Cover Letters - Certifications Catch Employers' Eye

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One form of documentation is certifications. That might be certification in Google AdWords or in a software program. Or it could be certification that we have completed a seminar in marketing and sales. The current economy is hands-on.

New Barack Obama Birth Certificate Discovered by TJ Walker

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When Mothers Told Us Baby Boomer Girls To Get Teaching Certificates - No leaning in

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  Even the smartest girls in the advanced placement classes at Snyder High School, Jersey City, New Jersey were mandated by mom to "get teaching certificates."  History will never be kind to relationships between mothers and their Baby Boomer daughters. 

Video Of Barack Obama Being Born In Kenya!

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The Selling Game: A teaching certificate, yeah sure

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Today, the email comes telling me it will provide the training I need to become a teacher Download Teachertraining.    That's in a marketplace in which all teachers are vulnerable to layoffs and new teachers are the last-in, first out. Should this be made illegal, that is, pitching training which is increasingly unmarketable?    If that happens, the lion's share of those operating law schools will be hauled before a judge. 

Presentation Myths

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Yet when I teach the Association for Talent Development''s (ATD) Presentation Skills Certificate program and other presentation courses and workshops, I find myself “busting” a lot of myths about presentation practices.

How to Help Others Move Beyond Bullet Points

Beyond Bullet Points

BBP for Educators and Trainers Helping Others With BBP & BBP Certification VideosIf you’re aiming to help your boss, your team, your students or anyone else to find their clear and compelling story, how can you use BBP to help? During this 1-hour video recorded on May 25th, 2011, you’ll learn: Introduce the idea of BBP to your group. Help them overcome obstacles to using the story template. Learn ways to open up new thinking and creativity. >>>To

This Friday: Live Webinar with Susan Schleef: 3 Questions to Help You Connect with Your Audience

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Join us at noon Eastern this Friday, May 25, 2012 as BBP Certification Student Susan Schleef will present a 1-hour webinar as part of the completion of her BBP certification program. What 3 questions should you ask to connect with your audience, and why are they important? During this webinar you’ll learn: - How technology and social changes have created a stronger desire for connection. - 3 specific changes you can make to your language to increase connection. -

Anatomy of a Speaker's Introduction: Part I

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We'll spend hours, days, weeks, even a lifetime writing and perfecting our speech, and yet, before we ever get up to present, someone else holds a major key to our success or failure. That someone else is our Introducer. That major key is our Introduction.

Training vs. experience

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Once everyone had spoken and judging ballots turned in for tallying, the students were introduced, given certificates of participation and small scholarship checks. Last week I was a judge in a student speech contest.

2011 71

2011 Annoying PowerPoint Survey results have been released!

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And don't forget: Through the month of October, I'm offering the first six people who book a service with me a $60 gift card or certificate to one of six of my favorite businesses ! The results of Dave Paradi's Annoying PowerPoint Survey for 2011 have been released!

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6 great gifts to encourage your favorite speaker

The Eloquent Woman

Why not a gift certificate that lets her upgrade a free Prezi account to one of the paid versions for more functionality in zooming slide presentations.a

Interview – Cynthia Klein: Speaker, Educator, Author

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

in Psychology from Berkeley and a Training and Human Resources Certificate from U.C. Santa Cruz along with certificates from four parent education institutions. Since 1994, Cynthia Klein has been guiding parents to creating happy and healthy families. As a speaker to over three hundred groups, Cynthia has given parents the tools and confidence to improve their family dynamics.

Interview: Rachna Srivastava – Geek Woman Speaker

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Her educational background includes a Masters in Business Administration in Finance (MBA), Masters in Science in Statistics (MS) and Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. Rachna Srivastava is a passionate speaker. Her goal is to inspire and empower girls, women and other underrepresented groups in science, technology, engineering and math. Her vision is of a global program that nurtures and encourages technical and mathematical skills in women and other minority groups.

Famous Speech Friday: Meryl Streep's Golden Globes speech

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Where are their birth certificates?

Side Hustles - 4 Hacks

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Certification is fine, though. A job is no longer enough. Not to make ends meet. That is particularly the situation for Millennials with student loan debt. A new survey by Jobvite found that a fourth of us now have side hustles. The typical ones include: Freelance work. Babysitting.

8 gifts to encourage your favorite public speaker

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Let's face it: Public speakers, for the most part, need encouragement. It takes a lot to get up and do those work presentations and keynote speeches. So why not encourage your favorite speaker, speechwriter or presenter with something that will advance her presentations and public speaking?

the one skill to develop

The Presenter's Blog

Maybe more school or certifications. Reblogged from fool with a plan: Want a leg up professionally? Need a career boost? Become a better public speaker. I can hear the collective response: Ohhh, ugh, groan. Not public speaking. That’s lame. Give me career advice I can use.

The Need for Literacy in Both the Sciences and the Arts

Presentation Zen

According to The American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence: "Mae Jemison, with her perseverance and commitment to science, serves as a great role model for future scientists everywhere."

2014 24

Miracle on South Raccoon Road

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On my way home from the party I will purchase a gift certificate at Panera. The window of opportunity was closing. I had about 45 minutes left before the snow on my car and around my car would freeze.

Shark-Bait - In Addition to the Trump Administration, 6 Other Targets

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What more of online education providers offer is certification. On job applications, currently there are slots for listing those certifications. Where there is blood in the water, that's the signal for the sharks to head that way.

Getting Hired to Speak: What's Their Why?

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You're a Toastmaster/NSA Member/CAPS Member/Certified Awesomely Cool & Nifty Speaker with a Certificate You Paid Thousands of Dollars For. The self-help industry often focuses on the question "What's Your Why?" , as in why do you want to succeed?

Toastmasters Friday: Are the Contests Fair?

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This year, Toastmasters has ramped up their Judges Training, even offering online certification.

New research questions the benefits of custom animation in PowerPoint

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A simple entry of a circle around the words “view certificate&#. A zoom entry of the Certificate dialog box. I thought that simple, non-distracting animations that brought in slide elements one at a time as I verbally introduced them was helpful.

Gifts Not to Send to Clients

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  Essentially, I have developed this list of what not to send: Barnes & Noble gift certificate to the vice president of marketing. Sephora gift certificate. The strengthening economy could get even better in 2018.

Sixth anniversary gifts for you!

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To celebrate, I'm offering one $60 gift certificate (from six of my favorite online and local businesses) to each of the first six people who sign up for any of my services in October, including individual public speaking coaching, live or video presentation review, and PowerPoint design.

Office Holiday Party - Less Booze Because of Weinstein Effect

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Most workers, if given a choice of a party or gift certificate, would skip the party. Harvey Weinstein is the grinch destroying supposed joy at office holiday parties. 

Interview: Janet Chahrour – The Yoga of Relationship

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Janet holds coaching certifications from the Coaches Training Institute, the Center for Right Relationship, and the Hendricks Institute. Janet Chahrour (Sha-roor) is a life-change artist with a passion for matters of relationship. Her most popular presentations are The 7 Questions to Ask Yourself about Your Romantic Relationship and The Yoga of Relationship. Her website offers a menu of her best articles and favorite books as well as a [.]

Alleged Dark Side of Au Pair Program - Litigation Certified as Class Action

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The 15 defendants have until February 16th to appeal the class certification. Ranging from The Professional Class in Manhattan to liberal professors, au pairs are hired to provide live-in child care. Many come from far-away in foreign lands on the J-1 cultural visa.

Get Certified in BBP in Only 3 Days this November 11, 12 & 13th

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11 and 12 in Los Angeles, you’re invited to attend a third day of basic certification training on Nov. When you’re done, we’ll issue you a certificate indicating that you’ve completed the basic certification program. If you’ve been interested in getting certified in Beyond Bullet Points, here’s your chance to get a jump start and get trained in an accelerated format. If you attend both the BBP 101 and BBP Advanced courses on Nov.

When Passion, Power and Perseverance Combine – You Get Melinda Gates

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Tracking the philanthropic activities of Melinda Gates is like watching an army of ants build their colony. Yet she is not just the queen; she is also a worker, taking on the roles needed to build the vision, implement the plan and change the world.

Lowering State Bar Passage Score - The Consumer Issue

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

There certainly would be an outcry if the score had been lowered in other kinds of certification or licensing examinations for practicing in a certain profession. The Oregon State Supreme Court has lowered the state bar passage score. It had been 284. In the future, it will be 276.

Interview with Andy Zimmerman, VP for

PowerPoint Tips

myBrainshark Pro Trainer also makes it easy to create SCORM-compliant courses that integrate with your LMS, issue certificates of completion for students, and more. I’ve started to use recently. myBrainshark is a free presentation-sharing site.

Family Dollar - Way It's Trying to Turn Customers into Loss-Prevention Posse

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Family Dollar might have more cooperation from customers in apprehending potential shoplifters if they offered incentives such as a $10 gift certificate. One out of 11 people will take the five-finger discount, documents the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention.

IBM's Decision to Yank Remote Workers Back to Brick & Mortar - Not Very LEED-Certified

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The LEED credits for certification have a category which rewards developers and property owners for community planning which facilitates less traffic. The movement is toward more and more remote work.

Toastmasters Friday: I Won My Contest, Now What?

Speak and Deliver

Even if you've won the World Championship, you're not done - in fact, whether you've brought home the Toastmasters Holy Grail or a simple first place certificate from your club - you have some work left to do. Hey - way to GO!

Speak & Deliver Day of Reckoning, 2013

Speak and Deliver

Success as an Area Governor, a fun High Performance Leadership project (which I will write about in January) and soon, I will get my DTM certification (goes in the mail tomorrow). Last year, I tried a new method to list my goals here in Speak & Deliver.

Taxes: Pays to have bad year

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  Last year, Scott was featured as one of the 50-Over-50 who make it their business to keep earning a great living, no matter the date on their birth certificate, what the external economy  is doing, or what industry they're in. 

Toastmasters Monday: Should We Vote For Best Anything?

Speak and Deliver

We evaluate in so many ways in our organization - certificates, ribbons, and trophies are just one method of recognition. From Santa Cruz TM's Website - Awarding the Best Speaker Ribbon.

1995 12

Flowchart To Oblivion

Thoughts On Presenting And Design

Today, I asked someone to request the help desk start the certification process for a KVM (Keyboard-Video-Mouse) switch. The request was rejected because it lacked a Section 508 (accessibility requirements for those with disabilities) certification from the vendor.