Your Ordinary May Be Extraordinary

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Last week , I went down to Colorado Springs to practice for the speech contest I'm in in August. Stories Story Log Speaking Coaching Presentation Coaching Audience Impact Storytelling Garden of the Gods Experiences Colorado Springs

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7 Rules of Taking Feedback

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Do you have an audience to practice your next big speech, or are you relying on the feedback of your reflection, your dog, or your kids collection of stuffed animals? While a lot of people say that they don't need practice, I say a lot of people just don't WANT to practice.

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Dennis Hartley - Yet Another Tarnished Legal Brand

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As Law and Crime reports, in a negotiation with the Colorado Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel, Hartley agreed to surrender his law license as a tradeoff for no other legal action being taken. In 2014, his license to practice law had bee suspended.

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Speaking of Airtime.

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So far in 2011, this is my first time flying out of Colorado, as I head to the Toastmasters International Convention in Las Vegas. Practice. Reading Writing Goals Conversation Flying Speaking Planning Airports Practicing Brainstorming Letters

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Toastmasters Friday: Getting Back on Track

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I visited several clubs here in Colorado, and even managed to attend a contest in which an eventual 2010 World Championship of Public Speaking Finalist appeared. Heading into 2011, I'll get a better chance to put those ideas back into practice.

Famous Speech Friday: Kelley Johnson's Miss America speech on nursing

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And that was true in earlier pageants for this year's Miss Colorado, Kelley Johnson, who played piano for the talent turn. To stay on time requires a lot of advance work , including scripting, memorizing, and practicing, but it's worth it.

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Famous Speech Friday: Jessica Mendoza calls major league baseball playoff

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Gayle Gardner called a Colorado Rockies-Cincinnati Reds game in 1993. You'll learn how to plan, write, time, practice, and deliver it in a group limited to 5 people per workshop.

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You've got to MEAN it!

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Last month, I was working with my wife as she practiced her keynote speech for BCNF - a Neurofibromatosis Awareness group in British Columbia. Kristi is NOT a speaker.

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Talk About the Talk: Resa Lewiss, MD, at TEDMED

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Lewiss is an associate professor of both emergency medicine and radiology at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. The people who know me best could tell that I wasn’t me when I would practice for them. I practiced smiling as I spoke.

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Famous Speech Friday: Taylor Swift's harassment testimony

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But when singer-songwriter Taylor Swift took the stand in a Denver, Colorado, federal courtroom, her words resonated around the world. This is exhausting, and worth practicing beforehand if you find yourself in such a circumstance, be it in the office or a courtroom.

The Eloquent Woman: A blog on women and public speaking: The joke-teller's memory problem

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From the article: “The brain has a strong propensity to organize information and perception in patterns, and music plays into that inclination,” said Michael Thaut, a professor of music and neuroscience at Colorado State University.

What I Learned from Lance Miller

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Collins, 2 hours with us in Denver the next morning, then heading to Colorado Springs, and, I believe, Grand Junction and Southern CO were also on this docket. Hey - Look who''s coming to TLI!

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Book 4 of 52 in 52: TED:ology by Akash Karia

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I think we have at least four here in Colorado alone, annually. Speaker, Presentations Coach, Well-Known Toastmaster, and my friend, Akash Karia , has made quite the splash over the last few years in the industry.

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Online University Reviews : 101 YouTube Videos to Teach You the Art of Public Speaking

A Microsoft employee, he teaches that practice makes perfect. He teaches the importance of beginning, conclusion, and practice. Practice Breathing : This video advises to spend a minute or two breathing before speaking. Practice & Preparation : One of the most important parts of public speaking is practice. The techniques and tips for practicing are emphasized here, including getting your mother to help.

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Pennsylvania Education Policy Roundup for September 6, 2013: Pennsylvania is a national poster child for why charter schools need better oversight

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Now we have years of practical experience showing what works and what needs to be fixed. Detractors claim Dr. Trombetta has misused the public''s money and engaged in a range of questionable business practices at his booming Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School and affiliated entities. Yet a recent report from the National Education Policy Center at the University of Colorado shows the performance of K12’s schools is nothing short of abysmal.

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