Why Comparisons are Bad But Can Be Made Good

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Will you ever be a great presenter if you don’t believe in your own ability and worth? A great deal of the advice around Presentation Skills is focused on actual Presentation Techniques.

2017 17

Social Comparisons: For Class Discussion

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Here is a brief update on the topic of self-concept/comparison with others. Comparisons with Others Another way you develop your self-concept is by comparing yourself with others. If you play on a baseball team, it’s important to know your batting average in comparison with others on the team. You gain an additional perspective when you see your score in comparison with the scores of your peers. Look at a friend’s profile and you have your comparison.

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Presentation Tip: Proportional Shape Comparison Diagrams

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

In February I launched a tool on my website that allows you to create diagrams like this: I refer to this type of diagram as a proportional shape comparison diagram because the size of the shapes allows the viewer to instantly compare the numbers each shape represents.

The Communication Blog: College Rankings

The Communication Blog

2.19.2011 College Rankings If you’re concerned with college rankings (or Car and Drivers comparisons), take a look at Malcolm Gladwell’s “The Order of Things&# ( New Yorker , February 14 & 21, 2011, pp. 68-75). I think he successfully demonstrates, as he concludes: “Who comes out on top, in any ranking system, is really about who is doing the ranking.&# Categories: college rankings , Malcolm Gladwell 1 comments: goodsha said. this is a great post.

PowerPoint Slide Makeover #51: Combining multiple comparisons

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When we want to compare one items against two or more other items, we tend to put statistics on a slide to show each individual comparison. The ideas in this makeover show how to combine all the comparisons visually to make the point with greater impact.

Tangible examples always win

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Use an example or a comparison to something that your audience is already familiar with. Speakers face some of their biggest challenges when it comes to presenting data. There is something about pie charts and diagrams that PowerPoint users are drawn to like moths to a flame.

2016 21

Speeches from the 2012 Republican and Democratic National Conventions

Manner of Speaking

And, as an interesting bonus, be sure to see the New York Times’ interactive analyses of (a) key words used in speeches at the Republican Convention ; (b) key words used in speeches at the Democratic Convention ; and (c) a comparison of key words used in speeches at both conventions.

2012 47

Amplification rhetoric. Getting words to go LARGE!

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By itself, ‘ginormous’ has no comparison point to lend it scale. The president’s budget request, put against such an unstated timeline of 100 years, would have seemed all the smaller by comparison. by Peter Watts Paskale. Scale, as any filmmaker will tell you, is all about the optics.

Florence Nightingale and the rise of the pie chart

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In fact, Nightingale's design improves upon the original in a way that was much later confirmed by research at AT&T Bell Laboratories, showing that comparison by angle is less accurate than comparison by length , something her design incorporates into the pie chart. The pie chart, perhaps the only presentation tool that reminds you of dessert, is older than you think.

Steve Jobs: The Great Presenter

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Comparisons: “A huge heart transplant to Intel microprocessors.”. Many refer to Steve Jobs and the Great Inventor, but to me, he will always be the Great Presenter.

2011 58

Playing with audience perceptions of size

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By comparison to where my imagination had been a few moments before, that fruit-bowl now seemed almost humorously insignificant. by Peter Watts. Size is relative to the words you use. Those words will make your subject appear either dramatically bigger, or pathetically smaller.

2013 68

Famous Speech Friday: Melania Trump's speech at the Republican convention

The Eloquent Woman

Side-by-side video comparisons of the two speeches, and videos that overlaid the two speeches, were rushed online. (Editor's note: This is a longer than usual post, but then again, it's been a longer than usual week for women and public speaking.

2016 31

New book on introverts advises finding your public-speaking "sweet spot"

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Call it a quiet but powerful statement: The most-wished-for book on Amazon.com right now is a book about introverts, and public speaking plays a big role in the book's effort to describe introverts' strengths.

Presentation Tip: Donut Graphs

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

I also think that a donut graph is a good graph to use when showing a comparison, like the example above. Two wedges in a donut graph can work well when you are showing a comparison at two points in time and there is a dramatic change in the size of the two wedges.

London 2012. Olympic Opening Ceremony. 7 points for presenters

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And by the way, comparisons don’t count. Comparisons are bogus. What a show! London 2012 delivered the opening of the 30th Olympic Games, and with it’s magnificent Opening Ceremony, also demonstrated seven olympic sized ideas for building presentations: 1. Appeal to history.

2012 31

Alex Kerr's illuminating presentation on sustainable tourism

Presentation Zen

The power of visual comparison: Before/After & Now/Then, etc. One of my favorite talks from TEDKyoto 2013 was the one presented by Japanologist and award-winning author Alex Kerr.

Short and sweet

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I'm a big fan of Elizabeth Warren, the consumer advocate and Harvard professor who is heading up the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. I've written about her here as well. In her typical folksy style, Ms.

2011 43

Shatter Your Writer's Block Pt I: Speechwriting in Reverse

Speak and Deliver

I have a few other strategies to share in coming posts, and depending on how I fare this season in the contest, I will eventually share a side by side comparison between this speech and the finalized version. I don''t know what to write!

Famous Speech Friday: Mary Beard on "Women in Power"

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The Medusa comparison might be a bit strong,’ the Daily Express responded: ‘We all know that Mrs May has beautifully coiffed hair.’ Tell us a story from your viewpoint: History repeats itself, but if you weren't around in the era of ancient Greece, you might not see the comparison.

25 Ways to Make a Point

Manner of Speaking

Comparison / analogy / metaphor. One of the many public speaking resources that I consult regularly is an email newsletter from J. Gamache , an internationally acclaimed bilingual (French and English) speaker who finished 3rd in the 2001 Toastmasters World Championship of Public Speaking. . In a recent email , J. compiled a list of 25 ways in which to get our point across, whatever the objective of our speech or presentation.

Presentation Insight: Are your slides Re-Tweetable?

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

If you are comparing numbers or values, use a graph, proportional object collection, grouped item comparison diagram, or other visual that shows the difference in values. What does Twitter have to do with effective slides in your PowerPoint presentation? A lot more than you think.

2014 24

Compromise or betrayal: truth or rhetoric from Paddy Ashdown?

Max Atkinson

Or does it merely remind viewers that the party once had a charismatic leader who was blessed with what I've described elsewhere as the 'je ne sais pas' factor , and implicitly invite them to make negative comparisons with the current leader? It's always good to see former pupils making use of powerful rhetorical devices like the contrast, whether in a speech or an interview (below).

The Incomparable Carl Sagan: Scientist & Presenter Extraordinaire

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When Carl Sagan spoke of statistics he usually followed the number with an illustration or comparison to make it understandable in context. Carl Sagan (1934-1996) was a famous and brilliant astronomer who was also a great speaker and presenter.

2014 34

The Famous Speech Friday All-Stars to start 2015

The Eloquent Woman

She deftly used Ireland''s independence movement, led by men, as a comparison for how the women activists were treated and turned away. From activists and an aviator to a poet and a prime minister, these are the famous speeches by women that are most-read on the blog.

2015 18

Famous Speech Friday: Vandana Shiva at 2014 Food Otherwise

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A word of caution to speakers who aren''t planning a career of provocation, however: It''s fine to strive for vivid metaphors in a speech, but take care that your comparisons serve the overall mission of your talk.

2014 13

Ten Tips for Using Props in a Presentation

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Note how he used the comparison with the Sony notebook to build up interest and expectation. In my previous post , I looked at some of the ways in which a prop can add some real value to a presentation. In this post, I want to give some suggestions when it comes to using props.

2011 101

Speechwriters, don't write differently for women. Write differently for men.

The Eloquent Woman

That includes praising said CEOs, bankers, legislators, or executives with "and she''s a devoted mother of three," as if that made all the other achievements pale in comparison ( as was done to Marie Curie when she won a Nobel Prize, among countless others).

2015 32

Famous Speech Friday: Theresa May's 1st prime minister's questions

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It's a clever comparison, and in its simplicity, one that might resonate with the viewing audience better than a long, boring explanation of the actual politics. In the United Kingdom Parliament, there's no greater show than Prime Minister's Questions , commonly referred to as PMQs.

2016 22

89% of employers want colleges to place more emphasis on communication

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By comparison, why would only 81% mention critical thinking and analytical reasoning skills? In a survey of over 300 businesses, 89% of employers stated that they want colleges to place more emphasis on oral and written communication. That was a higher percentage than any other skill, knowledge, or ability. This comes from the Association of American Colleges & Universities ‘ LEAP initiative. You can find the PDF of the results here.

Vocal Variety Tip Part 2 – Perfect your Pace

Inter-Activ Presenting and Influencing

By comparison, former US president, Barak Obama used to speak at around 100 words per minute when giving a speech! In my first post in this series, I shared some ideas about how public speakers could learn to make the most of their voice projection.

Beyond storytelling: Create an experience

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Simply relating the story of the climb just pales in comparison. This is a guest blog post by Robert Kawalsky, CEO and Cofounder of Zeetings , a software company changing the way people present their ideas to the world.

2016 18

"Could have been me:" 4 lessons from Obama's remarks on Trayvon Martin

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Be sure you can embrace this comparison completely: When you say someone "could have been me" or "I am" someone else, be ready for the full and heartfelt embrace that such a statement requires. There''s power afoot when a prominent public speaker takes on the persona of another.

2013 25

Famous Speech Friday: Penny Mordaunt's Loyal Address in Parliament

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Many speakers throw away analogies and comparisons, referring to them only briefly instead of working them all the way through an argument.

2014 27

Quick Tips to Kick-Out Boring Bullet Points


Graphs are another extraordinary tool that visibly exhibits your analysis of the content, including, comparison of different topics, highlighting the before and after experiments, etc. Using alternative bullet points delivers a powerful impact on your audience. Stamping out bullet points from the presentations is one of the most challenging task while preparing business presentations, as bullet points use high-value keyword phrases within bulleted content in a structured manner.

Starting Your Speech in the Middle

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Then you bring this into a comparison with your personal story of climbing El Capitan, and continue into your point about the process of taking risks. Jaakko Iisalo - the enemy of your presentation. You've only got a few seconds.

Kindle v. tablet for public speaking: What's on your Black Friday gift wish list?

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Amazon helpfully includes this comparison of Kindle versus iPad features to help you along. Tablet computers are expected to be a hot item when holiday shoppers start taking advantage of the "Black Friday" deals that will start later this week.

Tag Cloud for #SMplus

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

A nice comparison with the tag cloud created from the tweets at the Ragan Social Media Conference is this cloud from the 230 top tweets from the Social Media Plus conference. Same same, but different. Click to enlarge – Image by Wordle.

The Third Presidential Debate 2012. Analysis and Commentary. And Who Won?

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It was a nice rhetorical comparison that made Romney seem outdated and misinformed. These and other comparisons let Obama credibly claim the central question of the night. Up till tonight, it was one round each. Both candidates had proved themselves.

2012 14

Metaphor made easy

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Metaphor and simile bring speaking to life by creating comparisons between objects and concepts. In normal speech we all use them constantly, yet when we attempt to consciously develop them for presentation purposes, those pesky little metaphors just seem to run and hide beneath the rocks.

Rhetoric isn’t a bad thing—16 Rhetorical Devices Regularly Used by Steve Jobs

Duarte Blog

Simile : An explicit comparison between two things, usually using “as” or “like”. Metaphor : A comparison made by referring to one thing as another. “A The word “rhetoric” gets a bad rap as a form of oratory manipulation; I view it as a communication device. When used well, it can be very moving. Prevalent in politics but not in business, let’s take a look at some the rhetorical devices Mr. Jobs used in his 2007 iPhone launch presentation. Simply brilliant.