Speaking To Time – Learn How to Avoid Overrunning

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Speaking to time - Hands up if you get frustrated by speakers who overrun! Presenters who have not mastered the art of speaking to time are one of my pet hates, and it seems that I am not alone. Overrunning is one of the most common complaints in both the business and community sectors. Speaking too long also eats into following presenters time, antagonising fellow speakers and event organisers as a result. Never aim to fill the entire time slot with speaking!

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Hardball - Playbook of Ride-Hail Companies in California

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The community has had a collective exhale. One message is how providing employee benefits such as healthcare and overtime will simply cost it too much.

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Misplaced Compassion - The Puzzling Saga of Megan Barry

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Bob Fredericks in the New York Post reports: "Nashville Mayor Megan Barry quit Tuesday after pleading guilty to a felony theft charge for authorizing more than $10,000 in improper overtime for a top city cop [Rob Forrest] she was having an affair with." That was before it was uncovered that she approved overtime for her lover to drive her around to her personal life events and recreational activities.

The 5 weakest speaker statements

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These sweeping, absolute statements may stem from a desire to make the audience feel included or to create a sense of community. Make sure you use personal references and stories to illustrate a point, not to prove it, and speak for yourself. "I I know [insert a boundary/rule/time limit/announced topic here], but I'm going to [do the opposite/go overtime/talk about something else]": Speakers do "have the floor" and the mic and the attention.

Chairing a conference: How did I do? Lessons for chairs from #esnbxl

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Any speaker tackling a big public speaking task will learn more and do better next time if she takes the time to do this kind of assessment, and I''m happy to share it with you, in the form of my takeaway lessons: If you''re going to chair something, say "yes" to an excellent organizer: Brian Jenner is the executive director of the UK Speechwriters'' Guild and the European Speechwriter Network --two groups he created--and the spring conference I keynoted was one of my all-time favorites.

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