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Week 10: What to think about appearance

The Eloquent Woman

Here's my best advice on deciding on your appearance as a speaker: Cover the basics first: Whatever you wear needs to fit you, be clean and accommodate all the movements you might make as a speaker, whether you're reaching high to point at a chart or crawling under the lectern to adjust an electrical plug. Don't let that put you off, and do use color as a way to focus eyes on you. It's not just about the clothes.

20 tips for better conference speaking ~ Authentic Boredom

Keeping the audience eyes’ on you rather than their laptops benefits both you and the audience. Among other advice I might give, one thing I’ve done is to try and combat the unpredictability of cabin temperature — seems every flight is either too hot or too cold — by dressing in clothing suitable for both temperature ranges, usually something like Columbia Omni-Dry pants and a Nike Dri-Fit shirt. Make eye contact.

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