I want to see the speaker, not the coaching

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As a speaking coach, I always learn something from watching others present, and of course, I analyze everything about their approach to see what I can pass along to my community. About 80% of the speakers looked like they had been over-coached. What do I mean by over-coached?

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Two-time Academy Award winner needs an acting coach?

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After the first season, she hired an acting coach. I got an acting coach, that’s the extent to which I was insecure, and I sat down with her and we watched every episode together. An acting coach worked with me and helped me understand my character better."

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Are you ready for coaching? Ask yourself these questions.

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Facing new demands on your public speaking skills and more visibility for your company, you've been thinking about pursuing public speaking coaching, but you're not sure if it's the right avenue for you. Here are some questions to ask yourself to determine if you're ready for coaching.

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Coaching a cadre of scientists to give TED-quality talks

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But there's one other wrinkle that sometimes trips up the process of turning scientists into public speakers: The coach. We used an approach that has worked for many of my clients, nonprofit or corporate, mixing group and 1:1 coaching.

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Success & the Art of Developing Your Inner Coach

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I also loved the way he introduced the idea of process vs. results/goals by showing a basketball coach who maintains the same reaction to great failure and great success all within seconds of a thrilling finish of a basketball game.

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Coaching a coach for a best man's speech

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He''s played a key role in their relationship, and he''d be a built-in speaker coach for the groom. In Peter''s preview post about the task, he notes the expectation that a speaker coach and speechwriter would deliver a spot-on speech.

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How Do You Choose a Speaking Coach?

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skip to main | skip to sidebar How Do You Choose a Speaking Coach? Now that you see the benefits of both, lets start the discussion of finding the best speech coach for you ! (On Speaking Experience When was the last time your coach spoke in front of an audience?

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Hear the sound of your self-esteem. Coach accordingly

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Self-coaching can be one way to do this, but sometimes problems require the help of an external expert for true diagnosis. Professional coaching assists presenters at all stages of their careers, in the same way that my professional surveyor was able to help me.

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Why did you say yes to this speaking gig? Why the coach needs to know

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I had just one hour by phone to coach this speaker, an academic professor, for a five-minute pitch to be delivered in a public competition for extra grant funding. Instead, she spent 15 minutes telling me why the coaching and this speaking task were far, far beneath her.

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Are you ready for coaching? Ask yourself these questions.

Speak Schmeak

Facing new demands on your public speaking skills and more visibility for your company, you've been thinking about pursuing public speaking coaching, but you're not sure if it's the right avenue for you. Here are some questions to ask yourself to determine if you're ready for coaching.

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How is public speaking coaching like going to the dentist?

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Believe me, I know how resistant many of you are to seeking out public speaking coaching. By hiring a coach, you are acknowledging two things: 1. In fact, a friend of mine compared hiring a speaking coach to going to the dentist.

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Questions To Ask Your Speech Coach

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When you are selecting your public speaking or presentation skills coach - here are some important questions that can help you select the best speech coach for you. Tell me about some of your speech coaching triumphs. Your best speech coach is one who speaks as well as coaches. Your best speech coach is one who has experienced some of your speaking challenges. Your best speech coach is one is constantly learning as well as teaching.

For better results in speaker coaching, think 'gain' not 'pain'

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I always ask some version of the question, "What prompts the need for coaching?" The coaching session that inspired this blog began with a woman client who was told, in her otherwise perfect performance review, that "your presentations aren''t sexy enough."

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How to Effectively Coach a Public Speaker: the 1|3 Approach…

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Yeah, that’s a terrible approach to coaching and mentoring…but what’s wrong with it? If you’re coaching people on their presentations, please keep this in mind. Instead, try this coaching approach, which I call “One to Three”. Coaching Presentation

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How coaching gets me where I want to be

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I love having a coach! If you need to move forward, face your challenges and improve as a speaker, a coach can help you, too! A coach gives outside perspective. Your coach will give you the realistic, unbiased view of your presentation habits and style.

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3 ways to know if you would benefit from speaker coaching

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Career info Presentation skills Speaker coachingAsk yourself these 3 questions: Do I spend way too much time preparing my presentations? Do I feel nervous when I get a public speaking invitation? Do I sometimes walk away from a lectern feeling I did less-than-my-best? Keep notes.

New training and coaching opportunities for you!

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I want to update you on some of the new opportunities I'm offering for coaching and training. I've added a super-efficient new program to my coaching repertoire: E-coaching ! Happy Monday!

Coaching speakers in a "Shark Tank-style" pitch competition: Case study

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The competition included a call for proposals ; proposal review and acceptance; the initial coaching call or workshop; and 1:1 coaching during the weeks in which presentations were prepared. This was followed by well as 1:1 coaching to develop their specific five-minute pitches.

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My Challenge to Coach Chip Kelly and the Oregon Ducks

Matt Eventoff

Not the way first year coach Chip Kelly wanted to start his season, or his coaching career at Oregon. So how did the Coach Kelly, Athletic Director Mike Bellotti and the University of Oregon handle it? The message was sent individually through statements by Coach Kelly, A.D. One of my favorites: “Football at the University of Oregon is a privilege, and with that privilege goes responsibilities,&# said coach Chip Kelly. Pt.I - The Message.

Coaching a cadre of conference speakers to give TED-quality talks

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That''s an ambitious assignment, and I was fortunate to be the coach for these spotlight speakers. But all were highly committed to making this assignment work, a huge advantage in our coaching and eventual success. "Amazing." Most interesting thing I''ve ever seen at a conference."

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Executive Coach Uses Humor and Acting to Deliver Unforgettable Presentation Performances

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Her background in acting and improv gives her a special edge as an executive presentation coach. She coaches completely differently than anyone I’ve met. Most delivery coaches want to record you so you can “see” all the things you need to stop doing.

Blog Carnival Today! Sales Coaching: Top Tips for Increased Productivity

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Today’s offering features top bloggers in their fields who offer timely and thought-provoking tips on every aspect of sales coaching. Execution Based Coaching. Effective sales coaching process needs to be based on two pillars of sales success. Sales Management Math: The Sales Coaching Formula. Sales Coaching: Top Tips for Increased Productivity. Exploring the most important attributes of a sales coaching relationship.

eSpeech Coaching is Here

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eSpeech Coaching - expert presentation coaching when you need it Good news for you if standing and speaking before a group is critical to your career or business success. Get guidance from an expert teacher or coach. The investment of money for speech coaching has suddenly shrunk to affordable size. Now you can receive executive level speech coaching at an incredibly affordable rate while you remain in the comfort of your office or home.

Interview: Alicia Berberich – parent / child coach

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To hear what she told me about the ways she uses her business and executive skills when coaching families, and a simple tip on how parents can help their children, click on the podcast icon below. How many professional speakers do you know that go to work in their bathing suits? Well, that is exactly what Alicia Berberich does! Besides speaking to parents groups around the Bay Area, she teaches water aerobics at the San Francisco Presidio YMCA.

Coach? Why, Yes I Am.

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No, Not THAT kind of Coach. Other than a small pitch to coach speaking contestants in the spring, I don't talk rates, programs, or coaching on Facebook or Twitter. One of my favorite phrases is "Physician, heal thyself" - in this case, I guess it is "Coach, coach yourself"!

Private coaching with me for just $88?

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have you grabbed your $88 laser coaching or home study program ? If so, you''ll want to take advantage of my 45-minute laser coaching special. This is not something I offer to the general public, by the way; my coaching packages start at 90 minutes for $397.

Moving sale! 20% off select public speaking coaching services through August 4!

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If you've been thinking about getting some coaching or some help with a PowerPoint, having me review one of your presentations, or taking me up on my mentoring package, now is the time! I'm moving. It's pretty momentous. Hubby and I have been living in the same place for 19 years.

Speech Coaching to Simplify Your Job & Electrify Your Executives with Patricia Fripp

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The Silicon Valley Speechwriters Roundtable hosted Patricia Fripp for a webinar on ‘Speech Coaching to Simplify Your Job & Electrify Your Executives’ A full video recording of the event is available. Please ignore the terrible delay on my video which makes it seem as if I’m heavily medicated – there is no delay on Ms. […]. Public Speaking Speechwriting FrippVT Patricia Fripp

Interview: Manuela Pauer – Life Coach

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Manuela Pauer, CPCC is a Certified Professional Coach and workshop leader. Manuela Pauer, CPCC is a Certified Professional Coach and workshop leader. Manuela completed her coach and leadership training at the Coaches Training Institute and her relationship systems training at the Center for Right Relationships. She also shares her insights into her role as a life coach and a simple but powerful tip to help people improve their self-esteem.

Interview: Madelyn Mackie – Career coach

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Career coaching Madelyn believes that life is too short to be unhappy, work at a job you hate and not make a difference. Madelyn Mackie is a Professional Development and Career Advancement expert. Having successfully navigated careers in biochemistry research, Tony Award winning theaters and major nonprofit agencies, she brings experience, motivation and step-by-step action plans that will Activate Your Career Dreams!

A Shocking Secret from a Speech Coach

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As a speech coach, I’m not surprised by this. Business Tips Confidence Building Examples of Powerful Speakers Eye Contact Famous Speakers Fear of Public Speaking Historical Speakers Political Speakers Speaking Tips Abe Lincoln Fear of public speaking speech coach Top speech coach

Alan Stevens – The Media Coach

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

I caught up with Alan Stevens at the National Speakers Association Influence ‘11 Convention in Anaheim and asked him to demonstrate the hardware and software he carries with him on the road. He demonstrated the portable studio set-up he uses to create his web radio show. Watch this brief video where Alan demonstrates the set-up [.]. Podcasts Technology Alan Stevens audio recording National Speakers Association

Top Executive Speech Coach Blog Posts of 2011

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Executive Speech Coach Top Blog Posts of the year are: What’s the difference between a speaker’s bio and an introduction? George Torok Speech Coach for Executives Executive Speech Coach, Business presentation tips from George Torok, the Speech Coach for Executives. link] Executive Speech Coach & Business Presentation Skills Expert George Torok www.SpeechCoachforExecutives.com. presentations tips speech coaching

University Teaching/Subject Coaching Can Be Dangerous to Your Career/Health

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Obviously, teaching, at any level or in any form such as coaching, can be risky to one's career. In essence, visiting professor at Appalachian Law School - Hillary Lynne Burgess - contends she was harassed by a student referred to as John Doe.

Interview: Carrie Vawter-Yousfi – Mommy Coach

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Carrie Vawter-Yousfi, founder of Mommy’s Coach has unlocked the secret to successfully running a busy household, while ensuring plenty of quality time. Carrie Vawter-Yousfi, founder of Mommyrsquo;s Coach has unlocked the secret to successfully running a busy household, while ensuring plenty of quality time. She created her own business 5 years ago out of her struggle with motherhood and a Silicon Valley career.


Stage coaching checklist: 6 reasons you should get time on stage before you speak

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Do you take the time to get on stage before you speak--preferably the stage on which you'll be speaking? I ask because it's a step overlooked by many speakers, or one dismissed by some organizers, probably because it sounds too simple. Why would you need some orientation to the stage before you speak? I have 6 reasons you should get on stage before you step out there to speak: Lighting for you: Getting on stage will help orient you to where the lights are in relation to you while you speak.

Executive Speech Coach - Business Presentations: Effective.

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Executive Speech Coach - Business Presentations Business presentations tips for executives, sales presenters, managers, technical experts and professionals from the "Speech Coach for Executives" George Torok. George Torok is a Toronto based presentation coach and presentation skills trainer. If you want to be a better presenter, understand the principles, practice the techniques, and get expert coaching. Hire a presentation skills coach.

Looking for a Mentor, Consultant, or Coach? Here are the 3 top things to look for

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For most people, hiring a mentor, consultant, or coach is a tough decision. Whether you’re a woman looking for a mentor, consultant, or coach, or you’re a woman who works in one of these roles, following are the top three keys for building a trusting relationship during the first interaction. If trust is the basis for an effective mentoring, consulting, or coaching relationship, then the selection process is indeed very personal.

How to Engage Your Audience In Three Sentences or Less

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Public Speaking & Presentation Skills great speech openers how to improve public speaking how to start a presentation how to start a speech opening speech examples public speaking coach public speaking course The audience is seated. The lights dim and the room quiets.

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Improve the Power of Your Voice and Imagine the Results

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What does Tony Robbins say about the power of his voice and his voice coach. Who is this amazing voice coach? Imagine if you could learn from this voice coach for a fraction of what private coaching normally costs? executive speech coach public speaking voice

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