Denver Post - Trying to Understand Charles Plunkett

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

So, we struggle today to understand why Plunkett published an editorial in his newspaper - The Denver Post - on April 6th attacking its owner. As at many newspapers, the Denver Post had been going through layoffs.   Coaching Introductory Offer - $19 for 15 minutes.

Denver Post, Et Al. - Do They Have a Right to Life?

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

The battle for the life of the Denver Post has gone high-profile. The owner of the Denver Post is Randall Smith of hedge fund Alden Global Capital.   The repeated rounds of layoffs at the Denver Post have been big news. From my coaching, I know how soul-wrenching that is for those over-50.   Any journalist over-50 who figures it's useful to sort out professional options with a career coach is welcome to a 30-minute complimentary consultation.

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Walking the Talk - My Turn to Speak & Deliver

Speak and Deliver

I talked about my wife and kids, my clients as a coach, then complimented them by saying how much of a challenge it will be to coach them that morning, despite my track record of success. Monday, I wrote about 'Staying Ready'. It's a great concept.

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Why You Need to Become a Better Speaker

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Hire a coach. I know I'm not the perfect speaker, and despite my success and happy clientele as a coach, I am constantly striving to get better, to learn more, and to give my next audience more than my last audience. "I'm good enough - I don't need to get better!"

2011 94

Finding Feedback

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Read - It's not coaching per se, but there are some tremendous speaking books available that cover the art of effective speaking. Hire a Coach - someone who you respect, who is succeeding on a level beyond your own.

2011 75

Audience Interaction is Easier Than You Think - Part I

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Audience Response Audience Management Audience Control Fear of Speaking Vocal Response Denver Speaking CoachA phrase often used by today's public speaking experts is 'You need to have a conversation with the audience'. One of the easiest ways to do this is through audience interaction.

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3 Ways I Would Have Helped Michael Bay Prevent Speaking Armageddon

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Last night, at a meeting for Ignite Denver, I heard a brief mention of Michael Bay''s Samsung meltdown yesterday at a Samsung unveiling event. If I were Bay''s coach, I would have, at minimum, done the following: A. Or hire a coach.

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Mastering Your Speech - Lance Miller - Book 31 of 52 in 52

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I strongly recommend all potential contest speakers go out and pick this up, then find themselves a coach to walk themselves through the process. Acting vs Speaking International Speech Contest Lance Miller Speech Coaching Toastmasters OK - I admit, this isn''t a book.

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What This Speaker is Thankful For.

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2011 has been a good year for me as a speaker and a speaking coach - but virtually none of the good would be possible without so many of the following items and wonderful people: - I am thankful for my friends on Facebook , followers on Twitter , plussers on Google+ , connections on LinkedIn , and, of course, everyone who has publicly and privately followed Speak & Deliver. - It's a privilege to have the ability to interact with him here in Denver. -

2011 74

Speaking Like Tim Tebow

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It helps that I live in Denver. But since he's taken over as QB for the Denver Broncos, he's taken them from 1-4 to 6-5, and in a position, however unlikely, of making the playoffs. Excerpt from the Denver Post interview with Von Miller, Broncos defensive star.

The Salt Lake Tribune Cuts 1/3rd Newsroom - Should the Rest Hang Around for a Package?

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

This is occurring when the Denver Post, San Jose Mercury News, and Orange County Register are also in the fight for their lives. Coaching, auditing, lecturing, and writing/ghostwriting thought leadership content on ageism.   Coaching Introductory Offer - $19 for 15 minutes.

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Obama v. Romney: Blogging the 2012 US Presidential Debates

The Presenter's Blog

In the interests of fairness, we’re also going to take it in turns to “spot” the different candidates, so here’s the schedule: Wednesday 3rd October: Domestic Policy Debate in Denver. He coaches business executives in how to be at their best when on their feet.

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Newspapers, Magazines, Publishing - Was There Ever Really a "Golden Age"

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

The media outlets already scheduling the cuts or indicating they will in the near future include: Denver Post. But not enough, my executive coach and I decided, for such seeming exploitation. We are only three months into 2018.

2018 52

Aging, In Transition - Put Together Temporary Identity

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

That's especially the situation with seasoned players whom  everyone knew  was a middle manager at IBM or a journalist at the Denver Post.  Several former 60-something lawyers I coached grabbed at such a solution.

2018 52

Speaker Profile: Seth Braun

The Speaker Point

I’m a coach and entrepreneur as well as best-selling author. I also run a 3 year advanced coaching program for men ages 24-42. A small but significant part of this is my annual nutrition training, which brings functional medicine detox and health coaching programs to my clients. And one of the most unique audiences is the Mile Hi Church, Business Honoring Spirituality networking event, in Denver, Co.

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Speak & Deliver Day of Reckoning, 2013

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I then categorized a few sub-goals: Speaking Sub-Goals Reach as many people with my Win Anyway message as possible RESULT: I gave this keynote roughly 15 times in my travels to Kansas City, Honolulu, and Toronto, as well as a time or two here in Denver.

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A Triumphant Return?

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Once in Denver, then that afternoon in Colorado Springs. As a result, I think I actually told folks NOT to hire me as a coach, though my intent was to say there were lots of coaches out there, and I''d happily find them one that would match their style and personality, if I could.

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The Presidential Debates: Round 1. Our Analysis

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The showdown in Denver. He coaches business executives in how to be at their best when on their feet. To our right, in the red corner, wearing a red tie and US flag pin, Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney.

Over-50 & Rejected for the Job - 5 Tips to Outsmart Your Own Mind & Those of Employers

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

The introverted laid-off Denver Post journalists are unlikely to land work by positioning and packaging themselves as hard-charging salespeople.   Over and over I advise those over-50 I'm coaching for interviews to not project outcomes.

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Resolve to Speak & Deliver in 2012

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Here's my list of Speaking/Coaching Goals for 2011: 1. Coach/Mentor more speakers in 2011 than I have over the last 5 years combined. I've coached a ton of people this year, and am looking forward to new clients next year.) Create audio products out of my speeches and coaching.

2012 75

Speaking Season - 10 of 107

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skip to main | skip to sidebar Speaking Season - 10 of 107 Posted by Rich Hopkins, Speaker, Author, Coach on Tuesday, August 24, 2010 Labels: Art of Speaking , Assumptions , Preparation , Rich Hopkins , Sioux City Dont Assume.

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Speaking Season - 32 to 36 of 107

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I was happy to be done, and head back to Minneapolis for the night, in preparation for heading back to Denver. Followers Subscribe To Posts Atom Posts Comments Atom Comments Rich Hopkins Speaker, Author, Communications Coach CLICK image to purchase!

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I've Been Out.Speaking and Delivering

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skip to main | skip to sidebar Ive Been Out.Speaking and Delivering Posted by Rich Hopkins, Speaker, Author, Coach on Tuesday, January 26, 2010 Labels: Ambassador , Job , People to People Have I really not written since the first day of the year?

Alan Weiss and Patricia Fripp "The Odd Couple" set a date!

Fripp THE Executive Speech Coach

I wrote Alan, regretting that I couldn't attend a seminar he was doing in my hometown of San Francisco because I would be speaking for the Denver NSA chapter that day. As a result of his influence, I now take more vacations, have bought a vacation home, am hired to work with smaller audiences more as a consultant, coach and trainer, and—yes—I'm more profitable. Dates for The Odd Couple Marketing and Strategy seminar are set for June 12-13, 2010.

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Toastmasters Friday: Who Are You?

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Back in September, when I left my home club , I planned on heading to another to help coach it from within. They have since considered disbanding, which was followed by the District coming in with a new coach in an attempt to save it. Do you know who you are as a Toastmaster?

2011 93