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Cultural Email Differences – Do they exist? 4 Considerations….

SpeakerSue Says...

Immediately calling someone by their first name, in the USA, is almost expected. Take the time to type Hi, Hello, Good morning. Wasting another’s time is disrespectful. Take the time to organize your thoughts before you write so that you can make it easy for the other person to follow you. Courtesy. Absolutely.

Audience Interaction is Easier Than You Think - Part III Q&A

Speak and Deliver

Time the Q&A to take place earlier in the speech, allowing you 5 minutes or so to wrap up. Call Time-Out. Don't Do It!

The all-in-one on ums, and how public speakers can fix them for real

The Eloquent Woman

Denise Jacobs (@denisejacobs) February 27, 2013 First off, know that ums, uhs, ahs, and all other speech disfluencies, as they're called, are normal.

How to follow up lost sales

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Don’t offer to lower your prices during this phone call! You worked hard to win the business but you didn’t. Now what?

George Osborne + Chris Grayling = Geoffrey Howe

Max Atkinson

And we’ll make sure for those of you- those parts of the country with traditional producers that we protect local traditional products But we'll call time on the drinks that fuel antisocial behaviour. (1 GRAYLING: So let me set out for you in more detail our plan to introduce big increases in the tax on super strength alcohol.

The Power of Personality!

The Shy Speaker's Guide to Succes on Stage

You see, I’m not a big fan of television (amazing, considering how we used to be inseparable when I was younger), but as fate would have it, I switched it on today just in time to catch the latest episode of American Idol on tv! Home About Gary Testimonials FREE MATERIALS! link] 4 months ago Top Posts Effective Emcee-ing! Great! Why? -