Analysis of a Speech by Mark Bezos

Manner of Speaking

Wearing non-traditional clothing for a speech is a risky proposition. One does not have to use fancy words in order to give an effective speech. He made good eye contact with the audience. I recently came across this TED Talk by Mark Bezos, the Senior Vice-President of Development, Communications and Events at Robin Hood , a leading poverty-fighting charity in New York City.

Body Language and Gestures

Kuhnke Communication

Add to that, his eyes became steely as he glared at me, suggesting that I might want to stop what I was doing. In order to interpret what the body’s saying, you must reflect on the whole picture of the person. To spot enthusiasm, look for smiles in which both the lips and eyes are engaged. Negative emotions such as secrecy or nervousness tend to manifest themselves through minimal or no eye contact, throat clearing and covering the mouth while speaking.


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Public speaking vs. death

Speak Schmeak

I think I'll get into my workout clothes, so I'll be ready to go when it's time. I thought I had gotten somewhere when I contacted the author of this article , who stated, "The findings have been verified by countless other surveys and studies in subsequent years." If you’re too nervous to look them in the eye, look just above their heads at the back wall." You have to see them in order to address those needs. Make eye contact for 3 to 5 seconds per person."

2008 100

Preparation – your key to confident public speaking

Pivotal Public Speaking

If you memorise those you can be sure you will use the words you chose for the greatest impact, and you can concentrate on delivery and especially on eye contact. Find a way to keep them in order and number the pages in case they do get mixed up. Wear the clothes you will wear so you know what works best and how to cope with the outfit. Contact the liaison person to confirm details.