What You Need to Know About Self-Publishing

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Each book is printed when you or your client orders it and you only pay for the quantity ordered, whether it is one or 1,000. It's a free online self-publishing tool that helps you prepare your book for printing. The price of the book covers the production costs and your royalty. In addition, Amazon offers a lot of tips to help you self-publish your book through createspace.com.

Fewer Bad Guys/Bad Gals: Do a show or publish a book?

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  Aside from the royalties I'm earning and the congratulations on Facebook from school chums and enemies, I don't see myself creating value.    Armed with appropriate video and audio devices, they can apply for work, full-time or contract, present themselves as prospective clients, and a la Michael Moore but smoother question them what were the terms and conditions they agreed to in selling their souls to the devil. It got that bad.

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Book Authors Now Earn $17,500 Annually (Authors Guild Survey)

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Since I went out on my own as an independent contractor in 1987, I have made it my business to focus on client assignments for my income. Picking up assignments writing for my own byline for The New York Times or publishing books was fun.


Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  "D2" is the moniker derived by me from the public relations agency Dilenschneider Group's association with D1, that is client Lou Dobbs.    Because of my assistance with the manuscript, by contract I receive a percentage of the royalties.    They will be initially issued on August 15th by the publisher - American Management Association.  Nice way to go into the weekend. 

Book Sales Uneven

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

I have clients and colleagues whose books sold well on Barnes and Noble and crashed on Amazon.com.    Because of my assistance in preparation of the manuscript, I am contracted to receive 50 percent of royalties.    The publisher - the American Management Association - will issue the report on the sales and royalties mid-August and then in February. 

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Online Moves Offline: Bob Dilenschneider on how PR keeps mutating

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  But, for clients especially in professional services, publishing a book usually is the price of entry.    Only now there are more options: The established publisher route, self-publishing, or an e-book knocked out on the computer.

2010: What no longer sells books

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  The glut of product caused by self-publishing and desperation.  [Full disclosure: I receive 50% of AMA HANDBOOK royalties for assisting in its preparation.].   Don't publish without a sustained commitment to promote. Going the agent/publishing house route is yielding diminishing returns.    Self-publishing, although still carrying a stigma, eliminates that gap.  The Great Recession. 

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AMA HANDBOOK OF PUBLIC RELATIONS: Like careers, books have comebacks too

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  It was published around February 17, 2010.    Then I found out through Amazon.com the book was not to be published until mid February 2010.      On this blog I signaled the powers-that-be, ranging from Dilenschneider to publisher American Management Association, that the perspective and content had to be brought up to date.    Usually in presentation skills to employers and clients, small changes have big impacts. 

What Happened?

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  I assisted with the manuscript and for that am contracted to receive 50% of the royalties, which likely won't be a windfall.   Self-publishing and the desperate need of professional services firms to hand a book to prospects and clients have worsened that already bad situation.    That's what I advise clients now.  The AMA HANDBOOK ON PUBLIC RELATIONS, by Bob Dilenscheider is at number 673,447 on Amazon.com. 

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Le Book: Over?

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" That's what I used to advise clients.    It did help develop new business, reinforce their value with clients, and put that halo effect on their brandname.  [Disclosure: I receive 50% of royalties for the work I did on that book.] My   Then why are too many still hell-bent on having a book published?  "A book is the price of entry."   They listened.    A book was produced. 

The Tony Soprano Approach to Accounts Receivable

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  Thanks to that early conditioning, I have a perfect record in collecting debts from clients, ranging from Fortune 500 to prestigious professional-services firms to those once-elite magazines.    Therefore, it is surprising to read in AD AGE in an article  by Marc Brownstein that too many vendors are struggling with clients who are not "paying invoices until your accounting department escalates the situation, and then challenging the invoices."