Step-By-Step Guide to Creating a Viable Go to Market Strategy


What are the common buyer’s behaviors at different stages of their decision process? How does your ideal buyer look – age, demographics, income, shopping preferences? You will need to develop a clear understanding of your target audience and individual buyers. Without this, you will fail to create an actionable, and ROI-driven marketing strategy and engage with your prospects. Distribution. What will be your channels for distributing your products?

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How to Carry Out a Feasibility Study and Get Better at Business Decision Making


Economic feasibility (also referred to as market feasibility): a detailed investigation into the current market landscape, future market potential, sales projections, competition and target buyers. Clearly negative ROI post-implementation. Desirability: Targeted customer segments, current customer relationships (can be assessed using the VoC data ), main marketing/distribution channels. It’s a well-known fact that projects fail more often than they succeed.

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How to Develop an Effective Lead Generation Strategy


Clearly, those three distinctive groups of buyers will need different “treatment”. You will want to pursue only a specific group of prospects that match your buyers’ personas. Creating and distributing relevant content is the first pillar of organically capturing early stage leads and moving them further down the sales funnel. 71% of B2B buyers in the awareness stage and 77% in the evaluation name case studies and testimonials as the most influential types of content.

So, what’s a great website really look like?

Speaker Launcher

If you are a musician or entertainer, you might have a challenge putting ROI (return on investment) to your work. OUTCOME: The website speaks to the outcome for the buyer – rather than focusing on you! For most of you, speaking is just one way of distributing your knowledge. After launching The Best Speaking-Expert Website Contest last week, I was thrilled with the response – more than 65 entries and counting!