Presentation Tip: Powerful Closings

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Durante knew how to keep the audience's attention until the last moment and end his presentation memorably. We, as business presenters, need to learn to do the same. So that means: No trailing off at the end of your presentation: "Well, I guess that's about it.".

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Presentation Tip: Actively Listen to Your Audience

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When you see a list of skills a presenter should cultivate, listening isn't usually one that's near the top. For presenters, there is more focus on the mouth than the ears. The savvy presenter knows that practicing active listening skills is a powerful way to engage an audience.

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Presentation Tip: Say It Again, With Feeling

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My tour presentation, alas, is not ever-changing. How do you keep a presentation fresh when you deliver it over and over and over? staying totally present and connected to the audience. Mix things up to force your brain to stay present. I am a volunteer docent at the U.S.

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Tips from the Acting Stage, Episode #4

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I watched the production from two perspectives: a regular theatre-goer, immersed in the story and music and a presentation trainer, observing the actors' techniques. A Little Night Music offered some additional lessons we can apply on the business stage.

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Presentation Tip: The Difficult Speech

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The next time you have to deliver a difficult speech, your audience will be grateful that you cared enough to put these tips into practice. . Every so often we are called upon to make a difficult know the kind I mean.

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Presentation Tip: The Power of Lists

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But what value do lists have in presentations? Using a list format as a component in your presentation can produce a variety of benefits for both you and your audience. Lists: provide a template, helping to keep the presenter organized and on track.

Presentation Tip: How To Tell A Story

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Everyone has heard the advice about incorporating stories into a presentation to make your message more " sticky " and easier to understand. These same elements are what you have to work with in your business stories. . The story you create should underscore and amplify the business message you're communicating. Including a story that seems to have no relevance to the content and message of your presentation is just confusing for the audience. DELIVERY TECHNIQUES.

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When I teach presentation skills classes, I frequently get asked the question, "Should I use notes in my presentation?" [ Said in a tone of voice that assumes the correct answer is no ]. For some misguided reason, people seem to think that if they are delivering a presentation or a speech, they need to be able to do it completely from memory, sans notes. That depends on the kind of presentation, your own personal style, and to a lesser extent, the physical venue.

2009 112

10 Tips for Moderating a Panel

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Here are 10 tips that will help moderators ensure that their audience stays engaged with the dialogue and their panelists stay on track. A couple of weeks before the panel presentation, the moderator should meet with the panelists (conference call is fine, although face-to-face is better, if feasible), review the objectives of the presentation, the general framework and share an overview of the questions and tips for being a successful panelist.

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Tips From the Acting Stage, Episode #3

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And if you could figure it out, wouldn't you want to duplicate that engagement the next time you're on the business stage? What does that have to do with a business person standing in front of a business audience, armed with bushels of PowerPoint slides? I am certainly not advocating that, as business presenters, you memorize a script, word for word. A business presentation benefits from a story line as well. Tips From the Acting Stage, Episode #1.

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Presentation Tip: Get a Voice Coach

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As presenters we need to consider more than just making sound. Yet many presenters exhibit a range of vocal problems which make them hard to listen to and diminish their impact on the audience. there's a simple secret to maximizing your impact on others in public speaking.and that means aligning your presentation content with your intentions and both with the sound of your voice.". "A voice is a human gift; it should be cherished." Margaret Atwood.

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7 business speaking tips from the Inaugural Address

The Presenter's Blog

By analysing speeches we gain access to the speech-writing knowledge and techniques of the people who wrote them, and of the leaders who delivered them. Business Use : First make sure you have a strong key message. Business Use: What is the key message of your next presentation?

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Presentation Lessons from a Cooking Demonstration

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What do a cooking demonstration and a business presentation have in common? Too often in business presentations we rush into the presentation space at the last minute and then fiddle with AV equipment and handouts while the audience is in the room.

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In Presentations, Less is More

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In this age of information overload, any time you can streamline the message you present, your audience will be thrilled. But most presentations include way too much detail.

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Six Ways To Manage Audience Expectations

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Before the presentation, provide an accurate summary of your topic for any source [agenda, program, etc.] During the presentation, state clearly what you will cover. Adopt a technique from the training world.the parking lot.

Five architect’s jewels for your next presentation

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Dramatic business presentations don’t require drama. One of them comprises, to be sure, some impressive post-production work on the video itself, but the second is a good basic use of some concealed jewels of presentation technique. Manku uses five of these techniques.

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Presentation Tip: President Obama and How to be Credible

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Participants in my presentation skills workshops typically cite concerns about not being credible to the audience as one of the key contributors to their presentation nervousness and anxiety. In presentations , we can define credible to mean that your audience will trust you are providing relevant information and you deserve to be listened to because you have sufficient knowledge of the subject matter.

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Presentations Sitting Down

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Sitting down is not so fine when you're giving a presentation. There is a good reason why most business presenters deliver their presentations standing up -- they're more visible, have more flexibility to move and command more authority.

2010 190

SP Tip # 79: Distance yourself from a bad idea.

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Here is a subtle technique that can help you. When presenting, you can use this to your advantage by placing bad ideas, the status quo or the past on your right side. Distance Yourself From a Bad Idea There might be times when you want to persuade your audience to change.

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Group Presentations

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In a group presentation, several presenters need to collaborate and coordinate so they offer a seamless end result to the audience. Here are some tips to help make group presentations effective. Also ensure that each presenter has approximately the same number of slides.

2010 183

Using Props in Presentations

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And while I'd be the first to suggest that a good presentation does have an element of magic, props in a business presentation serve a much more worldly purpose: to aid the audience's understanding and involvement. Props, however, won't mask a weak presentation.

2010 181

Presentation Lessons from the Tonys

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Award shows are filled with presentation lessons thanks to the quantity of presenters and variety of styles. THE PRESENTERS. However, even within those parameters, certain presenters excelled. Lessons for the Business Presenter.

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Humor in a Presentation - Obama Style

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I always caution my clients about using humor in their presentations. If, however, you are naturally funny or lucky enough to have someone writing clever, humorous lines for you, and you do decide to include humor in your presentations, here are some tips to maximize the effect.

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C-Level Presentation Tip #7: Anticipate Tough Questions

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Executive level presentations can strike fear into the hearts of even the most courageous business presenters. This series of tips will help you make a few tweaks to your. presentation practices so you can navigate successfully in the C-Suite.

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Strengthen Your Presentation with Word Pictures

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As presenters, we should always be searching for ways to make our presentations more memorable, more impactful, more sticky. For your next presentation, think about the key points you want your audience to remember.

2010 151

Are We There Yet? Getting to the Point in Your Presentations

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Even at the best of times, when the presenter does most things right, it's an on-going challenge to keep the audience engaged. At the worst of times, when the speaker can't seem to get to the point of the presentation, the audience's attention evaporates rapidly.

2010 170

5 Ways To Integrate Twitter Into Your Presentations

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In a previous post, I explored common concerns about Twitter usage in presentations and concluded that Twitter offers many benefits in terms of audience involvement and engagement. However, seeing the benefits of using Twitter and being able to incorporate it effectively into your presentation are two very different things. So let's take a look at some best practices for integrating Twitter into a live presentation. Set up a hashtag for the presentation.

Presentations: 5 Boring Behaviors and How to Fix Them

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I'm pretty sure that no one sets out to give a boring presentation. Yet why do so many presentations end up that way?

2010 160

Distill Your Message for a More Impactful Presentation

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It is a word and activity presenters should learn to embrace. Most presentations sound as though their creators never heard of the word "distill". most speakers present content that falls between a first draft and no preparation at all." Distill. It has such a nice sound.

2010 148

Presentations: What To Wear

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If asked, most of us would say we want to look our best when we are at the front of a room, presenting to a group of people. However, in the flurry of pulling content together, finishing slides and producing handouts, we don't always give enough thought to the role our clothes play in our presentation. Now I'm not advocating buying a new outfit every time you give a presentation (although.if If you have pockets in whatever you're wearing, empty them before the presentation.

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Presesntation Tip #53: Passion

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Passion Add passion to your presentation to be more effective. Passion can help energize you to prepare and deliver your presentation - especially if you need to deliver your message repeatedly or to challenging audiences. We'll examine the connecting factors in the next tip.) A client asked me to help her convey more passion in her business presentations. But she was not comfortable conveying that passion in her presentations.

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Speaking with a Teleprompter

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Since that time, scores of political figures and business people have used teleprompters to deliver speeches. Here are some tips which will make you less stilted when using a teleprompter. Tags: Executive Presentations Presentation Tips and Techniques Barack Obama Bill Clinton business presentations Ronald Reagan teleprompter Teleprompters are a relatively recent addition to the field of oratory.

Presentation Barriers: Audience Attitudes

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In the last two posts, I have looked at presentation barriers that are real, physical objects and ones that are in the speaker's mind. To end this series, I want to look at how audience attitudes can also create presentation barriers for the speaker. The proper preparation for any presentation is analyzing our audience -- their existing knowledge of the topic, how they feel about it and what they need to know to make the information relevant to them.


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When we're preparing for a presentation, we don't often turn to Miss Manners for advice. We all know not to be late for a presentation. It is not unusual for speakers to go past their allotted time, or worse, only be half way through their presentation when time is up.

2009 130

Never Read a Speech.Badly

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Embrace the following tips to make your speech reading so skilled that it's almost transparent to your audience. Your content should be structured so that it is super relevant to the audience since you won't likely be comfortable ad libing explanations or examples during the presentation. For more excellent tips on how to sound natural when you read a speech, please check out Heather Stubbs' blog post at Tips on Talking.

2010 117

Presentation Tip: Don't Memorize

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Memorization doesn't work so well for presentations. Yet far too many times, presenters -- novice and experienced alike -- resort to memorizing their material. Ironically, of all the preparation techniques for a presentation, memorization is the riskiest.

2010 220

What Can Your Audience Absorb?

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When we prepare a presentation, in our enthusiasm for and expertise in our topic, we often disregard our audience's capacity to absorb information. Certainly the sheer volume of information included in a presentation has a big impact. As you prepare your presentation, ask yourself, "What is my critical message?" What is the one thing I want people to remember once they leave the presentation?" 3 KEY TECHNIQUES TO HELP AUDIENCES ABSORB.

How To Create a Long Shadow effect for PowerPoint Icons


Presenters, Marketers, Bloggers and Content writers are creating visually appealing content decorated with modern shapes based under this principles to engage their audience. This professional design technique will not work for shapes created by images.

2015 75

Power Presentations Tip 54: How to Open Your Speech

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Do not start your presentation with these tired phrases: Thank you for inviting me here to speak I don't know why I have been asked I haven't really prepared anything Today I'm going to talk about A funny thing happened on the way Those openings are boring at best and possibly annoying.

Presentation Tip: Reaching Hearts

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In most business presentations, the focus is on data, logic and proof. And while these elements are definitely important, the savvy presenter knows that reaching the hearts of the audience will be a more effective way to create buy-in and action.

2010 187

Presentation Skills for Executives

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Good presentation skills are good presentation skills, no matter what position or title you hold.right? While it's certainly true that there are many foundational best practices for effective presentations that are applicable for everyone, once you reach an executive level in your organization, there are a few necessary tweaks to adopt. Assess how you show up by videotaping your presentations and analyzing tone of voice, demeanor , eye contact, body language and authenticity.

6 Steps For Creating A Presentation

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Everybody knows how to create a presentation, right? When we have a presentation looming, our bias for action tempts us to skip any planning phase and get right to producing the final product. But sufficient time devoted to mapping and organizing your presentation up front allows you to deliver a more focused message that is more likely to address your audience's needs. Outline Your Presentation. Write Out Your Presentation.

2009 119

How to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking - Presentation Tips video

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This video offers you three simple yet powerful techniques to take more control of your internal feelings. video confidence speech anxiety business presentations fear of public speakingHow can you overcome the fear of public speaking?

2012 60