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Women’s Voices in Business: Strategies for dealing with 3 common issues

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communication vocal delivery vocal power delivery gender characteristics of speech International Women''s Day vocal impact women women''s voices This week, I attended a conference for women presented by one of my corporate clients.

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3 Essential Ingredients of a Meaningful Conversation

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communication Speaking conversations public speaking tips vocal impact What I remember most about being home from college for the holidays is deep, meaningful conversations with people. My mom was the master of this art.

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Vocal Impact Weekly Tip: Improve your voice over the holidays

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Designed to help you stay in the game, this is your weekly tip sheet for having maximum impact with your voice and in all your communication. WHAT YOUR VOICE NEEDS IS A GOOD WORKING VACATION Many of you are planning to take some time off over the next couple of weeks.

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The Large Impact of Small Talk

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If small talk at the beginning of a presentation or conversation seems like a waste of time to you, you may be missing one of the most important parts of communication.

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Your (Executive) Presence is Required

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The study, based on interviews with thousands of people, concludes that executive presence depends on getting three things right: appearance, communication, and gravitas (itself a set of behaviors).

How to design your talks to engage an audience without resorting to nudity

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communication Speaking vocal delivery intention nudity opening and closing public speaking tips Storytelling

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Raise Your Voice! Autistic girl finds hers

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The once-silent Leya is now blooming, and has become a vibrant, passionate speaker on behalf of children who are without communication. In September, I was honored to coach a father/daughter team at TEDx OrangeCoast. The talk was about their experience with autism.

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Vocal Impact Weekly Tip: Your speech needs a blizzard

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Designed to help you stay in the game, this is your weekly tip sheet for having maximum impact with your voice and in all your communication. What does the weather report have to do with your next presentation?

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Where to find your voice in 2013

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As humans, we are passionately driven to communicate. communication intention vocal delivery 2013 Expression public speaking tips vocal impactWe want to be heard. We want to be understood.

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Vocal Impact Tip: Big Voice, big…

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According to a study last year of 120 executives’ speeches by Quantified Impressions, an Austin, Texas, communications analytics company, the sound of a speaker’s voice matters twice as […]. Does the size of your voice reflect the size of your personality? The size and sound of your voice give others an impression of who you are.

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You talk funny…and so do I

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Preparation to facilitate a workshop in India got me thinking about the differences in how we humans communicate with each other, and how that influences the kind of relationships we have with each other. Every culture has its unique language, both verbal and non-verbal. The culture may be that of a country, a state, a […]. Musings conversations listening perception Trevor Noah

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This is why your communication doesn’t have impact

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The spoken run on sentence is also full of run on ideas and thoughts that confuse our communication because we stop being able to concentrate when there is no conclusion and too much data in what we hear as one long string of sound after awhile so we stop listening.

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Vocal Impact Weekly Tip: 5 Strategies to make sure they hear you

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communication intention listening public speaking tips Storytelling vocal impact Do you have a speaking strategy that supports listening? To be a great speaker, you need to be a great listener. Probably the most important reason for this is that if you listen, you will know what others want to hear. In a post on The Brilliant Blog, Annie Murphy-Paul cites research showing that great […].

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How to speak when you’re put on the spot

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We’ve discussed the necessity to practice to be a better communicator, but many of you have told me that you love speaking extemporaneously; to your mind that means you would be better off not practicing. Practicing may take the joy out of something that you really like to do, to shape ideas as they come […]. Content Delivery Public Speaking acting technique improv practicing

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Vocal Impact Weekly Tip: The story gives the clue

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Designed to help you stay in the game, this is your weekly tip sheet for having maximum impact with your voice and in all your communication. communication Stoytelling conversations Storytelling vocal impact

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Listen: Can you hear me now?

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After all, our main problem was bad communication. communication Uncategorized intention leadership listening pause vocal impactI discovered active listening while going through a divorce. For a moment, I had the illusion that active listening could save my marriage.

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Vocal Impact Weekly Tip: Get it together

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Designed to help you stay in the game, this is your weekly tip for maximum impact with your voice and in all your communication. What’s lurking behind your words?

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Dialog vs. Divalog: Listening for greater impact as a speaker

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We often make the mistake of choosing the wrong communication approach. communication Expression listening vocal impactIn conflict, we orate. When expressing a point of view, we need too much consent from the audience. When negotiating we assume agreement when we don’t have it. We say we invite learning but we leave no opening for the other’s individual expression. We [.].

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The Most Important Not-so-secret Secret to Successful Communication

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It’s not a secret. But there is a mystery to it, and today I have an answer. Vince Lombardi is credited with saying, “The dictionary is the only place that success comes before work. Hard work is the price we must pay for success. I think you can accomplish anything if you’re willing to [.]. Practical application vocal power voice lessons delivery postaweek2011 public speaking tips

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If Mitt Romney’s Voice Were Music to My Ears: A Vocal Impact Analysis of the Candidates

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communication Speaking vocal image analysis of presidential candidates Arizona debate delivery Mitt Romney Mitt Romney's voice Newt Gingrich Presidential debates Rick Santorum Ron PaulWhat if you could step back from the rhetoric of the debates and hear the candidates differently? What if there were hints about who they are hiding in plain site? Well, there are. That’s not to say that I can tell you who is the best candidate, but I can tell you what their vocal [.].

How to kick the habit of too many filler words…and why you must!

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communication vocal delivery vocal power delivery postaweek2011 public speaking tipsSo, I ‘m going to pick on the word “so.” So, it’s so common at the beginning of sentences that it doesn’t mean anything anymore. In fact, “so” appeared on the annual Lake Superior State University list of banished words as long ago as 1999. So, blogger Terry Odell writes of a software for [.].

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Cupid’s Arrow Valentine Giveaway: Free Voice Coaching Session

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communication vocal power voice lessons postaweek2011 vocal health vocal imageIt’s time to say what you’ve wanted to say for a very long time. You have arranged for a romantic dinner, candlelight, soft music, flowers, and all the other trappings of the perfect Cupid storm on Valentine’s Day. I’m sure the little cherub is with you, but you may still be nervous to say what [.].

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Top 5 Business Trends in 2013: Your place, your voice

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communication Practical application vocal image Expression public speaking tips Top 5 business trendsRecently, Forbes magazine published an article by Meghan Biro called 5 Trends Defining the World of Work and Leadership in 2013. In the article, Meghan points out that “Uncertainty has increased, not decreased this past year. The country does not have its financial house in order. People of all ages and skill levels are worried [.].

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Vocal Impact Weekly Tip: Keep ‘em awake!

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This is your weekly tip sheet for having maximum impact with your voice and in all your communication. communication vocal delivery vocal impact vocal varietyA quick tip might just save your voice or get you through that important conversation. I welcome any comments or questions. They’re falling asleep out there! How do you hold interest when you have no [.].

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The Storyteller’s Voice is Everyone’s Business

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communication Storytelling vocal delivery breathing delivery public speaking tips volumeAs we have become more and more inundated with data and information, we have grown more and more hungry for stories. Stories help us find the human elements in the information. They remind us of why we care about the data in the first place. Presentations skills coach, Jerry Weissman, prevents scientists and doctors from [.].

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My Mom’s Voice

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communication Storytelling vocal imageThe other day, I finally got around to going through some drawers in my office that had not seen the light of day in months, maybe years. They were filled with papers that I didn’t have time to deal with before. Now, time was my file clerk: Most of the papers were outdated and unimportant, [.].

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Job seekers: Interviewing and Your Vocal Impact

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communication intention vocal image vocal power job interview Storytelling voice problemsRecently a reader wrote: “I was putting together some info for an article on body language during a job interview. Some of these articles mentioned the voice as well. Do you have any articles from your perspective on that?” Although I like to think that my general message is one that can be applied to [.].

2012 134

5 Colors for Vibrant Vocal Variety

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communication Speaking vocal delivery Expression postaweek2011 public speaking tips The King's Speech vocal impactCreating interest as a speaker is hugely important. Not only does it keep your audience tuned in to you, but it also helps them remember you and your message. That’s why Toastmasters lists Vocal Variety as one of the most important skills to develop as a public speaker. I call this using “color” in the [.].

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Fine Tune Your Vocal Image through Ear-Training: An Internet Resource

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communication Speaking vocal power voice lessons Tomatis vocal imageHow you say what you say is called prosody. It is the thing I call Vocal Image, a personality we create through many elements of sound including pitch, rhythm, emotion, volume, and length of tone, among others. I have many examples of the importance of prosody in this blog, but I have also said that [.].

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When You Must Read Aloud: The Voice in Business

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communication intention Storytelling vocal image delivery public speaking tipsPower Point and its use in conference calls, Web-Ex sessions, and webinars has made the sound of the voice more important than ever. Yes, just when you thought you could again hide behind a slide show, your “disembodied” voice starts to take all the focus. Your history, education, emotional state and preparedness are out there [.].

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Intention: Are you selling or being sold?

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However, if we look at our communication from the perspective of intention, things become more clear. communication intention vocal impactA good friend of mine says, “You’re either selling or being sold.” Sometimes, we think we are selling when we are really being sold, and vice versa. Consider your own experience: Think of a recent presentation or conversation where [.].

How to start an important conversation: An exercise in intention

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In his terrific book on co-operative communication, The [.]. communication intention postaweek2011Sometimes, it can be confusing to discover how you really feel about a relationship, and, therefore, how to talk to that person. This applies to all relationships: lovers, co-workers, and clients. However, if you are willing to get honest with yourself, conversational intent can be very revealing.

The Power of Intention: The secrets your voice reveals

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communication intention Speaking vocal imageI am often surprised by the lack of research in the area of voice as a barometer for the psyche, but we all know it is. I got a voice mail from my daughter the other day. All she said was, “Hi, Mom. Call me,” but I knew something was wrong. Fortunately, it was [.].

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Create a NICE opening and a RICH close, so…

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Two of the most important components of great communication are how you start and how you finish. This is as true for a phone conversation or a WebEx as it is for public speaking. In the first few minutes, your audience or conversation partners are making judgments about how and who you are and they [.]. intention Speaking vocal delivery delivery Nancy Duarte opening and closing public speaking tips vocal impact

Can You Hear Me Now? The ear-voice connection

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To be a good communicator, you need to be a good listener. Listening is essential to all communication. communication vocal power TomatisTo be a good listener, you need to be objective and you need to want to hear what others have to say. It supports the sharing of ideas and the expression of points of view. Good conversation [.].

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3 Ways to Reveal your Authentic Voice

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communication vocal delivery vocal image Expression intention vocal impactEveryone has a gift to bring to the world. We are all unique with unique talents and perspectives. We are part of the whole, and as such, we are all important. This is what I believe, and it influences my work with voices. I am not interested in helping people develop a sound that is [.].

2011 123

Say it in Your Own Voice, Girlfriend!

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communication Storytelling vocal delivery gender characteristics of speech public speaking tips vocal imageI asked Denise Graveline, author of the fine blog, “The Eloquent Woman,” to tackle the topic of “finding your voice” as a woman speaker. Her thoughtful consideration of the topic gives us an appreciation for women’s unique talents and fears related to presenting. Her advice is this: to find your voice, you must start with [.].

2010 143

Speak like you sing, sing like you speak

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communication vocal delivery vocal power voice lessons delivery gender characteristics of speech Seth Riggs singing speech-levelYears ago, I studied voice with Seth Riggs, a teacher who had a profound impact on my teaching. He taught me that the voice is the same instrument whether you are singing or speaking. Today, when I teach singing, I teach people to find their “speech level.” When I work with speakers, I listen for [.].

2011 123

The Key to Being Understood

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It also led me to explore communication in general. This blog will often focus on what makes us better communicators. I am sure that this obsession with being heard and understood eventually allowed me to be a performer and a public speaker and to feel very much at ease in front of others. Are you kidding? They couldn't keep me OFF of the stage!) And this entry is focused on just that. intention postaweek2011

2011 136

A voice geek’s perspective: PublicSpeaking posts in review

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communication vocal delivery postaweek2011 public speaking tips vocal impact7 Triggers that will Fascinate your audience. In this post, Olivia Mitchell explores Fascinate – a book by Sally Hogshead about the seven triggers that fascinate people. They are: Lust, Mystique, Alarm, Vice, Prestige, Power, and Trust. Sounds like a great book, and Olivia approaches it from the perspective of public speaking with experience and [.].

2011 122

Without a Voice: An Interview with @SilentClark Harris

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communication Speaking vocal power voice problemsClark Harris (aka @SilentClark ) was only speaking using social media for the month of May in an effort to raise awareness and money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in memory of his mother. June 1, he decided to continue the campaign, having fallen short of his goal of raising $100,000, using only social [.].

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NEW! Vocal Impact Weekly Tip: Breathe!

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This week I am starting a weekly post to give you tips for maximum impact with your voice and in all your communication. If you would like to receive these weekly tips in your inbox, please send me a note via my contact form to be added to my list. We will not share your [.]. Practical application Speaking vocal health breathing delivery public speaking tips voice problems

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Who Let the Frogs Out? 3 Quick Remedies for Voice Malfunctions

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communication Speaking vocal delivery vocal health vocal power laryngitis voice problemsYou are just about to make your point, bringing your dynamic and well-prepared speech to its exciting climax, when you open your mouth to speak and hear a horrible croak instead of your usual voice. Frustrated, you clear your throat, and try again, but you sound like you are speaking underwater this time! Again you [.].

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