Analysis of a speech by Apollo Robbins

Manner of Speaking

First, he does a great callback to the beginning by asking his audience what he was wearing. This is a tremendously fun speech to watch. If you have not heard of Apollo Robbins, you will enjoy his 8-minute TED Talk. Robbins is a professional pickpocket and one of the best in the world.

Analysis of a Speech by Mark Bezos

Manner of Speaking

Wearing non-traditional clothing for a speech is a risky proposition. He ends with a call to action and also a clever callback to his story about getting the woman her shoes: “So get in the game. I recently came across this TED Talk by Mark Bezos, the Senior Vice-President of Development, Communications and Events at Robin Hood , a leading poverty-fighting charity in New York City.


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Speeches from Film: Up in the Air

Manner of Speaking

Then you start adding the larger stuff: clothes; tabletop appliances; lamps; linens; your TV. Humour and a callback to the previous backpack that he did set on fire. A callback to when he asked us to put on the first backpack and feel the straps. Up in the Air is a great film. Essentially, it is about our commitment in life: at work; in our families; in a relationship.

2011 211

Observational Humor — Case Study #158

Humor Power

A callback to something said earlier. And parallel construction which might suggest that one change of clothes mandates another, made the punchline even stronger.). A callback with a switch which implied that I’ve been working on a book for a long time. It has been awhile since I published an Observational Humor monologue. Here’s one I presented at the Las Vegas NSA chapter meeting in October 2017. THE SET-UP.

2017 40