Practice your speaking skills with PowerPoint’s Presenter Coach

PowerPoint Tips

You can hire a speaking coach. Or you can use Presenter Coach, a PowerPoint tool that lets you practice your delivery and then gives you feedback. Presenter Coach does most of these and is coming out with additional types of evaluation, so watch for updates!

Four Steps to Add Coaching to Your Speaking Business

Speaker Launcher

So, you want to be a coach? Let’s look at four steps you can follow to add coaching to your speaking business. Many of my clients are adding coaching to their mix of offerings. Coaching between speaking engagements is a great way to bring in additional income to your business. Many of my clients are drawn into coaching because they’re very good at their expertise. Therefore, the coaching […].

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Help Wanted: Speech Coaches for Congress

Matt Eventoff

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Catch your Inner Coach: 6 Steps to Develop Self-Confidence and Change Negative Thoughts

Speaking Freely

When you want to develop greater self-confidence and transform negative thoughts, you can use a skill to catch your inner coach. What I mean by catch your inner coach is to become aware of your thoughts especially your thoughts that are coaching you internally.

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Catch your inner coach to develop self-awareness and change negative thinking

Speaking Freely

When you want to develop greater self-awareness and transform negative thoughts, you can use a skill I call catching your inner coach. What I mean by catch your inner coach is to become aware of your thoughts especially your thoughts that are coaching you internally.

Coach 130

Your Dog, The Speech Coach

DeFinis Communications

Whether or not dogs are man’s (and woman’s’) best friend they have certainly risen on the popularity scale recently. You see dogs everywhere you go from city streets, to office cubicles to airplanes not to mention dog parks and front yards. They are good companions and playmates and in some cases excellent emotional and physical support animals. But did you know that dogs can also be a great audience for your presentation rehearsal?

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I want to see the speaker, not the coaching

Speak Schmeak

As a speaking coach, I always learn something from watching others present, and of course, I analyze everything about their approach to see what I can pass along to my community. About 80% of the speakers looked like they had been over-coached. There's a reason for this: They all worked with the same coach, and it showed. What do I mean by over-coached? Now, please don't interpret what I'm saying to mean that this was a "bad" coach.

2016 159

Graydon Carter: Message from The Coach

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

When I put on my coach's hat, what I recommend to clients who have been derailed from their lifelong careers is this: Put together something new.   Coaching, lecturing, and writing/ghostwriting thought leadership content on human resources and careers. There he is again. 

2020 56

A Shocking Secret from a Speech Coach

DeFinis Communications

As a speech coach, I’m not surprised by this. Business Tips Confidence Building Examples of Powerful Speakers Eye Contact Famous Speakers Fear of Public Speaking Historical Speakers Political Speakers Speaking Tips Abe Lincoln Fear of public speaking speech coach Top speech coachPsst…hey you…yeah, you…do you want to know a secret about someone many people consider one of our country’s greatest public speakers?

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Coaching - Fewer Are Smirking

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Being coached has become the American Way. Some may smirk when reading that Manhattan parents hire professionals to coach their children for nursery school entrance interviews. But more simply know that hiring a coach is the smart thing to do for those wanting X or Y results. The real estate agent coached me before I appeared before the coop board on the Upper East Side. But they will usually penalize those who carry the stink of over-coaching.

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LeBron, Decision #2…Speech Coach?

Matt Eventoff

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Why You Should Pay Someone to Coach You in the Toastmasters Int'l Speech Contest

Speak and Deliver

Good Reasons: You want to learn from a coach who has been where you have not, and you want more time than just a few minutes after a contest or in a meeting. What are Coaches Charging For, Anyway? #1 1 Time - real coaching, vs. random advice, takes time. How To Get Coached By Me.

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Why Everyone Needs A Coach with Alan Stein Jr.

Speaker Launcher

My guess is that one thing that most of them have in common, beyond extreme drive and talent, is that they all have some type of a coach. Whether it’s a business coach, life coach, accountability coach or other – quite often […]. The post Why Everyone Needs A Coach with Alan Stein Jr. My guess is that one thing that most of them have in common, beyond extreme drive and talent, is that they all have some type of a coach.

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Team Effort: Coach and Writer

DeFinis Communications

Enter the presentation coach. To achieve this goal, the trainer typically will work with you in coaching sessions, using video so you can see where you need help. Armed with insights from the coaching session, the writer gets a sense of the executive’s presentation personality and can incorporate that into the first draft. . The trainer will adjust his coaching based on how the executive responds and on what the writer suggests, and so forth. .

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Public Speaking Coach

TJ Walker Interactive

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Interview: Manuela Pauer – Life Coach

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Manuela Pauer, CPCC is a Certified Professional Coach and workshop leader. Manuela Pauer, CPCC is a Certified Professional Coach and workshop leader. Manuela completed her coach and leadership training at the Coaches Training Institute and her relationship systems training at the Center for Right Relationships. She also shares her insights into her role as a life coach and a simple but powerful tip to help people improve their self-esteem.

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Two-time Academy Award winner needs an acting coach?

Speak Schmeak

After the first season, she hired an acting coach. I got an acting coach, that’s the extent to which I was insecure, and I sat down with her and we watched every episode together. An acting coach worked with me and helped me understand my character better." I work with several coaches; I've been with my business coach for five years. At other times, I've hired a coach or joined a program for the short term if there was something specific I wanted to work on.

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Hear the sound of your self-esteem. Coach accordingly

The Presenter's Blog

Self-coaching can be one way to do this, but sometimes problems require the help of an external expert for true diagnosis. Professional coaching assists presenters at all stages of their careers, in the same way that my professional surveyor was able to help me. Managing Nerves Presentation skills Presenting Tips From The Top "Peter Watts" blog coaching confidence inner dialogue nerves presentation skills presenters' blog self-esteem self-talk training

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Introducing Career Coaching Services/Intuitive Psychic Readings on Professional Matters

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Readers of this blog asked for more information on the coaching services/intuitive readings on professional matters which I provide. Intuitive psychic readings and coaching for your career and job search.

2020 52

Cup of Coffee Coaching: How to Hire the Right Speaking Coach the First Time

Speaker Launcher

In his speech, he warned the group that speakers should not hire a speaking coach, and they should beware of people preying on new speakers […]. The post Cup of Coffee Coaching: How to Hire the Right Speaking Coach the First Time appeared first on Jane Atkinson. Coaching Most Recent Post Speaking Business Strategy building a speaker business building a speaking business hiring a speaking coach Speaker Marketing speaking coach

7 Ways a Voice Coach Will Make You a Better Public Speaker

Presentation Guru

Vocal coaches do not just coach those who sing. Just as people who want to improve their singing voice will seek out voice coaches to help them learn how to match pitch, sing out, and increase their range, vocal lessons can also be utilized for those who wish to improve their speaking voice, work on their stage presence, or learn how to speak more clearly and effectively in front of an audience.…

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Presentation Tip: Get a Voice Coach

Professionally Speaking...

Enter the Voice Coach. There is no index of character so sure as the voice." Benjamin Disraeli According to Kate Peters , voice coach, singing performing artist and author , ".there's So if you suspect that you may have a limited range of pitch, get an assessment from a voice coach. Tags: Presentation Tips and Techniques Benjamin Disraeli business presentations Margaret Atwood Maya Angelou vocal problems voice coach

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"My Executive Coach Said."

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

The phrase that stops pests, makes bad bosses/clients behave and opens doors to fresh opportunity is: "My Executive Coach Said." In this era of disruption, who doesn't need an executive coach to help steer toward wealth and away from egotistical meltdowns. Coaches cost. Just like no one is going to put the knock on your $350,000 car, who would dare take on your coach. Coaches help us give off the aura of success.

2015 50

Technology As Executive Coach

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Because they do, we need fewer $150 sessions with our executive or even our life coach.    Before technology facilitated establishing boundaries, I might have felt compelled to analyze with a coach what seemed to be a red flag in a business relationship and we assess options for how to manage it. Several weeks ago I did pony up the $150 to have the coach lead me through the thought processes of positioning and packaging those annoyances as a "so what."

How Gratitude Motivates and Sustains Our Workshop Facilitators and Coaches

Duarte Blog

I’ve been leading workshops and coaching for nearly 10 years now, and I’ve realized that gratitude is one of those essential characteristics of an impactful facilitator. The post How Gratitude Motivates and Sustains Our Workshop Facilitators and Coaches appeared first on Duarte. First of all, it helps to be personally grateful. Grateful to be doing something that you love. Grateful to be representing an incredible brand and company. Grateful to have [.] continue reading.

2019 53

A Conversation with Jeff Davenport on Speechwriting, Screenwriting and Delivery Coaching

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Jeff serves as an executive speaker coach and senior content developer at Duarte, the well-known communication design and consulting firm based in Santa Clara, founded by Nancy Duarte. Jeff serves as an executive speaker coach and senior content developer at Duarte, the well-known communication design and consulting firm based in Santa Clara, founded by Nancy Duarte. On Thursday, August 30th the Silicon Valley Speechwriters Roundtable hosted Jeff Davenport in a free conference call.

2018 152

Speech Coaching for Startups and Senators, Pt I

Matt Eventoff

I spent an interesting(and frustrating) two days last week- the first watching a number of legislative hearings, and the second watching a number of presentations/pitches before venture capitalists and private equity groups. The similarity was striking, and there are.

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Travelling Presentation Coach? Here’s All the Kit You Need

Presentation Guru

In this article, Jim Harvey explains the equipment that he takes with him all over the world when he’s speaking, training or presentation coaching. Jim has also created a page on Amazon where you can see a selection of all of these devices to buy if you want to do that. … Hardware Mobile & Tablet Technology featured preparation Presentation Hardware presentation technology Technical Problems Video

2019 63

If I Were Clint Eastwood’s Speech Coach…

DeFinis Communications

As a speech coach, I thought I’d give Clint some advice so that next time he is asked to give a speech on behalf of a candidate for president of the United States he knows what to do. I would coach Clint to more carefully analyze the needs of his sponsors and the person he has been asked to honor. First, I would coach Clint to address the president—no matter who is in office—as Mr. President instead of his more casual use of Mr. Obama.

2012 162

Interview: Alicia Berberich – parent / child coach

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

To hear what she told me about the ways she uses her business and executive skills when coaching families, and a simple tip on how parents can help their children, click on the podcast icon below. How many professional speakers do you know that go to work in their bathing suits? Well, that is exactly what Alicia Berberich does! Besides speaking to parents groups around the Bay Area, she teaches water aerobics at the San Francisco Presidio YMCA.

2013 157

Blog Carnival Today! Sales Coaching: Top Tips for Increased Productivity

DeFinis Communications

Today’s offering features top bloggers in their fields who offer timely and thought-provoking tips on every aspect of sales coaching. Execution Based Coaching. Effective sales coaching process needs to be based on two pillars of sales success. Sales Management Math: The Sales Coaching Formula. Sales Coaching: Top Tips for Increased Productivity. Exploring the most important attributes of a sales coaching relationship.

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Arkansas Fires Football Coach

TJ Walker Interactive

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How coaching gets me where I want to be

Speak Schmeak

I love having a coach! If you need to move forward, face your challenges and improve as a speaker, a coach can help you, too! A coach gives outside perspective. You might have fears and concerns about your abilities as a speaker, but a professional coach can cut through the forest and help you see the trees. Your coach will give you the realistic, unbiased view of your presentation habits and style. A coach gives guidance and support.

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Coach? Why, Yes I Am.

Speak and Deliver

No, Not THAT kind of Coach. Other than a small pitch to coach speaking contestants in the spring, I don't talk rates, programs, or coaching on Facebook or Twitter. One of my favorite phrases is "Physician, heal thyself" - in this case, I guess it is "Coach, coach yourself"! Presentations Coach? Individual coaching, group coaching, seminar-style coaching. Speaking Coach Sales Presentations Coach Props Coaching Power Point Rates

Coach 68

Are you ready for coaching? Ask yourself these questions.

Speak Schmeak

Facing new demands on your public speaking skills and more visibility for your company, you've been thinking about pursuing public speaking coaching, but you're not sure if it's the right avenue for you. Here are some questions to ask yourself to determine if you're ready for coaching. Am I willing to invest time and money into attending regular coaching sessions with full attention and no distractions? The Business of Coaching Preparation General Comments

Coach 155

You Asked for It: Introduction to Career Coaching By Jane Genova

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

The extended Introduction to Jane Genova's Career Coaching Services Download IntroducingYourCareerCoachJaneGenova. You will learn through coaching how to open yourself up to them. Soon enough you will be your own coach.

2020 52

How is public speaking coaching like going to the dentist?

Speak Schmeak

Believe me, I know how resistant many of you are to seeking out public speaking coaching. By hiring a coach, you are acknowledging two things: 1. In fact, a friend of mine compared hiring a speaking coach to going to the dentist. I have a home study course if you like to work alone; I have a live group course option if you like accountability and group support; I have private individual coaching intensives if you want to get that dang presentation out of the way NOW.

2013 185

My Challenge to Coach Chip Kelly and the Oregon Ducks

Matt Eventoff

Not the way first year coach Chip Kelly wanted to start his season, or his coaching career at Oregon. So how did the Coach Kelly, Athletic Director Mike Bellotti and the University of Oregon handle it? The message was sent individually through statements by Coach Kelly, A.D. One of my favorites: “Football at the University of Oregon is a privilege, and with that privilege goes responsibilities,&# said coach Chip Kelly. Pt.I - The Message.

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Interview: Madelyn Mackie – Career coach

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Career coaching Madelyn believes that life is too short to be unhappy, work at a job you hate and not make a difference. Madelyn Mackie is a Professional Development and Career Advancement expert. Having successfully navigated careers in biochemistry research, Tony Award winning theaters and major nonprofit agencies, she brings experience, motivation and step-by-step action plans that will Activate Your Career Dreams!

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Speaker coaching

Joan Detz Speaker Services

I just returned from coaching several speakers at an international convention held in Las Vegas. What should you, as a speechwriter, understand about the speaker coaching process? #1. Great speechwriting enhances any speaker’s delivery. #2. All the clever body language in the world can’t cover up for bad speechwriting. #3. A solid speechwriting process lowers convention costs. (Why? Because every last-minute script change increases the on-site production costs.). #4.

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Private coaching with me for just $88?

Speak Schmeak

have you grabbed your $88 laser coaching or home study program ? If so, you''ll want to take advantage of my 45-minute laser coaching special. This is not something I offer to the general public, by the way; my coaching packages start at 90 minutes for $397. Help me celebrate eight years in business and my 1,400th blog post, along with the winter holidays of gift-giving and thanks-giving! It''s my HoliBlogaBizaversary sale ! But there''s only one day left.

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April 15 - Win Anyway LIVE - What Do I Do, Anyway

Speak and Deliver

Coaching Sales Speaking Writing

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Business Coaching - REMOTE - Ghostwriter (help-wanted)

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Details. careers

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