GoodWill - Black Friday, Austintown, OH

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

At GoodWill, both males and females were totally preoccupied with sizing up the merchandise. It ranged from clothes and furniture to toys and seasonal decorations.  Also, the discounts associated with its rewards program kicked in. Since I now am enrolled in that program I can't double-dip with the over-60 discount one too. At the check-out, with all the discounts totaled, the two sweaters set me back only about four dollars.

2017 40

Joke Contest Results — What Frustrates You?

Humor Power

It’s time for the results of our November Joke Contest — What Frustrates You? New Joke Contests are announced on the first of the month. Our Cartoon Caption Contests are on hold while our cartoonist, Dan Rosandich, upgrades his web site. Here are this month’s top lines for What Frustrates You? — In Three Words or Less: ** FIRST PLACE **. Lane-Changing Lunatics. Scott Tredwell, Advance, North Carolina, USA. ** SECOND PLACE ** (tie).