Your presentation deserves the same respect as your website and brochures!

PowerPoint Tips

The company bought a sponsorship table (which I’m sure was expensive) and had nicely-designed brochures laid out on the table, along with a monitor displaying the software. So, when you get to the end of the sales process — in this case, buying a sponsorship table, traveling to the conference, printing brochures, and so on — shouldn’t the PowerPoint slides look as good as everything else? A story.

Quotes for Public Speakers (No. 220) – William Zinsser

Manner of Speaking

What member of an insurance plan can decipher the brochure explaining the … Continue reading → Quotes for Public Speakers public speaking public speaking quotes quotes simplicity William Zinsser“Who can understand the clotted language of everyday American commerce: the memo, the corporate report, the business letter, the notice from the bank explaining its latest “simplified” statement?

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BBP 101 – LIVE 1-Day Course in Washington DC, May 27th

Beyond Bullet Points

Click here to view the full brochure: Washington DC BBP Brochure. Attend the next BBP 101 – LIVE 1-Day Course! Taught personally by Cliff Atkinson, and limited to only 10 participants to ensure a high amount of interaction with Cliff.

BBP 101 – LIVE 1-Day Course in Washington DC, May 27th

Beyond Bullet Points

Click here to view the full brochure: Washington DC BBP Brochure. Attend the next BBP 101 – LIVE 1-Day Course! Taught personally by Cliff Atkinson, and limited to only 10 participants to ensure a high amount of interaction with Cliff. You’ll learn the basics of BBP – how to build the foundation of your ideas with a story template, how to design a clear and coherent storyboard, and how to deliver your new presentation with confidence. All in one day!

IABC regional conference: Heritage Region

Joan Detz Speaker Services

The 2017 IABC Heritage Region Conference is fast approaching You can now download the complete conference brochure to review the schedule and learn more about the speakers for this year’s 4 KEYNOTES and 21 BREAKOUT SESSIONS. Be sure to check out the schedule and explore the complete list of speakers. Join us in one of the “17 Best […]. Career info News, events, and awards Professional organizations

Why branding is essential for your presentations

PowerPoint Tips

If you’ve thought about branding at all, you’ve applied it to your website and maybe to a printed brochure. Over and over again, I see small companies with websites, brochures, and products that look professional and have a unified look. Do you have a small service-based business? Perhaps you’re a coach, consultant, trainer, author, or speaker. Branding is as important for a small company as it is for a big one — maybe even more so.

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Your Dog, The Speech Coach

DeFinis Communications

According to a program brochure, “Addressing a friendly and nonjudgmental canine can lower blood pressure, decrease stress, and elevate mood—perfect for practicing a speech or team presentation.” Whether or not dogs are man’s (and woman’s’) best friend they have certainly risen on the popularity scale recently. You see dogs everywhere you go from city streets, to office cubicles to airplanes not to mention dog parks and front yards.

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Get Certified in BBP in Only 3 Days this November 11, 12 & 13th

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Read the full brochure on the BBP 1-Day Courses here If you’ve been interested in getting certified in Beyond Bullet Points, here’s your chance to get a jump start and get trained in an accelerated format. If you attend both the BBP 101 and BBP Advanced courses on Nov. 11 and 12 in Los Angeles, you’re invited to attend a third day of basic certification training on Nov. 13 – at no charge!

Why Your LinkedIn Invite (and follow-up) Isn’t Working

SpeakerSue Says...

I’ll send the brochure. Last week, I received this LinkedIN connection invite: “Hi Sue, I would love to know if you’re interested in our XYZ MEETING PLANNERS, in Month, 100% Live Virtually due to COVID-19. Are you interested in receiving? Call me back at 555-555-5555 or me Best,”. That was the INVITE! I’ve also received thoughtful invites and as soon as I accept, instead of an authentic thank you, the person starts pitching.

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8 steps to add branding to your presentations

PowerPoint Tips

A printed brochure is branded. Part of the reason is that websites and brochures are designed by professional designers and presentations are often created by presenters who are anything but that. When I do corporate training or public webinars, I usually ask attendees to submit a couple of slides. After covering basic principles of how to transform presentations (and the reasons behind those principles), I show makeovers of the submitted slides.

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Ch. 39: Accurately Pricing Services (Everything You Wanted To Know About Freelance Writing)

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

What’s this document (media release, brochure, Web page, speech, script.) Although the formula I outlined (in the previous chapter) should help you determine your per-hour rate, most clients are interested in the bottom line. going to cost me? What is your quote for this job?” Before you quote on a project, you need to define the scope of the project.

Announcing – Our First Public BBP 1-Day Courses!

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Click the following link for a brochure with more details about the courses, agenda and our exciting venue: BBP LIVE 2010 Los Angeles. Hello BBP friends!

Learn BBP in Person at Our First Public 1-Day Courses!

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Click here to download the PDF brochure with course descriptions and pricing: [link] 202010%20Los%20Angeles.pdf. Announcing – Our First Public BBP 1-Day Courses! Only 14 Days Left for Early Bird Pricing. We hope you can join us Nov. 11 and 12th in Los Angeles for our first BBP 1-Day Courses! If you sign up by Aug.

Our Live BBP Courses in LA – only 15 days away!

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For details and pricing, read the full PDF brochure here. The dates of Nov. 11th and 12th are fast approaching for our LIVE 1-Day courses in Los Angeles. BBP 101 and BBP Advanced are two intensive, accelerated courses that are designed to ensure that you’ll be the bold, effective presenter you were born to be. Or, jump straight to the online registration here to reserve your spot.

How well do you welcome?

More than PowerPoint...

Your brochures let them know what’s going on, where. Your “Welcome” mat may be a visual cliché. You may think it’s de rigueur — but is it really making your audience feel welcomed? We’ve reached a point where merely saying or writing “welcome” doesn’t even mean anything. It’s too generic to be useful or inviting. That’s why you don’t see many websites with a welcome page anymore.

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Reimagining: You bet, that's what clients really want

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

 A client actually used the word "reimagine" for a brochure. That unbearable lightness of being.  The Buddhists call it "groundlessness" and describe the state as descending in air without a parachute and with no ground in sight.  Well, we content-providers better get used to it.  Clients really do want us to reimagine their communications and hand them what they didn't expect but need. In short, not taking a risk is too much of a risk.

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Professionally Speaking...

This technique could be used to graphically display a particular theme in a presentation or to make a point about (for example) the content of a marketing brochure, customer service letter or the CEO's speech. In many presentations, a thousand words is what it feels like as slide after bullet point-laden slide goes by. When I teach and consult on how to use PowerPoint effectively, I always encourage people to ditch the bullet points wherever feasible and replace them with visual images.

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Quiz Marketing in Professional Services

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

That ranged from  frontloading it in AA local meeting brochures to ensuring it makes its way into the desks of medical doctors.  Quiz marketing is nothing new. Way back when, nonprofit Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) attracted new members with its quiz about drinking habits. The list of questions was widely distributed.   What is new is that even staid professional services firms are using quizzes for attracting new businesses.

Fortune 500 - Use of Blogs, Social Media Declines

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Those include standard print books, white papers, opinion-editorials for establishment media, pitches to the media, brochures, and direct mail.  No reason is given by the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research for the decline in the use of blogs and social media by the Fortune 500. But decline it had during the past two years, reports that organization. Here is the coverage by Voce Communications. **.

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Cartoon Caption Contest — Butterfly

Humor Power

Visit the web site of Dan Rosandich for information on how he can design custom cartoons for your next special project, book, newsletter, brochure, holiday card, T-shirt and more. It’s time for our September Cartoon Caption Contest.

Cartoon Caption Contest — Report Card

Humor Power

Visit the web site of Dan Rosandich for information on how he can design custom cartoons for your next special project, book, newsletter, brochure, holiday card, T-shirt and more. It’s time for our August Cartoon Caption Contest.

How many uses for PowerPoint can you think of? (my 500th post!)

PowerPoint Tips

Design marketing brochures. Most people think of PowerPoint as a visual aid for a live presentation. But there are so many other ways that people use PowerPoint. Here are some of them: Create marketing videos. Edit photos. Create graphics (ads, icons, buttons, infographics) for a website. Find and compose blog post images (like the one for this blog post). Create images for a Word document. Design social media branding, such as Facebook timeline covers, Twitter layouts, YouTube channels.

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Make Money Speaking: Powerful Websites

Great Public Speaking

Check out this fast-paced video promo and when your ready to create online wealth for yourself, click on the link above to download the FREE brochure and watch the introductory video. Look at all the websites that Tom Antion's [link] program has built for his mentees! This is just a small sampling of the great businesses that Tom has helped create and these mentees even learned to maintain these websites for themselves, eliminating the costly need for web designers.

"Tolton, et al. v Jones Day" - Bookmakers Should Give Odds on This Never Going to Trial

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

"  On its website, Jones Day has an extensive statement on diversity and posts its diversity brochure which can be downloaded. From the get-go, gender discrimination class action lawsuit - "Tolton, et al. Jones Day" - has been high-profile. Here is the amended complaint. Still, it was a surprise that low-key Jones Day posted its response on its website. Here is that response in April of this year.

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Matchmaking, Not Technology, Is Brand, Profit Potential

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

 The compensation was lucrative for a brochure and flyer for an executive search firm. The value of online services like Dog Vacay comes from its ability to matchmake.  Essentially it screens and connects pet parents needing to board their animal companions with care-givers.  Those parents could care less about the technology.  However, the technology which allows the care-giver to upload photos and videos of Fido is, of course, a competitive advantage.

Writing services you can offer corporate clients

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

Most of this internal communication is done in employee newsletters, newspapers, magazines, brochures and websites, or by email. If you have the ability to write ad copy or direct mail brochures, this can be a lucrative market. Product/services promotional brochures, spec sheets, price lists : Supplementary or collateral material to support the advertising effort; again, frequently coordinated by the marketing department. Writing services you can offer corporate clients.

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12for12 April Challenge: Review Your Image

Speak Schmeak

Here are some similar questions to the web questions above: Are your cards, brochures and handouts free of typos, grammatical errors and design flaws? If you don't know how to design a business card or brochure, hire someone. First impressions are important ; sometimes your business card -- lying on a table amongst other cards and brochures -- is the first and only impression a prospect gets. Have you joined my 12 Speaking Challenges for 2012 program yet?

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Ask Your Future Into Existence

Speak and Deliver

You can spend a fortune on one-sheets, brochures, and a demo video of you in front of an audience, assuming you can get one together - then spend another fortune getting in front of people you think will pay you to speak. "How do I get speaking gigs?"

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Nutella: Beware, You Could Wind Up Jihadi Bride

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

So many of my female classmates decided to select Seton Hill College , Greensburg, Pennsylvania because the brochure opened with the photo of a horse. For a while, we have been aware that Nutella is the magic ingredient which gets college students through stress times like tests. University dining room services have even had to keep a close eye on the Nutella supply. Otherwise it could be stolen by the entrepreneurial and then sold to emotionally overwhelmed classmates.

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PowerPoint Tip: Getting the audience excited before your presentation

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

You can achieve this with a well-written description of your presentation that is included in a program, agenda or brochure. These are the people who write the brochures, letters and e-mails that convince people to buy a wide variety of products or services, such as newsletters, health-care products or consumer goods.

Start Making An eBay Fortune

Great Public Speaking

Don't forget the other ways to make money on the Internet that you can find by downloading the learning brochure and watching the video at [link] Starting an ebay auctions facebook strategies can create wealth online making money from home.Make $7000 a month from your home based business. [link] If you are going to take the time to start an online auction business you may as well make as much as you can.

How to Prepare a Listing Presentation: Guide for Real Estate Pros


But there are a few quick neuroscience tricks you can leverage to appear instantly more likable to prospects, even before you pull out your real estate brochures and other collateral. Do you want to close more leads on a regular basis? In that case, you may need to level up your communication skills. To win more listings, move on from having a polite “pre-sales” chit chat with prospects to doing full-scale presentations of your services. What is a Real Estate Listing Presentation?

America's Public Libraries Go Proactive on Funding Pre-Recession - Model of Toledo Lucas County Library's Smart Public Relations

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

" In print (how cool), the 69-page brochure lists, by branches, all the activities for that time frame. Founding father Ben Franklin had been the primary mover in establishing a way ordinary people had access to books. That was the public library. Since that time - the 1730s - the public library has become a lot more than books. Essentially, it's a Third Place , where human beings like to hang out, in addition to their homes, work, and school.

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PowerPoint Tip: Using PDF files during presentations

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

When you display a brochure in the Adobe PDF Reader, it usually opens showing the full page, which is usually far too small to be able to read or explain. Your PDF document will usually have multiple pages, since it is usually a brochure that you are showing. If you want to give people a context of where they are in a multi-page document by showing facing pages as if they had opened a brochure on their desk, select the icon that looks like two pages beside each other.

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Famous Speech Friday: Ida Tarbell's 1916 "Industrial idealism"

The Eloquent Woman

The back page of this brochure calls the speech "Industrial Idealism," and says Tarbel summed up the situation in America in that day as "A peaceful nation unprepared for peace!" The brochure gives us the only text I could find from this speech: We must organize men and women for labor as if for war. Imagine that you''re a prize-winning journalist, one who has brought corporate titans to their knees with your investigations, and whose books are best-sellers.

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November Cartoon Caption Contest

Humor Power

Visit the web site of Dan Rosandich for information on how he can design custom cartoons for your next special project, book, newsletter, brochure, holiday card, T-shirt and more. It’s time for the November Cartoon Caption Contest.

Online Education: Writers, forget trying to pick up a few bucks as adjunct professor

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  As a marketing communications pro, I might suggest to the current president of Seton Hill Joanne Boyle to create brochures for condos and time shares. It's all going: the large lecture hall inside that large ivy-covered building, the masses of undergraduates sitting bored trying to figure out what the person lecturing will test them on, and we the adjunct professors who often teach courses in the humanities.    The reason is that online education has come of age. 

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Cartoon Caption Contest — Halloween

Humor Power

Visit the web site of Dan Rosandich for information on how he can design custom cartoons for your next special project, book, newsletter, brochure, holiday card, T-shirt and more. It’s time for the October Cartoon Caption Contest.

Public Speaking : Make it Easy

Great Public Speaking

You can give them flyers and brochures to distribute. If you want other people to spread your name around the planet, why not make it really easy for them. You can give your advocates websites that look like they belong to them. You can give them articles and interviews that promote your cause. The best way to really give them an incentive to promote you is if you embed an affiliate link for them in the promotional piece.It

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Generate Repeat Writing Business

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

Or, if I am updating my website or putting together a direct mail brochure, I ask selected clients for testimonials. Why wouldn’t that client send you a testimonial that you can post on your website or use in a sales letter or brochure? So ask for testimonials when it makes sense—if you are updating your website or producing a brochure to promote your services. [Excerpt from Everything You Wanted to Know about Freelance Writing – [link].

How a business vision can help you sell

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

But if I have written direct mail brochures and media releases, then that is what I am going to actively sell. If you are a freelance writer (or editor), your business vision is important. Dear Sir, May I write stuff for you? OK, what do you think of that sales letter? Or how about: Dear Sir. May I write stuff for you? I have experience. My tongue is not even stuck firmly in cheek here.

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UnConference Versus Conference

More than PowerPoint...

Slick brochures. It's a Conference. But not like we know it, Jim. The first rule of BarCamp? Talk about BarCamp. The second rule of BarCamp? Blog about BarCamp. Here are the other 6 BarCamp Rules.) photo credit: numberstumper I attended my first UnConference last week. BarCamp Grand Rapids.

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Contest Results — Living on Mars

Humor Power

It says right here in the brochure that the Martians will have us for dinner. - It’s time to share our best lines from our June Joke Contest. The theme is “I Want To Live On Mars Because…” Our readers submitted their unusual reasons why they would want to live on Mars. Here are the results selected by our panel of six judges (speakers and improv players). Our next contest will be announced on July 1. And now: I Want To Live On Mars Because… ** FIRST PLACE **.

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