Language works: This is your brain on metaphors

The Eloquent Woman

Do you use metaphors when you speak or present? In "This is your brain on metaphors," Stanford University professor Robert Sapolsky describes the biology and neuroscience behind metaphors, how we (and those we're speaking to) understand them, and where our brains find it tough to discern between the literal and the metaphoric in our language. We understand that a captain wants more than just hands when he orders all of them on deck.

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Cool Tools I Use and Love

Communication Steroids

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Public speaking vs. death

Speak Schmeak

I think I'll get into my workout clothes, so I'll be ready to go when it's time. I've written before about most of these mistaken beliefs about public speaking, as they are major pet peeves of mine, but please make a special note of the first one in the article. Here's what she told me in an e-mail: "I have a standing offer to all my participants: Bring me a current, scientifically credible study showing that public speaking is the #1 fear and I'll give you $100.

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week 5: gender issues in public speaking

The Eloquent Woman

Ever wonder why you can chat away with a girlfriend or small group, but hate to get up to speak? To get Stephanie started on our coaching for week 5, I'm sharing the presentation I made to Washington Women in Public Relations about how to step up your speaking, which shares a lot of information about the challenges that women, in particular, face in public speaking. If it's not about you, it may be that someone's trying to marginalize you in order to get you to stop talking.

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Famous Speech Friday: Clara Barton's Andersonville testimony

The Eloquent Woman

But the war brought something out in her--something that led her to a speaking role unlike that of most women of her day. Ignoring orders directing women nurses to stay safely in Washington, Barton.showed up on the field at nearly every major engagement in the eastern theater, beginning with the Second Battle of Bull Run in August 1862. The American Red Cross biography of its founder takes her speaking as a matter of course: Barton had a talent for words.