Social Comparisons: For Class Discussion

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Here is a brief update on the topic of self-concept/comparison with others. Comparisons with Others Another way you develop your self-concept is by comparing yourself with others. If you play on a baseball team, it’s important to know your batting average in comparison with others on the team. You gain an additional perspective when you see your score in comparison with the scores of your peers. Look at a friend’s profile and you have your comparison.

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Shutting Down the Comparison Game

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The post Shutting Down the Comparison Game appeared first on Jane Atkinson. Most Recent Post Speaking Business Strategy Speaking Profession comparing yourself to other speakes COMPARISON GAMEAs I walked into the hot yoga studio in early September, I thought to myself, “Oh no, the students are back!” ” What did that mean for me? That the room was filled with gorgeous 18-year-old University girls sporting Size 0 spandex on their flawless bodies. Oh geesh!!!

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Why Comparisons are Bad But Can Be Made Good

Presentation Guru

Will you ever be a great presenter if you don’t believe in your own ability and worth? A great deal of the advice around Presentation Skills is focused on actual Presentation Techniques.

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Presentation Tip: Proportional Shape Comparison Diagrams

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

In February I launched a tool on my website that allows you to create diagrams like this: I refer to this type of diagram as a proportional shape comparison diagram because the size of the shapes allows the viewer to instantly compare the numbers each shape represents.

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PowerPoint Slide Makeover #51: Combining multiple comparisons

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

When we want to compare one items against two or more other items, we tend to put statistics on a slide to show each individual comparison. The ideas in this makeover show how to combine all the comparisons visually to make the point with greater impact.

PowerPoint Slide Makeover #65: Using a common denominator for comparisons

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

If you want your audience to understand a comparison of two or more values, you must make it easy for them to see the difference without having to do calculations in their head. This makeover shows how to use a common denominator to make the comparison easy to understand.

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Self-Publishing Comparisons


Manner of Speaking recognized by Credit Donkey

Manner of Speaking

Credit Donkey is a credit card comparison site that publishes credit card research, deals, and tips to help … Continue reading → Personal Feedspot Manner of Speaking public speakingManner of Speaking has been chosen as one of the winning blogs by Credit Donkey for the Best Public Speaking Blogs in 2017.

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Tag Cloud for #SMplus

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

A nice comparison with the tag cloud created from the tweets at the Ragan Social Media Conference is this cloud from the 230 top tweets from the Social Media Plus conference. Same same, but different. Click to enlarge – Image by Wordle.

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Amplification rhetoric. Getting words to go LARGE!

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By itself, ‘ginormous’ has no comparison point to lend it scale. The president’s budget request, put against such an unstated timeline of 100 years, would have seemed all the smaller by comparison. by Peter Watts Paskale. Scale, as any filmmaker will tell you, is all about the optics.

Representing large numbers in a speech

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

At other times an analogy or comparison works well. As I’ve written on this blog in the past, it’s important for speakers who are subject matter experts to present statistics in a way that makes sense to the audience. This can sometimes be done with effective graphics. In a recent Wall Street Journal review of [.].

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I can do anything better than I can

Speak Schmeak

While it's often helpful and motivating to find inspiration in the veterans who have achieved the goals we're still striving for, it can also be demotivating to perceive our own levels of success to be disappointing in comparison.

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Tangible examples always win

Speak Schmeak

Use an example or a comparison to something that your audience is already familiar with. Speakers face some of their biggest challenges when it comes to presenting data. There is something about pie charts and diagrams that PowerPoint users are drawn to like moths to a flame.

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Speeches from the 2012 Republican and Democratic National Conventions

Manner of Speaking

And, as an interesting bonus, be sure to see the New York Times’ interactive analyses of (a) key words used in speeches at the Republican Convention ; (b) key words used in speeches at the Democratic Convention ; and (c) a comparison of key words used in speeches at both conventions.

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Jeb Bush - Gameplan Of Being Centered Is Powerful Thought Leadership

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Anyway, the economy is purring, at least in comparison to that of Europe and Japan. Throughout his career, Jeb Bush has essentially been selling himself as a moderate. That gameplan can continue to serve him well. Extreme anything scares us. We crave normal.

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DEVONThink or Evernote?

Craig Strachan - Keep Talking!

Here is a feature comparison (this is not an exhaustive list of all the features, just what I consider to be most important for me), and some general comments after. While I have tried to keep this feature comparison as objective as possible, it is based on my own experience.

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A Conversation with Felicity Barber

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

A comparison between the work of a speechwriter in the UK and USA. On April 26, 2018 the Silicon Valley Speechwriters Roundtable Held a conference call with Felicity Barber. Felicity is the Executive Speechwriter at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.

CA Mortgage-Broker Space A Dogfight - Now, Google Also A Player

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

It] launched a mortgage comparison tool for home shoppers. That way you can comparison-shop, without manually submitting your package to many lenders. "Google is now a licensed mortgage broker in California. [It] To power this tool, Google partnered with Zillow and LendingTree."

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C-Level Presentation Tip #3: Expect and Be Happy About Interruptions

Professionally Speaking...

Answer: Apart from the metaphorical comparisons of being at high altitudes, both activities routinely strike fear into the hearts of the people daring to attempt them. Question: What's the relationship between sky diving and making executive presentations?

Your stats are paralyzing your audience

Speak Schmeak

Paint a picture, use an analogy or make a comparison, so the large number is equated with something familiar. When you''re using statistics in a presentation, it''s really easy to get caught up in the numbers.

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London 2012. Olympic Opening Ceremony. 7 points for presenters

The Presenter's Blog

And by the way, comparisons don’t count. Comparisons are bogus. What a show! London 2012 delivered the opening of the 30th Olympic Games, and with it’s magnificent Opening Ceremony, also demonstrated seven olympic sized ideas for building presentations: 1. Appeal to history.

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Playing with audience perceptions of size

The Presenter's Blog

By comparison to where my imagination had been a few moments before, that fruit-bowl now seemed almost humorously insignificant. by Peter Watts. Size is relative to the words you use. Those words will make your subject appear either dramatically bigger, or pathetically smaller.

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Strengthen Your Presentation with Word Pictures

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In this case, the comparison provides depth to the initial piece of information [the number of hours the student watches TV] and provides a provocative reference point to put the information in context.

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Metaphor made easy

The Presenter's Blog

Metaphor and simile bring speaking to life by creating comparisons between objects and concepts. In normal speech we all use them constantly, yet when we attempt to consciously develop them for presentation purposes, those pesky little metaphors just seem to run and hide beneath the rocks.

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The Third Presidential Debate 2012. Analysis and Commentary. And Who Won?

The Presenter's Blog

It was a nice rhetorical comparison that made Romney seem outdated and misinformed. These and other comparisons let Obama credibly claim the central question of the night. Up till tonight, it was one round each. Both candidates had proved themselves.

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Playboy Magazine May Go Way of So Much Other Print Media

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

What Playboy can legally offer may seem tame in comparison.  Times have changed. Digital is killing off print publications - or putting them on life support. But that's not the only development negatively affecting Playboy magazine.

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Presentation Tip: Donut Graphs

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

I also think that a donut graph is a good graph to use when showing a comparison, like the example above. Two wedges in a donut graph can work well when you are showing a comparison at two points in time and there is a dramatic change in the size of the two wedges.

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Be the guy no one wants to speak after

Speak Schmeak

Ever felt concerned that, by comparison with the previous speaker, you would come off lacking? I introduced Kip Fulbeck in my post on TEDxSB the other day by referring to all the other speakers who didn't want to go after him. Have you ever said this? "I I don't want to go after THAT GUY."

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89% of employers want colleges to place more emphasis on communication

PowerPoint Tips

By comparison, why would only 81% mention critical thinking and analytical reasoning skills? In a survey of over 300 businesses, 89% of employers stated that they want colleges to place more emphasis on oral and written communication. That was a higher percentage than any other skill, knowledge, or ability. This comes from the Association of American Colleges & Universities ‘ LEAP initiative. You can find the PDF of the results here.

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The Don't Miss This List, Edition 4

Professionally Speaking...

In catching up on some of my favorite blogs, I found several I wanted to share: A clever comparison from Janes-List shows us 5 ways public speaking is like dieting. I haven't published a "Don't Miss This" List for a while.can you tell I'm a little behind on reading my feeds? maybe too much Twittering??) Over at DeFinis Communications, Angela highlights eye contact as a key way to connect with your audience and gives us 5 great tips for talking with your eyes.

The two best alternatives to Twitter as a presentation backchannel

Speaking about Presenting

Here’s a comparison of Today’sMeet and Backnoise : Today’sMeet. The advent of the backchannel is a tremendous opportunity for presenters. The backchannel is an online conversation that takes place at the same time as people are talking live.

25 Ways to Make a Point

Manner of Speaking

Comparison / analogy / metaphor. One of the many public speaking resources that I consult regularly is an email newsletter from J. Gamache , an internationally acclaimed bilingual (French and English) speaker who finished 3rd in the 2001 Toastmasters World Championship of Public Speaking. . In a recent email , J. compiled a list of 25 ways in which to get our point across, whatever the objective of our speech or presentation.

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Alex Kerr's illuminating presentation on sustainable tourism

Presentation Zen

The power of visual comparison: Before/After & Now/Then, etc. One of my favorite talks from TEDKyoto 2013 was the one presented by Japanologist and award-winning author Alex Kerr.

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New York City Streets - Suicide Lane for Yellow Taxi, Black Car Drivers

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

In comparison, Uber and Lyft are relatively unfettered. Suicide seems like a solution when you can't pay your bills. And there seems to be no exit ramp from the financial troubles. After all, America is the global headquarters for capitalism.

Clinton’s 48 Minutes of Magic Add to the Oratorical Feast at the Democratic National Convention

DeFinis Communications

He had an agenda, and I felt like we were on a long train moving from car to car, staying in each one just long enough to hear the facts, comparisons and contrasts before moving on as he methodically and forcefully built his case.

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Use volume for power in your presentations

Pivotal Public Speaking

Volume has its place, but if you have ever dealt with an icy stare combined with quiet anger then you will know the power of quiet control in comparison to emotional loudness. Make sure you vary the volume of your presentation as well as the pitch and pace. It is possible to speak softly and project. Like the "power pause”, this is another powerful way of keeping attention.

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Winning Emmy speeches

Speak Schmeak

Humor pretty much always works, unless you don't know where you're going with it, like Kevin Costner's bizarre comparison of the Emmy to an Olympic sport. Click the infographics for more Emmys fun Last night's Emmys speeches had a lot in common.

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Content Marketing - Track Competition, Then A/B Test

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

In that article, Marsha Marksimava notes: "Rank tracking is a great way to monitor where you stand in comparison to competitors. At Oxford University, game theory was all the rage when Rupert Murdoch was a student. Look where that head of 21st Century Fox is.

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Rand Paul at Berkeley: Why his speech worked

The Presenter's Blog

Paul almost seemed to be flirting with the subject, until out of nowhere, we found ourselves in a comparison between the wrongdoings of Snowden and what Paul perceived to be the wrongdoings of NSA Director, James Clapper. by Peter Watts. Senator Rand Paul is a hero.

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How to Display Data the Right Way in Presentations

Duarte Blog

What’s the most striking comparison you’re making? It can be tricky to display data in presentations because different rules apply in different contexts.

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PowerPoint Slide Makeover - Comparing information at two points in time

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

Too often presenters lose the audience when presenting a comparison at two points in time. This makeover shows how to visually present the comparison in a way that is easy for the audience to understand.

The Presenter’s Guide to Porter’s Five Forces Analysis


The presentation should have the competitors’ prices and the quality of their products/services in comparison to the firm in question. Even thought there is a High Availability of substitutes (concluding this fact might be assessed as moderate force) but the Low performance of those substitutes in comparison to Apple Products weights much more in the comparison, making the substitutes force tagged as WEAK. Introduction.

Beyond storytelling: Create an experience

PowerPoint Tips

Simply relating the story of the climb just pales in comparison. This is a guest blog post by Robert Kawalsky, CEO and Cofounder of Zeetings , a software company changing the way people present their ideas to the world.

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