Grouphigh: End to manually compiling blogger lists and more

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

For about 18 months I had been putting together blogger lists for clients the old-fashioned way: Searching the Internet, clicking on each blog to get a sense of what it was about and if it was worth reaching out to, hunting down the contact information, and summarizing my findings for the client. JG:  Andy, what kinds of services does Grouphigh perform for clients?   That includes identifying the appropriate bloggers who have the reach clients need. 

Would people tell you if you sucked?

Speak Schmeak

Here's a compilation of responses from speakers about how they deal with a negative evaluation. My clients tend to discover that they're doing much better than they thought they were when they see themselves on video.

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The 3 most annoying email habits

SpeakerSue Says...

Here are three aggravating habits that drive your colleagues and clients crazy: 1. Tip: Compile a list of their stupid mistakes and I’ll post them to my Email Wall of Shame: You can do better than this < [link] > And then we tag them. With almost 85% of our business communications virtual, colleagues and clients make quick judgements that are really hard to undo. It isn’t news that common sense isn’t that common. But when it comes to email, it’s the exception.

Email 43

When audience members attack

Speak Schmeak

Hopefully, your audience doesn't actually try to discredit you or prove you wrong, as a client recently mentioned to me, but sometimes a particular question can provoke a feeling of anger or defensiveness.

2008 130

Your Job Search - Do the Robots Have It in For You?

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

That had been compiled when the majority of employees were male.     Full Disclosure: Over-50, I avoid all hiring processes for contract assignments and new client accounts which involve video. 

2019 52

Blog carnival: What do speechwriters want to know from speakers?

The Eloquent Woman

I only emphasize this because Speechwriters I Have Known beg primarily for one thing: "Tell your clients to give us time, early, and well before the speech."

The Business of Government Speechwriting

Joan Detz Speaker Services

Make a commitment right now to improve your speechwriting skills and put your speechwriting resources in order. Study good speeches … read books on public speaking … identify websites that provide reliable reference material … assemble a solid research library … watch C-Span and ask yourself “What worked in that speech, and what didn’t work?” … find a good mentor … compile client information forms for each speaker you serve.

If you don't want the relationship, don't ask for the favor: Part 2

Speak Schmeak

I decided to add a Part 2 to my post If you don't want the relationship, don't ask for the favor after a recent experience where I gave a group of people a compilation of resources that they requested, and not a single person responded, even to let me know they had received it. Public speaking and business are both about building relationships, with your prospects, your clients and your audiences.

2012 136

Would people tell you if you sucked?

Speak Schmeak

Here's a compilation of responses from speakers about how they deal with a negative evaluation. My clients tend to discover that they're doing much better than they thought they were when they see themselves on video. In honor of the new season of American Idol, I bring you the first quote of season 10! I've been singing for years. I think people would tell me if I sucked. " (By the way, he sucked.)

2011 109

The cost of PowerPoint presentations wastes the UK economy even more than I thought

Max Atkinson

The real costs I remember being amazed by the thought that the cost of this alternative approach would be a miniscule fraction of the daily rates the company was charging their clients - and that the gains being missed out on by both parties were potentially immense.

2010 83

An Executive Guide to Management Consulting


Some independent resources have compiled specific rankings, for example, the ranked the top consulting firms in 2019 ordered by consulting revenue. They tend to be less expensive, but, because of their specializations, very good at what they do and usually focus on specific project management consulting for their clients. Educating the client on the process, so that he may perform similar problem-solving methods in the future. Management consulting.

What You Need to Know About Self-Publishing

Great Public Speaking

Each book is printed when you or your client orders it and you only pay for the quantity ordered, whether it is one or 1,000. While compiling and formatting your book takes time , the actual process of uploading your book to createspace is very simple and consists of three basic steps: * Enter information about your book into the createspace software.

If you're a professional speaker, who is your customer?

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

  I once was planning a conference for a client, and booked a speaker -- nameless -- whose talk was all about, let's say, getting along with other people.    I've misplaced the original source of this list, so apologies to the compiler -- and thanks.    If you are the compiler and see this, please send me a link to you and I'll add it in! 

5 ways to stop repeating the same mistakes

Speak Schmeak

She doesn't believe she needs it because she never interacts with clients in person, only over the phone, and her communication is "fine." Here's a great compilation of responses on SpeakerNet News on how to handle negative evaluations.)

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Speaking With Humor: Irony

Speak and Deliver

It says "compiled and Edited by Rich Hopkins" - a typo in the very line identifying me as the editor. I work with my clients on discovering the humor in their speeches everyday, humor they overlook by being too close to their material. Humorous Irony - the juxtaposition of a statement with a reality that contradicts it in an unexpected, occasionally outrageous, manner.

Humor 68

Beachcombing and the rule of three

The Eloquent Woman

With bases in London as well as on the coast, Peter says he and his clients have the best of both worlds , say ing "A lunchtime walk along the Bexhill seafront has cleared the head of many a client – and me." This isn''t surprising when you have two speaker coaches in close proximity--at some point, we''d already discussed how we talk about the rule of three with our training clients and whether we consider it useful.

2013 61

The one most important way to not get rejected on your next cold call

SpeakerSue Says...

If you call someone from a list you compiled from a trade show, but really, people just stopped by the booth because you had awesome give-aways, rather than a need for your product, service or idea, of course, you’re going to get rejected. Make a list of the traits your current best clients have in common. Then, make a list of the traits the client base you’d like to expand to/appeal to might have. (A

Tip bonanza: Top 10 posts & guest posts on The Eloquent Woman 2015

The Eloquent Woman

The commute communicator: Practicing speeches in your car divulges a practice regimen that many of my clients use when trying to memorize a talk. Public speaking pet peeves from frequent speakers and speechwriters compiles sound advice on everything from slides and stories to audience participation no-nos.

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Speaking of Testimonials

Speak and Deliver

This can build a nice visual resume of corporate clients, once you begin to pile them up. Once I had my template together, each one took about 10 minutes, not counting compile and upload time. It's one thing when you spend your life writing marketing copy designed to tell people how brilliant you are as a speaker. It's another when you can get someone else to say it, too!

My media diet

Speak Schmeak

Most of those are blogs about business, marketing, PR and public speaking, but there are a couple of clients' and friends' blogs, a dietician's blog, a couple of grammar blogs and some indie design blogs. It's basically a compilation of tips and resources submitted by speakers.

2008 130

Turning Your Data into Eye-opening Stories


This will help you beat all that competition and become a favorite amongst your clients. Data – a term used to classify the facts and statistics collected together for reference or analysis.

2018 61

Sales Mastery: Are you shooting yourself in the foot?

SpeakerSue Says...

Except I save it for my good friends and clients I know well enough to know they’ll take it the way I mean it. I’m compiling a list and will post soon. Before you read this sales letter, please hope you didn’t send it to me. I have not been kind enough to remove or change anything (though I graciously omitted his contact info and name). Here is what’s wrong with it: 1. Hey Sue. Occasionally, I use Hey Name.

Email Etiquette: Proverbs and Productivity

SpeakerSue Says...

I received an email from a client marked !! I’m compiling the results, Saturday. Proverbs are cool. No matter how cheesy they are, how can you argue with stuff like: What soberness conceals, drunkeness reveals. Every path has its puddle. It is often the last key on the ring which opens the door. So, as a leading authority on email etiquette and productivity ( Power Sales Writing - McGraw Hill; How to Say It To Sell It!

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Speaking Business

In just 21 days from original conception, the book was compiled, designed, and put to press to ensure the event release date.

The Power of Choice

NSA President Mark Sanborn, CSP, CPAE, has compiled 52 different business models that involve public and professional speaking, and there are even more, he notes. Ask five of your top clients to state your value to them in one sentence. Too many speakers (even industry veterans) rely too much on their "gut instinct" based on past experience, advice from NSA buddies and current clients.

NSA 24

13 Lessons (& Tips) Learned Launching an eBook

I’m launching a FreeBook in July(ish) - a compilation of the fiction from The Casual Observer ( [link] ) along with some bonus stories that won’t be on the site. Does it work with a separate email client like Aweber or Constant Contact?

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How to Present While People are Twittering | Pistachio

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