New year, new clothes

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Guess what happens when old clothes are within easy reach. Old clothes don’t look good on stage unless retro fundamentally links with our image, and then the clothes had better be retro, not merely old! Carry the process right through to the closets and get rid of old clothes. Start the new year with an upgraded look and by donating those old clothes to charity. Presenting Tips From The Top "Peter Watts" clothes presenting public speaking skills what to wear

Would you wear clothes that clash?

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So wearing clothes that clash makes me feel uncomfortable. I feel like I’ve got a neon sign on my forehead flashing “Look at me, and judge my choice of clothes.” My mother is an elegant French woman. She taught me how to dress well, and in particular to avoid wearing clashing colors. ” It’s not unlike the feeling that I used to have when standing in front of an audience and delivering a presentation “Look at me, and judge my ability to present.”

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Clothing distractions and malfunctions

Speak Schmeak

What clothing malfunctions have you experienced? Download audio here. Watching Wanda Sykes the other night on her TV show, I noticed her doing something I've done many times when sitting in front of an audience: Trying to cover the tummy bulge.

Clothing distractions and malfunctions

Speak Schmeak

What clothing malfunctions have you experienced? Download audio here. Watching Wanda Sykes the other night on her TV show, I noticed her doing something I've done many times when sitting in front of an audience: Trying to cover the tummy bulge.

Presentation Skills - Clothing

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Fun presenters can wear fun clothing but within the limits of your industry. I'm not going to pretend to be Mr. Clothes Horse (I've been accused of looking too corporate), but I will offer a few tips that should help you out.

Columba Bush - None Of Pat Nixon's Cloth Coat

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Who could be an asset was simple Pat Nixon with her cloth coat. In this time of Radical Savings, Columba, wife of Jeb, could be a liability in Campaign 2016. The Washington Post details Columba's love of five-figure shopping sprees for bling. For these she even travels abroad.

Imagine your audience fully clothed

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Some experts still give the advice to picture the audience in their underwear. I even read an article the other day that suggested imagining them dressed as clowns. What? It takes an enormous amount of energy to actually imagine a group of people in underwear. Are they in boxers or briefs?

Get the best price on technology purchases, clothing — and anything else!

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Do you buy electronics and more on Amazon, Newegg, or other sites? If so, I’d like to introduce you to a new, free service that will help you get the lowest price. Many people don’t realize that prices fluctuate constantly, particularly on websites like Amazon, which allow third party vendors to continually undercut one another.

Metail: The clothes bought online may fit, but look terrible

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

"   UK company Metail, through a partnership with Warehouse, may solve the problem of ordering clothes online which fit, reports Steve O'Hear of TECH CRUNCH.   Currently, O'Hear tells us that because of bad fits, 70% of clothes purchased online get returned. 

Should I wear a neck-tie for selling diapers?

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For your consideration: Ethos clothing proposition 1: Recognised uniforms boost the pitch. This leads to a second idea about ethos and clothing: Ethos Clothing Proposition 2: Dress to match your audience. by Peter Watts.

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How to Dress for a Speech or Presentation | Presentation Skills

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How to Dress for Presentations | Public Speaking Training

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Yeah, you'd get mad too - Lawyer sues employer for encouraging her to wear woman's clothes

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  A lesbian, reports  Zach Lowe in THE AMERICAN LAWYER, Kamps says that the law firm where she had worked from 1998 until January 2009 encouraged her to wear woman's clothes.  Among her lists of grievances in the lawsuit she will file in Manhattan federal court, Julie Kamps claims that her employer Fried Frank Harris Shriver & Jacobson remarked about her attire. 

How to prepare a televised speech, Part (3): clothes, voice, face & furnishings

Max Atkinson

This video clip completes the series celebrating the 30th anniversary of the BBC's classic sit-com Yes Minister/Yes Prime Minister, the first programme of which was broadcast on on 25th February, 1980. If ever there was a programme that matched up to all three of the objectives enshrined in the Royal Charter of the BBC - 'to inform, educate and entertain' - this was surely it.

Never wear a name tag when you speak

Manner of Speaking

It will usually be in a plastic envelope that you attach to your clothing with a pin, or … Continue reading → Delivery lanyard name tag Presentation public speakingIf you are invited to speak at a conference or other event, you will likely receive a name tag when you register.

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Rowan Williams: Emperor, Archbishop or Cambridge academic with no clothes?

Max Atkinson

Then there's the Oxbridge version of 'The emperor has no clothes' Having once been a fellow of an Oxford college, I'm depressingly aware that the Cambridge college that's taken the risk of giving him a job will provide a vary safe and comfortable haven for Dr Williams.

Vocal, Visual, and Verbal Skills for Executive Presence

Speaking Freely

While appearances are important, your presence is more comprehensive than merely the clothes that you wear. By Self-Expression Center Staff A commonly held misconception about executive presence is that it is all about dressing for the part. Most people won’t be convinced about your leadership until you demonstrate the ability to communicate in a sophisticated […]. The post Vocal, Visual, and Verbal Skills for Executive Presence appeared first on Speaking Freely.

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The Final Word on the Final Thought: End Your Virtual Meeting Successfully

DeFinis Communications

Either way, you’re still wearing clothes, right? Think of those clothes as the structure of a presentation. Over the past several months, many people have asked me if the formalities of standard speech preparation apply to the more casual virtual presentations taking place today.

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How to Receive a Standing Ovation – Get Naked!

Speaking Freely

I don’t mean take off all your clothes, I mean take off all protection and pretense, and be emotional. A standing ovation is a spontaneous emotional response from an audience that is moved deeply by a speaker or performer. The only way to earn a standing ovation is to get naked! When a presenter [.]. Authenticity public speaking Standing Ovations storytelling Transparency Speaking from the Heart

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Thoughts on Self-Definition

The Shy Speaker's Guide to Succes on Stage

Be defined, not by the trophies in our cabinet, the money in our bank account; nor the clothes that we wear, or profession that we do. But think and define […]. General Personal Development Random Observations

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Fast Fashion - What's Been Killing off Lux, Retail, Anna Wintour, and Glam Media (and, like, who cares about branding)

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Essentially, the phenomenon of Fast Fashion entails extracting ideas from BigFashion catwalks, then rushing to leverage the most marketable elements of them into affordable clothes which are shipped off to cool low-cost retailers.

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Have you ever been outrageous?

Speak Schmeak

I take great pleasure in watching Kym destroy her perfect makeup, hair and clothing. We were always taught, as little girls (and maybe little boys, too), that there were "good clothes" and "play clothes." One of my favorite guests on Ellen is beauty expert Kym Douglas.

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Quotes for Public Speakers (No. 65)

Manner of Speaking

“The moment our discourse rises above the ground line of familiar facts, and is inflamed with passion or exalted by thought, it clothes itself in images. Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803 – 1882) American Essayist, Philosopher and Poet.

Presentations: What To Wear

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However, in the flurry of pulling content together, finishing slides and producing handouts, we don't always give enough thought to the role our clothes play in our presentation. but choosing appropriate clothing can help you feel more confident in front of an audience and can ensure that your physical appearance is not distracting from your message. Here are some wardrobe tips to keep the focus off your clothing and on what you're saying. Wear comfortable clothing.

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Lights, Camera, Action! Presentation Skills for Virtual Delivery

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Avoid clothing with patterns. On the surface, acting in a blockbuster movie and delivering a virtual presentation may appear to having nothing in common, aside from the fact that they both use a “screen” as their modus operandi. But a closer look reveals striking similarities between the two.

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Fun Friday: Wearing nothing new

Speak Schmeak

I love Jessi Arrington's message in this short TED talk, of an alternative to overconsumption, even if you're a clothes horse. But I also love Jessi's presentation style. She's fun, she's real, she keeps her talk simple, her visuals are engaging, and her points are easy to follow.

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Quotes for Public Speakers (No. 82)

Manner of Speaking

Clothed in story, Truth knocked again at the villagers’ doors and was readily welcomed into people’s houses. "Shalom" ("Peace") in Hebrew. “Truth, naked and cold, had been turned away from every door in the village. Her nakedness frightened people.

Air France - French Executives Attacked Over Proposed Job Cuts

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

They wound up with torn clothes. America isn't the only violent nation. When Air France management discussed in France cutting 2,900 jobs, some workers attacked the brass. The scene was ugly. To save themselves executives scaled a fence. Here is the account from Bloomberg.

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Seven Speaking Mistakes Your Audience Won’t Forgive You For


If this were to actually happen in the real world, and you were to actually walk on stage without any clothes on, the audience would indeed think it […].

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Knickers to the Red, White & Blue

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

This obvious solution to drying clothes en plein air is anathema to [.]. Visiting my home town in the UK last week, I experienced a new perspective on some of the cultural oddities of these United States. For instance, people in England, as elsewhere across the planet, hang their washing to dry outside on clear days. Global Warming clothelines Financial times Hills Hoist

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I don't care about your dreams

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I deserve to go to fashion week because my designs transform the way women shop and wear clothes. It's about making clothes that people actually buy. Okay, maybe that's a little harsh, but it's closer to reality than most of us want to acknowledge.

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Have you ever been outrageous?

Speak Schmeak

I take great pleasure in watching Kym destroy her perfect makeup, hair and clothing. We were always taught, as little girls (and maybe little boys, too), that there were "good clothes" and "play clothes." One of my favorite guests on Ellen is beauty expert Kym Douglas.

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Such a Blast from the Sexually Repressive Past: The Peeping Tom

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

" The gawker frequently derives sexual arousal from observing others remove clothes or be without attire. Quaint. In this era of hard porn and plenty of available actual sex, there is still the phenomenon of a peeping tom. 

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The High Cost of a Good Job

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Being in that upscale bracket usually demands housing in a pricey zip code, a long train commute into the city, brandname clothes, membership in at least one social club, and a late-model car. Then it dawned on me how much I would have to invest in clothes, manicures, the commute, and lunch. Half the Millennials who are single and make $100k annually and couples earning $150k aren't able to save for retirement. And so they fear they will have to simply work until they drop.

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Luxury Loses Its Cool - Neiman Marcus Files for Bankruptcy, Anna Wintour's Branding in Play

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Designers got the hang of directly draping their clothes on the celebrity and not need the establishment media like Vogue any more. America may be returning to its Common Man roots. Yeah, in taste and spending, we're back to Puritan minimalism. Luxury? So pre-COVID-19. 

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How To Prepare For A Job Interview: The Art of the First Interview

Matt Eventoff

Clothing matches (if you aren’t the most fashionable person, ask someone who is!) You do not need to be a model, you do need to be clean, have matching clothes, and have appropriate attire. First and foremost – Be Yourself!

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Barbie Is an Entrepreneur

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Tsostsis recalls the era when Barbie said that math is tough and she is concerned about having enough clothes. Will there soon be female entrepreneurs with the power and profile of a Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg?  The new Barbie might make that happen. 

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National Speakers Association Convention. On my way.

Fripp THE Executive Speech Coach

Now packing the same fancy clothes for NSA! Just left the Speakers Roundtable meeting in Vancouver. Hosted by Peter Legge and the photograph is from our evening at Joe & Rosalie Segal's. Here I am with Dan Maddux, Executive Director of the American Payroll Association.

An Executive’s Guide to Pricing Strategy Models


Most companies selling tech products stick with this price strategy and so do some clothes retailers. Everlane, a DTC clothing brand, that practices radical transparency shows on its website the true cost of manufacturing each garment (COGS), plus their markup.

Understanding Gen Z: Characteristics, Habits, and Differences from Millennials Explained


Even the Generation Me representatives are rather cautious when it comes to their finances (as their tendency to resell clothes shows).

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Physical comfort is overrated

Speak Schmeak

I get very impatient with this whole "comfort issue" with clothing. Yes, you don't feel as comfortable in clothes that fit as you do in your pajamas. I must say, I'm not surprised to hear someone from the fashion industry eschew comfort in clothing.

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4 Traits that Distinguish Confident Speakers from Nervous Nellies

DeFinis Communications

But if you’re a true Nervous Nellie, keep your audience fully clothed and make a commitment to use the traits and strategies that confident speakers employ. Back in 1990, Ron Hoff wrote a popular book about public speaking entitled I Can See You Naked.

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Politicians Beware… Appearances Matter!

Matt Eventoff

If your shirt is soiled, suit is stained, shoes are dirty or heavily worn, clothing is heavily wrinkled, food is stuck in your teeth…a camera might be rolling, or shooting. Breaking News: In politics, appearances matter, and a study led by three pretty impressive individuals confirms this yet again. . In Looking Like A Winner: Candidate Appearance and Electoral Success in New Democracies , the team of M.I.T.

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