Real Estate Industry - Millennials Represent 30% of Buyers & Their Purchases Are in Midwest

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Athens, Ohio. That location is the number-one place where older Millennials (24-34) are purchasing houses, reports Ellie Mae. The other top 9 are also based in the midwest. Along with OH, the Dakotas have become popular. The real estate industry better pay attention.

How to sell in a “buyer’s market”

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There’s a lot of talk these days about this being a “buyer’s market” with sellers constantly being reminded they’ll be expected to provide additional “concessions” to win the business. Most buyers just want to feel certain they got a great deal, and the best value. Whether it’s a buyers or sellers market, when you know you have a great product or service and convey that confidence to your buyers, you can change your world.

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When the Audience Isn't the Most Important Factor

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If you don't please the buyer, what the audience thinks doesn't matter. Your buyer's agenda beats the audience's need, and you need to keep in mind 'who's boss'. But if you aren't speaking the language of your buyer, you may quickly find yourself without buyers altogether.

Writers - Trapped in Buyers' Market, Pivoting to Sellers' Influencer Market

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The world of leadership communications has split in two. There are those with full-time jobs with benefits. They work very hard to earn their money. But that compensation tends to be more-than-enough. If not, shame of you. Find another job.

3 Reasons Sales People Have NEVER Been More Important – Indispensable Really!

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Excellent sales people collaborate with their buyers to create customized solutions that ensure the buyer’s success. “Diagnose the pain” is so insulting implying that the buyer needs a sales person to uncover what is really important to him. They ask questions based on their insights because they manage the situation that the buyer is in day in and day out for other buyers. A long time ago in a galaxy far away…. sales people held all the power.

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How to best convert YouTube video viewers into buyers | Media Training

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5 Presentation Skills Every Entrepreneur Needs


Being an entrepreneur is not just about being your own boss; it’s about believing in your product or service to the extent that you are able to convince buyers you have the right solution for them.

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How (and Why) to Tell Killer Sales Stories

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In contrast, Mike’s use of a personal, emotional story with the potential buyers at the center helped them better understand why they needed the product. DeFranco went on to explain that sales conversations are actually a back-and-forth interaction between the rep and one or more buyers.

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Your audience has simple requests: Can you fulfill them?

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You show up at one of the stores unannounced, track down the buyer and say, "So when are you going to buy my cookies?" The buyer responds, "Have you sent me samples?" His audience (the buyer, and by extension, the potential customer) said, "Make an appointment."

3 ways to replace the losing “I’ll call you Thursday at 4p” approach

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Today’s buyer doesn’t want to be pushed into anything; she wants to collaborate on the best options to bring the greatest amount of success into her world. When the seller is the initiator of this next step , it’s smarter and kinder to collaborate with the buyer, while ensuring a next step will occur. If the buyer asks you to call, you get to be as proactive as you’d like.

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Dump the Mystery Shop to Build More Sales

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Yes, of course, it can save the buyer time if you disqualify them but is that really what you want to do? What buyers need, and sales professionals want, is show authentic care. – build trust and enable the best options for the buyer.

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The Sales Myth: Delighting Customers Converts Leads

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What affluent buyers want today isn’t an extraordinary buying process but a dependable one. Are you focused on short term transaction or long-term loyalty, turning buyers into advocates? If you sell luxury products, it’s likely that you want to delight your customers.

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Serve without being asked

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and turned to the passing wine buyer to ask, "Am I right?" The wine buyer stopped, agreeing with the first opinion. But hey, I''m not a buyer.)

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How to Get Your Top Prospects on the Phone

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Send me the access details for this Friday's 29-minute sales training (October 28, at 1pm Eastern) with Jill Konrath so I can learn how to cut through the crowd and connect with today's crazy-busy buyers.

The Eloquent Woman's weekly speaker toolkit

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Either way, you'll be expanding your understanding of women and speaking: Presentation barriers, indeed: "I was in a meeting where all the buyers were presenting the season to the head of the division and the VP who oversaw the division. All the buyers were women and the heads were men.

Sound bytes: Turn Your Website into a Revenue-Generating Stream

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There are proven ways to get more traffic and then convert that traffic into buyers. Many, many people say they make money—good money—from their website. But yours has few visitors or low conversions to paying customers. How do those folks get people to 1) come to their site, and 2) buy from them?

Sound bytes: Turn Your Website into a Revenue-Generating Stream

Pivotal Public Speaking

There are proven ways to get more traffic and then convert that traffic into buyers. Many, many people say they make money—good money—from their website. But yours has few visitors or low conversions to paying customers. How do those folks get people to 1) come to their site, and 2) buy from them?

Can audience introductions work?

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The topic was connecting regional food buyers with sellers, and the speaker was unveiling and demoing a site that will facilitate this process. Here's an example of something that shouldn't have worked in an hour-long presentation, but it did.

Emotional authenticity: The Key to Greater Sales Success

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The better you can communicate your authentic desire to help your buyer feel (emotionally) safe and smart working with you, the better you can help them envision their authentic and emotionally satisfying outcome, the more you will sell. The insights we bring to our buyers and the emotionally satisfying – genuine through and through (caring more about their success than even making the sale!) – make more of a difference today than a bell or whistle or three.

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It’s time for some good news about your speaking business — opportunities abound in 2012

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You’ll also discover: The top 10 buyers (categories) in the meetings industry.

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Is the elevator pitch dead?

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Here are a few of the comments: "I think being able to articulate what you do so precisely that you can do it in 30 seconds and potentially convert prospects into buyers or associates into referral partners with just a few sentences is an art form that should be praised, not considered dead."

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5 Ways to help your prospects buy from you

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The easiest way to avoid being a jackal (or jack#%^) is to stop selling and start helping the buyer buy. You’ll hear 25% more when you do and you’ll also be able to elevate the conversation for the buyer. The American jackal, better known as a coyote, has survived for 1.8

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Make the product unique, not the packaging

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My hubby, a marketing manager and buyer for a specialty foods store, was visited by a vendor with a new product, a product that is similar to other products in its category, except for one thing: the size of the packaging, which is a good 1-2 inches taller than the other packaging in the category.

Is the presentation dead?

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Blogs, wikis, discussion groups, and buyer reviews have accustomed people to create their own content and rely on the user-created content of others. An article in Training magazine , “ Dawn of the Social Cyborg ,” by Joe Campbell and William Finegan, struck a chord with me.

What is your email style? Take this quick quiz…

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Instead, take control of the next step, eliminate the fake rapport and focus on making the next step easy and effortless for your buyer. For most of us our “ second self” is the way people interact with us, know us and buy from us.

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Do you present with printed slides? What if your slides were the size of your paper?

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Retail store sales presentation: These are often printed and handed to the store buyer. I’ve often been surprised at how many people create PowerPoint slides to print.

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Focus on Your Pitch Not Your Product

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It’s all about the pitch; the way you present your ideas about your product determines how safe and smart your buyer feels about taking a chance with your product. Pitch. The word seems like it’s from a different era; we don’t “pitch” people, some say.

Personalize Your Proposal … or Die!

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It’s caring enough about their success to take the time to consider which parts of that proposal are important to that buyer, which words matter to them and how you can help them envision their success. Okay… so the heading may be a bit extreme. Or, maybe not.

Sell more at a better rate: Do this NOW in your next email!

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Make it easy for your buyer to do what you want. Focus on your buyer, your buyer’s needs, your buyer’s everything. Can you find the errors in selling and judgement made by this salesperson? Can you figure out why this is a loser’s email and what must be done to sell better? Here’s the backstory: The customer is interested in the hotel for an upcoming meeting. She emails the salesperson with a few questions.

Geetesh Bajaj of publishes new e-book on PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts

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Geetesh has set this e-book up with a buyer-set price. Ever want to work faster in PowerPoint? Of course you do! Geetesh’s new 44-page e-book, PowerPoint Keyboard Shortcuts , is the most complete collection of shortcuts I’ve seen for PowerPoint 2003, 2007, and 2010.

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Communication and Ethics

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This was clearly an act of deception—the intention of the brewer was to fool the buyer—but this goes unrecognized and unidentified because the way in which communication works is misunderstood. Here is an interesting case that would work well in any communication class dealing with ethics.

Are you Scaring Your Prospects at Trade Shows and in Email?

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” No, thank you, I’m not really a buyer , I would try to say. And they would decide that based on my speaker ribbon, I wasn’t likely a buyer. No one frightens qualified prospects and interested people away knowingly. But what you may not know is….

HEALED! How Does It Look, Walk, Talk?

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Of course, there are few buyers. "Healing" has become the dominant meme in America. That's no surprise. On a national and personal level too many of us have been through so much.

Presentation Skills - Using Humor In Sales

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Most buyers of any substance have been around the business block a few times. They know that good buyer/seller relationships experience unforeseen problems all the time. Humor is great for helping you overcome problems that arise during a sales presentation.

Using reciprocity to persuade without manipulating – “Do the right thing”

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Give value – that is value to the audience or your client or potential buyer, something that is exclusively for that person or group of people. You are “doing the right thing” but also empowering your client/audience/buyer.

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Are You Scared to Sell Yourself?

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In contrast the relationship marketing approach focuses on the potential buyer. Each and every one of us has an unique story or approach and you should weave that into your brand so you can resonate with your potential buyers. What is your response when a person asks, “What do you do?”

One thing you Must do to Improve Sales

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Are you losing sales because the buyer feels that if this is representative of the hotel, they don’t want to be there? It is so easy to improve sales and it has nothing to do with the officially designated sales team. It has to do with the receptionist, reservationist, greeter.

How Speakers, Authors and Thought Leaders Can Capture More Leads, Make More Connections and Close More Sales

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As an expert and author, I have a system for boosting sales of my book or program and adding every buyer to my follow-up list and community. finding rapport with your buyers.

Public Speaking - Getting The Sale

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One of the ways professional speakers gain business is to do no fee demo talks in front of potential buyers. Humor can help you get the sales presentation in the first place. It will also help you stay upbeat in the face of rejection, overcome inevitable problems that arise during a presentation, break down sales resistance, and create loyal customers who will buy again. Let me tell you how humor has greatly helped me.

"Mad Men" Era Ending - Don Draper Would Need Tons of Followers on Instagram, YouTube

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And BigAdvertising, including WPP, has to change the way it connects with both ad buyers, such as P&G, and consumers, such as me.  The stock price of WPP , which is part of BigAdvertising, declined about 12%.