How to Develop an Effective Lead Generation Strategy


And the methods you will use for turning those visitors into customers comprise your lead generation strategy. What is Lead Generation? Leads are people who have shown interested in your company’s product or services in some way e.g. signed up for your newsletter, requested a call, left their contact information or asked for a demo. Lead generation is the process of drawing in those warm prospects and gauging their interest in your offerings.

How to Create an Ebook (A Quick Guide)


eBooks are a way for individual marketers and businesses to generate leads for B2B and B2C. Brochures, Handouts or Mini-ebooks – Digital campaigns often use brochures, handouts and booklets as magnets and as a way to market their products.

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Eight Steps to Getting Speaking Engagements : MarketingProfs Articles

The company gains advertising by having its name and the executive speakers name published in the agenda of thousands of brochures and promotional announcements mailed or emailed by event organizers. They dont want to hear that your firm is the leading firm in this or that subject area. See Whats New on the Agenda!