Four Tips to Crush Your Fear of Public Speaking

Succeed Speaking

You’re standing on a podium behind a lectern giving a speech to a packed house and you’re hands start shaking ever so slightly. This scenario might be a bit dramatic, but public speaking is a common fear among people; statistics have shown that people are more afraid of public speaking than rattlesnakes and death. How can you demolish your fear of public speaking and become a pro in no time? A Guest Post from Catherine Joyner.

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A checklist for the speaker's wardrobe

The Eloquent Woman

I started this list with the wardrobe questions from my popular Checklist for the whole speaker (it's a free download), then added more items to make it a comprehensive checklist focused on how your wardrobe appears when you're speaking or presenting. Once you get used to working your way through this checklist, you'll find yourself making smarter wardrobe choices for your speaking engagements and presentations automatically. Here it is: Are my clothes clean, pressed and mended?