slides, Prezi and PowerPoint, including some which offer templates that are compatible with more than one platform.

2017 61

150 Resources to help you write better, faster, and more persuasively

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Here’s an incredibly comprehensive listing of 150 resources for writers compiled by Claire Morgan and published on the Open Education Database website. It includes everything writers need, from proper citation and grammar guides to organizational tools, legal help, news digests, media resources, and much more. Business Communication Speechwriting reference material writers

2013 151

Advancing the narrative through first person interviews

Presentation Zen

Moving a narrative forward through the thoughtful compilation of first person interviews has long been one of my favorite documentary storytelling styles.

New book, Master Presenter, collects lessons from the world’s top presentation experts

PowerPoint Tips

I’m very pleased to announce a new book, Master Presenter, published by Wiley, which is a compilation of articles from presentation experts who have contributed to the Presentationxpert newsletter over the years.

2013 191

Photo Field Trip | Contrast

Duarte Blog

Then he compiled the footage with our photographs to make this. We like photography. We also like fun, and Saturdays, and San Francisco, and sunshine. And we really like each other. Recently we went on a Photo Field Trip, and had the chance to enjoy all of these things, simultaneously. I know.

A List of the “Best of the Best” in Public Speaking Information

DeFinis Communications

Knowing that there are lots of great resources for speakers online, they set out to compile and highlight the best of the best. In many career paths (business, media, PR, etc,), public speaking skills are essential.

2013 242

7 Mental Strategies to Help you Recover from a Presentation Disaster

Speaking about Presenting

The book is a compilation of people’s answers to a set of questions posed by Tim. The complaints started within the first half hour of the course: “I don’t understand what this means” “This is too hard for us” “This doesn’t work for the presentations that I have to do.” ” By the end of the day I was exhausted and dispirited.

2017 158

Create an animated intro for videos in PowerPoint

PowerPoint Tips

To create a video with an intro, outro, and content in the middle, you’ll compile the elements and set slide timings. If you want to create a series of short training or promotional videos, it’s useful to have an intro that you put in front of each video.

2020 148

PowerPoint effectiveness based on research

Speak Schmeak

Here's a helpful post on Jennifer Kammeyer's blog Comm Comm , compiling research on what makes PowerPoint effective.

Cameron's "up & running" (twice in 50 seconds)

Max Atkinson

If it isn't already on the #BannedList being compiled by the Independent on Sunday's @JohnRentoul, it surely ought to be So far, the PM has had a good press on Twitter for his performance in the House of Commons today.

Best of Speak Schmeak 2006-2008

Speak Schmeak

It's a compilation of the top 21 most popular posts from my first two years of blogging, including: The truth about 7% - 38% - 55% Why you can't read slides and listen to a speaker at the same time Public speaking: talent or skill? " The Best of Speak Schmeak 2006-2008 " e-book is now available for purchase!

2008 100

Submit your top ten speakers

Speak Schmeak

For the last couple of years, Bert Decker has been compiling a list of the Top Ten Best and Worst Communicators , and he's looking for your input for the 2008 list, which will be announced on December 31. Here's his 2007 list , and his 2006 list. Who do you think should be on the lists? Don't forget to post your list on Bert's blog!).

2008 100


Professionally Speaking...

If you need to hear inspiration, one of my previous posts has a video compilation of inspirational speeches of the 20th century. A pot pourri of posts this time ranging from advice from Confucius. Garr Reynolds offers some interesting thoughts on inspiration, something every presenter should always be on the lookout for.

A List of the “Best of the Best” in Public Speaking Information

DeFinis Communications

Knowing that there are lots of great resources for speakers online, they set out to compile and highlight the best of the best. In many career paths (business, media, PR, etc,), public speaking skills are essential.

2013 195

What Matters Now: free ebook

Craig Strachan - Keep Talking!

Internet Guru Seth Godin has compiled and released a free ebook containing thoughts and ideas from some very big thinkers. He says. Here are more than seventy big thinkers, each sharing an idea for you to think about as we head into the new year. From bestselling author Elizabeth Gilbert to brilliant tech thinker Kevin Kelly, from publisher Tim O’Reilly to radio host Dave Ramsey, there are some important people riffing about important ideas here.

Free 116

And the Winner is…

Duarte Blog

This morning, we compiled all the names… and chose a winner… Congratulations, Trevor Cuss! We asked you to complete a survey about our blog. And a whopping 469 of you did! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Labor Day speeches

Joan Detz Speaker Services

For quotes on Labor Day and other holidays (Halloween, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, etc), turn to Quotations for All Occasion s , compiled by Catherine Frank. “If all the cars in the United States were placed end to end, it would probably be Labor Day weekend.” ” (Doug Larson). Excellent source notes

Foursquare Badges Tell Stories - Which One Is Another Story

Dahle Communication

If you want to see a compiled list of badges, this website is doing a pretty good job of keeping it all up. If you don't know what Foursquare is you are not alone. There are a little more than 3 million users currently on Foursquare.

Story 200

Too Many iPhone “Developers”

Thoughts On Presenting And Design

Yesterday, I came across this gem on Daring Fireball where John Gruber discusses the change in the rules for developers: My reading of this new language is that cross-compilers, such as theFlash-to-iPhone compiler in Adobe’s upcoming Flash Professional CS5 release, are prohibited. This also bans apps compiled using MonoTouch — a tool that compiles C# and.NET apps to the iPhone.

2010 157

It's my blogiversary! (Did I mention the free gift?)

Speak Schmeak

To celebrate our two-year partnership, readers, I'm offering you a special gift for the rest of the month: an e-book compilation of my 21 most popular blog posts over the past two years. Well, what do you know? It's my two-year blogiversary today! Who ever thought I could come up with enough content to keep up a blog for this long? At some point last year I started writing six days a I can't stop!

2008 100

25 Ways to Make a Point

Manner of Speaking

compiled a list of 25 ways in which to get our point across, whatever the objective of our speech or presentation. One of the many public speaking resources that I consult regularly is an email newsletter from J. Gamache , an internationally acclaimed bilingual (French and English) speaker who finished 3rd in the 2001 Toastmasters World Championship of Public Speaking. . In a recent email , J.

2011 154

Need material for holiday speeches?

Joan Detz Speaker Services

Consider this resource: QUOTATIONS FOR ALL OCCASIONS, compiled by Catherine Frank. . Several speechwriters have told me they’re tasked with writing motivational speeches for holiday events, and they don’t know where to find fresh material. You’ll find sections for Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and the New Year … as well as an excellent section of quotes about Winter.

The Eloquent Woman's weekly speaker toolkit

The Eloquent Woman

Here''s what I shared in the week just past: Word overusers, heads up: This writer''s compiled 32 alternatives to "a lot," a nice tactic if you find yourself overusing a particular word.

2014 89

give us your quotes

The Eloquent Woman

Kathleen Hall Jamieson, in Eloquence in an Electronic Age) I'd love to compile your suggestions for a future project on the blog. Do you have any favorite quotations about women and public speaking --by men or women? Here's one of mine: History has many themes.

Introducing The Eloquent Woman Booklist

The Eloquent Woman

A reader suggested a compilation of the books we've covered on the blog over the years, and here it is: The Eloquent Woman Booklist. It's not intended to be a comprehensive directory of books about speaking, just those we've featured here.

2016 69

Speaking PowerPoint by Bruce Gabrielle — A review

PowerPoint Tips

The compilation of research that the author used to back up his points is impressive. Speaking PowerPoint: The new language of business , by Bruce Gabrielle is an important book. Why do I say that? It covers “boardroom presentations&# exclusively. These in-house business presentations are undoubtedly the most common type of presentation given today.

2011 133

The Eloquent Woman's weekly speaker toolkit

The Eloquent Woman

Laugh riot: The Smithsonian Institution wants volunteers to review and transcribe the huge file of jokes compiled by comedian Phyllis Diller.

2017 74

Brené Brown on the Power of Empathy

Presentation Zen

Currently I''m compiling a list of my "Top-10 books for 2014." One of the books I''m including on that list is Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead by University of Houston research professor Brené Brown.

2014 113

Beating the clock?

Joan Detz Speaker Services

You can also find good ideas/quotes in Quotations for All Occasions , compiled by Catherine Frank. Did you get a last-minute speechwriting assignment for Labor Day? Check the blog post I wrote back on August 18th. That reference source should be useful. Buy this book. You’ll use it often.) . Of note: J. Walker McSpadden (1874-1960), author/editor The Book of Holidays traces how labor unions created the Labor Day holiday


Sandra Schrift - Executive Speech Coach

Here are tips compiled (by speaker Jeff Davidson)over the years from various masters: Recognize that a good introduction must both set the stage and put the audience at ease. We’ve all been there: listening to someone totally botch our introduction to an audience. Now is a time to revisit your approach to your speaker introduction and how you support your introducer.

2013's top 10 Famous Speech Friday posts on The Eloquent Woman

The Eloquent Woman

Later, we collect the FSF posts in The Eloquent Woman Index , and this year, we''ve also been posting compilations that collect FSF posts by type of speaker, topic, or type of speech. Every week, we publish a "Famous Speech Friday" post featuring a famous speech by a woman.

2013 109

The Sketch Comedy Writer’s Portfolio

Pro Humorist

The iO course, whose website I compiled this list from, takes you through different writing as mentioned in my previous post. Saturday Night Live Writer’s Packet info. This is a follow-up to my previous post. So here’s a further breakdown of the comedy writing portfolios agents expect you to have. Bear in mind, I don’t have direct experience doing this myself… yet. This is just research that I’ve conducted and figured I’d share.

2015 109

Jones Day - When Timing Is Everything.

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Last Thursday - the day after Above the Law posted the associate salary information we've compiled from attorneys at the firm, which is notoriously tight-lipped on compensation issues - the firm announced a new policy ending access to personal mail at the firm."

2016 56

Managerial Guide to After Action Review (AAR)


Afterwards, the team compiled a formal military after action report that concluded and recorded all the findings for future reference. Business mistakes are costly – most leaders know that.

2019 56

Storytelling and emotion: Their physical impact on speaker and audience

The Eloquent Woman

The researchers then compiled all of the maps, being careful to mitigate the effect of sensation-specific phrases (cold feet, heartbroken, hot-headed, a shiver down your spine), and to remove any “anomalous painting behavior” (doodles, symbols, etc.)

2016 67

The Eloquent Woman's weekly speaker toolkit

The Eloquent Woman

NPR compiled a treasure trove of greatest American commencement speeches that stretches back to the 18th century, 300 in all--but fewer than 100 are by women.

2014 85

The Epic Keynote - a Review

Speak and Deliver

Atkinson seems more intent on compiling wisdom than chronicling her own. Yesterday, I reviewed several books I've read this year in my Win Anyway Blog.

The Eloquent Woman's weekly speaker toolkit

The Eloquent Woman

No wonder women don't want to speak up: This compilation of how women are referred or spoken to on one TV network offers one answer for why women don't seek speaking or interview roles.

2015 93