Writing - The Deflation In Compensation, The Glut, The Five Solutions

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"The news that two Pulitzer winners have switched to PR touched off a slew of comments knocking journalism as a career." " - Jack O'Dwyer, "Journalism Is Satisfying Despite Low $$, Other Problems," in Odwyerpr.com, April 27, 2015. Here is the article.

Ghostwriting Firm - Compensation Starts At 4-Cents A Word - Ha-Ha-Ha

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That a ghostwriting firm would indicate that its compensation for professional ghostwriters of nonfiction begins at 4-cents a word. Amazing. Here you can read the details. careers Current Affairs Writing

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Economy Just Climbing Out of Grave: Public Relations Society Boosts BigWigs' Compensation

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  Yet, as the Public Relations Sociey's 990 IRS tax return for 2011 reports - data provided here - the compensation for some BigWigs was boosted. During   The data show that staff compensation was cut 8% to $5,083,323 in 2011. 

Citigroup CEO Vikram Pandit Steps Down, Is Well Paid For. What Exactly? Rolling Stone

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Chairman Blankfein, Code Pink & Public Speaking

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Earlier today, Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein addressed the Council of Institutional Investors conference in Manhattan. The content of the address has received fairly intense scrutiny, both positive and not so positive (including this comparison to the recent Alex Rodriguez mea culpa , courtesy of Jessica Pressler over at New York Magazine). From a communications perspective, there were definitely lessons to be learned.

Famous Speech Friday: Sarah Weddington's Roe v. Wade arguments

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She cannot get unemployment compensation under our laws, because the laws hold that she is not eligible for employment, being pregnant, and therefore is eligible for no unemployment compensation. "In Texas, the woman is the victim."

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The Eloquent Woman's weekly speaker toolkit

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The best kind of speaking up: These videos from the American Bar Association will help you negotiate better compensation. Fans of The Eloquent Woman on Facebook see links to good reads, resources and ideas from other sources there, in addition to posts from the blog.

Uber - Big Setback to Its Business Model in Sao Paulo, Brazil

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As BusinessInsider notes: "Pires ordered Uber to pay the driver 80,000 reais ($25,000), including compensation for holidays, contribution to a severance fund and 50,000 reais in 'moral damages' related to attacks from taxi drivers upset with Uber's competitive pricing model."

Are you worth $40K an hour?

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  Three points about that apparently obscene compensation.  Are you worth $40,000 an hour?    How can you be worth $40K per hour?   That’s the question people often ask of the top public speakers, the keynoters, the ones who have written bestsellers and whose names you probably know.    In fact, celebrity speakers, like former presidents and prime ministers, make considerably more -- $100, 000 - $250,000 per speech. 

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Influencers - The Tipping Point in Attracting Income

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And more than a doubling of my annual compensation. It isn't new that answering help-wanted is an inefficient way to find work. Way back in the 1970s, Dick Bolles hammered that in his then-breakthrough job-hunting guide What Color Is Your Parachute?

Startups - What Communications Pros Can Learn Working For Them

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Grab your compensation on a regular basis. "In my experience, a startup is a roller-coaster ride that can offer you incredible career experiences and teach you some invaluable life lessons." 

Anna Alaburda: This jobless JD is bound to land a job

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"  That is, the school did not provide accurate data about employment and compensation of its graduates. They say that opportunity comes from left field.    It may just do that for Anna Alaburda.    This honors 2008 graduate from Thomas Jefferson School of Law has not found a full-time position practicing law. 

Ghost Writing - Has It Really Come To This

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The compensation is 15-cents per word. The help-wanted in the New York section of Craigslist requests a ghost writer for international subjects, preferably with a graduate degree. Here you can read and laugh. Content-provider Writing

21 Ways to Make Money Speaking: A Review

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I'm sure, and Felicia's sure, that you deserve to compensated, well!, For beginning speakers, the million dollar question is "How do I make money speaking?"

Drudge Report Must-To: Headline with with Gender Litigation in BigLaw

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  The latest gender lawsuit contending, among other grievances, discriminatory compensation has been filed by partner identified as Jane Doe. Essentially, Proskauer contends that the Doe had not commented on her compensation until her book of business began to decline.

Mental Health Days - What We Self-Employed Already Have Down Cold

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No worker's compensation. Today, The Wall Street Journal reports that employers are paying attention to the mental health of their team. Mental health days or even a bit of time off to heal will supposedly carry less stigma. Maybe. Time will tell.

Side Hustles - 4 Hacks

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The compensation is good and I am treated well. A job is no longer enough. Not to make ends meet. That is particularly the situation for Millennials with student loan debt. A new survey by Jobvite found that a fourth of us now have side hustles. The typical ones include: Freelance work.

Caeerism - Radical Recovery

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Now, lawyers, journalists, middle managers, retail clerks and communications players like myself are running into the perfect storm of too much supply, disruption from technology and downsized compensation. Sure, in the 20th century, careerism paid off.

The Making of Paris Jackson - 6 DIY Lessons about Becoming Famous

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There is a reason why the ambitious pay about 80% of their compensation for rent in metro areas like Manhattan and San Francisco. Paris Jackson, now a brandname celebrity, has been lucky.

"Criminal Minds Reruns" - Better Than Meditation for Calm

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I was being offered additional compensation for what had been beyond the boundaries of the original assignment. No matter what the day brought, I can calm down as soon as I settle into a "Criminal Mind" re-run.

Ending Age Bias at Work - Is This $51+ Million Jury Award a Tipping Point

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That covered categories of compensation ranging from economic loss to punitive damages. The total award the jury unanimously granted to Robert Braden was $51.5 million. The case in federal court in New Jersey was about age discrimination in 2012 against Lockheed Martin engineer Braden.

Analysis of a Speech by Conan O’Brien

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Good God, man, what the hell are you compensating for? On 12 June 2011, Conan O’Brien delivered the commencement address to the 2011 graduating class of Dartmouth College. In cold, windy weather and before a huge crowd, he took the stage and, for 24 minutes, wowed his audience. Conan’s onslaught of jokes, one-liners and funny anecdotes elicited a steady stream of laughter and applause.

Accurately Pricing Writing Services

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Use whatever words you are comfortable with, but make sure the client knows you are a professional who expects to be paid for the work you do, and that you will ask to be compensated for work that goes beyond the scope of the original project. [Excerpt from Everything You Wanted to Know about Freelance Writing – [link]. Note : See companion post: Setting your corporate writing rate – [link]. Before you quote on a project, you need to define the scope of the project.

Hitting the brakes: When you're a speedy speaker

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Do you try to cram too much into your presentations and compensate with speed? Are you a fast talker? Or is it your nervousness that makes you race to the finish? No matter what reason you use to speed ahead, those of us listening will get more out of your talk if you slow down.

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Universal Basic Income (UBI) - Nothing New About It

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Later, unemployment compensation, extended during the brutal recession in the mid 1970s, financed my start as a writer. In essence, Universal Basic Income (UBI) provides individuals funds without requiring any work.

Scrooge - How Employees/Independent Contractors Push Back

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  As the CNBC report notes, there is high turnover because of the stuck compensation patterns.  Even in rigid sectors such as BigLaw, there have been lawsuits filed about alleged discrimination in compensation. As for the level of compensation itself and how and when it is paid, that usually is governed by both federal and state law. They have in-place procedures for affordable litigation if the compensation dispute isn't resolved through routine tactics.

How Did Josh Shipp Build an Empire of Impact as a Youth Motivational Speaker?

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NOTE: I am an affiliate of Josh’s training programs, so while this video series is free, I may be compensated if you choose to enroll in any of his paid programs. Josh Shipp is a young man who has done remarkable things.

The On-Call Economy - People Work Real Jobs But with No Guaranteed Hours, No Set Schedule

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Yes, they have jobs with locked-in gross compensation and even benefits. The New York Times looks at the growing source of economic angst in what is supposed to be a recovery.

"La La Land" - Over-50 Version As We Geographically Chase Dream of Finding Work

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After a year's experience he will have lots more options on location and compensation package. The film "La La Land" plays  out the classic meme of the young flocking to locations such as Hollywood to live out their dream.

Jones Day - We all started wondering, "Who is this masked man?"

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  What also came to light was the dissatisfaction with the compensation.   However, those in the firm could compare their compensation with their colleagues at other firms. And some found that their compensation was below par.

12 ways to evaluate speaking gigs for gender bias

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If you are asked to speak without compensation, is that consistent with what other speakers are offered? Mia Doornaert, speaking at the European Speechwriter Network conference In mass media, some tests have cropped up to help evaluate gender bias.

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For Tuesday: Step Up Your Speaking newsletter

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Tomorrow, The Eloquent Woman's free monthly email newsletter, Step Up Your Speaking, will help you start the new year right by examining what to ask when you're asked to speak.

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Share of Royalties, Only: Those "deals" still being offered

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  As for compensation, what is offered is "share of royalties."  The odds of an author without a brandname publishing a book that makes any money are slim.    Yet, there are still help-wanteds on Craigslist which request writing assistance. 

BigLaw Big Raises - Are The Little People Paying for Those

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Once let go from BigLaw, staff will find it difficult to land jobs with comparable compensation. On Abovethelaw , David Lat reports that BigLaw firm Dentons has cut 60 staff members.

Jobs Report Means: Good Time To Look For Work

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Out here in the on-demand-economy, we hustlers are the first to experience shifts in demand for our services and the rate of compensation. Stating a high compensation number or even a range can knock us out of the box.

On-Demand-Economy Workers - Being the CMOs of Our Own Earnings

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Sure, we give time for a selling approach to gain traction, for a client to increase our compensation, and for the expertise we are developing in the difficult field of technical writing to attract new business. That's a long time to wait for compensation. But not the compensation.

Future of Standardized Testing in Play

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The compensation was better than average. Standardized testing is a large and lucrative revenue-producer. Several years ago I got in on the action. That was by grading ACT essays by high school students. A perk was working next to other highly educated folks. 

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Meredith shuts down More - Glut of editorial types will only increase

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If you are willing to work very hard for relatively low compensation, it's possible to get in. Not only was the compensation low. The compensation is good. More, reports The Wall Street Journal , has been shut down by Meredith. The reason isn't circulation.

Jones Day - When Timing Is Everything.

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She requested associates at Jones Day to share with Abovethelaw their perception of compensation at Jones Day. If it looks, talks, walks, and smells like white-shoe law firm Jones Day blinked, maybe it did.

New Haven, CT: Telecommuting Patent Litigation Lawyer [$50 - $100 per hour]

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  Compensation is $50 to $100 an hour. Here in New Haven, Connecticut, a law firm has a help-wanted for a patent litigation attorney with at least 10 years experience. The beauty of this opportunity is that it can be done remotely.  For more details and how to apply, please click here.   careers