“Single-Task” Your Way to Presentation Success

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If eye contact is the chosen skill, you set up the room by putting sticky notes on various chairs around the room or by putting a few stuffed animals in the chairs so you can make eye contact with actual “eyes.”

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PowerPoint Lessons at 30,000 Feet

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There were the usual offenders: Lines of text in 8-point font, lots of dense graphs, mixed up font styles and sizes, no color scheme to speak of, and no images, photos or video. Then I did a short lesson of the best practices of PowerPoint design and development.

What is the Word?

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First, nothing is better to prevent this behavior than planning and practice. I recommend developing a glossary of words that would like to use and practicing them ahead of time. Work your content line by line until you become comfortable and the words roll off your tongue like an impassioned preacher on Sunday morning. . The more you trust your content and practice your delivery, the more credible you’ll be, no matter what words you choose to use.

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BizTech Day 2009

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I’ll be offering our signature Line by Line video coaching in short bursts for anyone who signs up. Tags: Examples of Powerful Speakers 2009 BizTech breakout Conference consultation Day line by line marketing money small business social media Strategy Are you a pubic speaker and entrepreneur with a great message, but not sure how to reach more customers?

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A Public Speaking Lesson from NASCAR

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I asked three volunteers to prepare short talks ahead of time so they and the group could have a “before” and “after” experience of our Line by Line Coaching™ process. . Practice Makes Permanent While developing your close is crucial, practicing it is even more important.

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When Murphy Pays A Visit

Thoughts On Presenting And Design

The first incident was during Pasco’s demo of their Spark application, presented by Wayne Grant. The second incident was a demo of Midi Mobilizer by Line 6 and Planet Waves and was presented by Marcus Ryle. How have you successfully handled an interruption by Murphy?

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Raffle: Win a FREE SEAT in our Encore! Elegant Skills for Powerful Presentations Program!

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The winner will have the opportunity to experience the DeFinis Communications powerful brand of presentations skills training complete with dynamic media, unique learning models, extensive practice exercises, video feedback and our signature Line by Line Coaching™ process. . The winner will be notified by 5PM EDT Friday, September 25, 2009. . I just got an email from our contest winner and because of a work emergency she is unable to attend our Encore!

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