Buddha and Cleveland Clinic Branding

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A man who was studying at a local seminary for the Christian ministry, serving as a chaplain at the Cleveland Clinic and attending Buddhist rituals an hour away did a stunner. Wasn't this chaplain giving the Cleveland Clinic a bad name?

Hello Cleveland!

Can You Hear Me Up the Back?

“Hello Cleveland!&#. Most things you need to know about staging large events can be learned from This Is Spinal Tap. What event producer hasn’t turned up on site to find some equivalent of a 18-inch high Stonehenge set, because someone misread the plans? I had my own Spinal Tap moment the other week.

Speechwriting job in Cleveland

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Many thanks to Cindy Starks (a speechwriting seminar alum) for sharing this job info: The Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland has posted a position for a full-time speechwriter. . The primary contact person is Janna French 216-579-2712 or janna.french@clev.frb.org.

RNC - Will Trouble-Makers Be Only Ones in Cleveland for Media to Cover?

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Few said they plan to attend the convention in Cleveland, let alone speak."  They are certain to be milling outside in downtown Cleveland.   The law firm representing the Trump campaign - Jones Day - will be closing its downtown Cleveland office during the RNC.

RNC, Cleveland, Ohio, July 18-21, 2016 - Branding Opportunity of a Lifetime

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Who doesn't expect "trouble" at the RNC in Cleveland, Ohio, July 18 -21? Politicos have to listen to what the crowds in Cleveland are saying. That's exactly why it will be a major media event.

Sen. Brown Nabs Big Newspaper Endorsement Does it matter?

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Hillbrook Apartments, Austintown, OH - Forced from Renters' Paradise by Dog Feces (large and small)

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216-7666-6000) - on 4645 Richmond Road in Cleveland, OH.    Soon I will drive north toward Lake Erie and check out the apartment complexes about 15 minutes from Cleveland. Plenty of space, including two walk-in closets and a walk-in pantry. Affordable.

Youngstown, OH & Jersey City, NJ - The Tale of Two Cities

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Its location is great: Midway between Pittsburgh and Cleveland. Cleveland is bustling. The Cleveland Clinic is globally famous. Last week, with great fanfare, the media in the Youngstown, Ohio Metro area focused on the day the first major steel mill made the big layoff.

Quick & Dirty Views on the Obama/Romney Debate in Denver

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Interestingly, many of my friends in Cleveland seemed to think his identification of the Cleveland Clinic as an example of strong healthcare to be laughable, on both sides of the aisle, so to speak. Well, that was fun.

The Face of Courage - Connie Culp

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America Shifts from Superheroes to Anti-Heroes

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During the dark days of The Great Depression, two young nerds in Cleveland, Ohio, invented a superhero and depicted his presence in Action Comics. That was Superman, whom most folks living today remember from the television program "Superman."

Public Speaking - Mental Involvement

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Has anyone ever been to Cleveland? A simple question like this zooms an individual audience member's mind to Cleveland if that person has been to Cleveland. If that person has not been to Cleveland, he or she will be tuned in mentally to see what you have to say about Cleveland. One of the best ways to get your message to sink in is to get the audience thinking.

O.J. Simpson - The Return of the Hero

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Here in small town Ohio, the Austintown public library has a special display on books about criminals - international, national and local (Cleveland). In these troubled economic/political/social times the dominant meme is overcoming adversity. Even if we were the ones who caused it. So, O.J.

Famous Speech Friday: Dorothy Fuldheim on Kent State shooting

The Eloquent Woman

For one thing, "Cleveland's First Lady of the Airwaves" finished the piece weeping in front of the camera. She made the transition to reporting and commentary as a way to collect more information for her speeches, and began broadcasting in 1944 on Cleveland radio and in 1947 on television.

Straight from "Criminal Minds" Profile - Steven Stephens

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Stephens is the prime suspect in the murder of an elderly man in Cleveland, Ohio. Those seemingly random acts of murder aren't so random. Weekly and in reruns, members of the fictional elite FBI team on "Criminal Minds" present profiles of serial killers. Often, way back in the childhood of those monsters there were traits signaling their propensity to later murder. Among those traits is abusing animals.

What America Reads…

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18 – The Plain Dealer (Cleveland) 291,630 393,352. I found this post from Brian Solis very interesting – a list of the top media outlets, by circulation, as well as the 25 most popular blogs in America, as compiled by BurrellesLuce. . Marshall McLuhan is famous for stating “the medium is the message&# and with the introduction of a newer medium (online, web) there is constant debate as to its effect on older mediums (print, broadcast).

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RNC - Packing Heat in July

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Currently, firearms are not permitted at the Quicken Conference Center in Cleveland, Ohio. About 20,000 have signed the Change.org petition permitting attendees at the Republican National Convention in mid July to pack heat.

Steve Stephens - Media-Made Star

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Here, about 70 minutes from Cleveland, Ohio, no one has mentioned Stephens. Stephens is supposedly still in the Cleveland metro area. Sure, those going about their lives in Cleveland per se are probably wary. The Drudge Report did what it was supposed to.

Real Estate Industry - Millennials Represent 30% of Buyers & Their Purchases Are in Midwest

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In addition to telecommuting for business, I have easy access to both the Cleveland, OH and the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania markets. Athens, Ohio. That location is the number-one place where older Millennials (24-34) are purchasing houses, reports Ellie Mae.

Toastmasters Friday: The Big Stage

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LeBron James has made it back to the Eastern Conference finals, this time with the Miami Heat, leaving Cleveland and his legion of hometown fans behind. Is it finally LeBron's time?

The power of a voice, hope, and second chances

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Cinderella story Well, thanks to the power of the speed-of-light media today, in a 24-hour span Ted Williams goes from "homeless man" to a job offer to work full time for the NBA's Cleveland Cavilers organization, and gets a house on top of that. If you have even only peeked at the media over the past two days you have surely stumbled upon the Ted Williams story this week.

America's Superheroes - Only Fictional Ones Are Sustainable

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Two kids in Cleveland, Ohio - Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster - created him. The concept of  superhero  began with fictional comic-book character Superman. There are lots more information and insight on that in the 2017 book "Why Comics?

Speaker Launch Toward Success - A Case Study from Maureen Zappala

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A New York City native, Maureen Zappala relocated to Cleveland in 1983, employed by NASA’s Lewis Research Center after graduating from the University of Notre Dame with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

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Ringling Bros & Barnum Baiiley Clown College - When I Planned to Audition

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I did soul searching that overcast snowy winter in Cleveland, Ohio. Well, the instructions on the application indicated that I would have to audition during the days the Greatest Show on Earth was in Cleveland. I The circus was coming to town. College instructor.

White House Lawyers, Jones Day, Clients Such as Sherwin-Williams

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For years, for example, the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania office of Jones Day represented Cleveland, Oho based Sherwin-Williams. In a memo, Jenna Greene of Litigation Daily's Daily Dicta reminds the world that Adolf Hitler's personal attorney was hung at Nuremberg. He was Hans Frank. Then Greene goes on to point to the lawyers and law firms associated with now-U.S. president-Donald Trump. She mentions Jones Day, along with Kasowitz Benson Torres and Morgan, Lewis & Bockius.

Jones Day Represents Make America Great Campaign (that is, The Donald as Politico)

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Jones Day, which started in Cleveland and has a thriving Pittsburgh office, also has major clients in the Rust Belt. "This afternoon, as reported by the Washington Post, the D.C. offices of Jones Day will be hosting a summit of sorts between [Donald] Trump and two-dozen top Republicans.

Gretchen Carlson Isn't Playing - Hired Ripp Media (Ailes should have known better)

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Things could get lots worse in Cleveland at the RNC. It was everywhere. From the establishment The New York Times to offbeat Abovethelaw. Those of us who understand public relations had a hunch that plaintiff Gretchen Carlson had a media firm behind her. And, that she did.

Before You Go See the USA in Your Chevrolet, Gas Up in Eastern Ohio

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Unlike the Cleveland Metro area, the region has totally come back. Yesterday I drove around the Pittsburgh Metro area. And paid dearly for that in gasoline.    I hadn't been back in western Pennsylvania for months.

Small Town America - Circumspect about Going Trump

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It's about 90 minutes from big cities Cleveland and Pittsburgh. Several commentators during the long night of election returns speculated: The Trump victory was such a surprise because so many had been circumspect about their plan to vote for him.

Roger Ailes - Will he be toast

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He is moving into RNC time in Cleveland. Media interest in the Gretchen Carlson lawsuit is growing. That's despite defendant Roger Ailes' contention that it's hogwash, that Carlson is just sore because Fox didn't renew her contract.

Campaign 2016 - Is Fox in position of weakness, following firings of Weinhofer, Carlson + lawsuit against Ailes

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Fox is in the news for the wrong things so near the RNC in Cleveland. Fox isn't having a good week. And timing is everything, of course. It itself has been in the news for axing alleged cocaine user Katie Weinhofer. It claimed she had breached security.

Emerging Meme of Clinton Landslide - History is written by the winners

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That firm is Jones Day, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. The new meme is: Hillary Clinton might not only win but it could be by  a landslide. In Vanity Fair , Tina Nguyen plays with that.

AirBnb Vs. Small Town America

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Had I leased in Austintown, Ohio, when the RNC was held in Cleveland, OH, I could have made out like a bandit. Airbnb is usually associated with large urban areas. There, motivation is high to get a deal on lodging for a short-term stay.

What Is News Are Locations Like Austintown, OH, as New Eden for Tourism

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Cleveland is 90-minutes away. Even non-businesspeople would get it: Irma hurt (a lot) tourism in the Caribbean. Yet, brandname business media such as The Wall Street Journal publish articles on that obvious consequence of Irma.    Not newsworthy, is it.

Donald Trump Rebranded - Rolling out memes of the common good, jobs, end of insider cabal

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They would have no choice but to support him, including at the RNC in Cleveland, Ohio, next month. Again, Donald Trump has turned to his one-trick pony - public speaking - to accomplish campaign objectives. According to the New York Post Editorial Board, it seems to be working. Yet again.

Speechwriters, Bloggers: We do wind up testifying

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  That lawyer and a lawyer from law firm Jones Day flew to New Haven, Connecticut from Cleveland, Ohio for my testimony. Content providers, including us speechwriters or bloggers, are increasingly pulled into the legal system to testify about this or that. 

"Held against our will" - How that happens to ghostwriters/speechwriters

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 The media are still following up on the women "held against their will" in Cleveland, Ohio.  The latest odd-ball story of those "held against their will" concerns four men in Houston, Texas.

Small Town U.S.A. - Can It Be Exit Ramp from Wild-Eyed Careerism

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It's Austintown, Ohio, halfway between Pittsburgh and Cleveland. Today the influential New York Post contends that Donald Trump made Small Town U.S.A. matter again.    In Campaign 2016 he veered off the road most traveled to speak with people in rural areas in the Midwest.

Presentation Skills: Funny Sounds

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Cleveland. Cleveland is funny. Some words are simply funnier than others. Your word choice can be the key to creating a successful witty line or a dud. All professional comedy writers agree on the following fact. The sound of certain words can virtually guarantee a laugh. In particular, the 'K' sound in words is the granddaddy of all funny sounds.

Gossip: That's how to package communications, if you want maximum attention

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  In fact, Bianca Beersma and Gerben VanKleef found that 90% of what people talk about is gossip, passing it on or probing its source, reports CBS CLEVELAND.  Research at the University of Amsterdam confirms that most conversation involves gossip.  In