Conference notes from #uksgcam2015: Diving into speechwriting

The Eloquent Woman

President Bill Clinton just demonstrated the art of a seemingly digressive story in his speech at the 20-year anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing , which occurred during his presidency: “I prepared for this day yesterday, in New York, by taking Hillary to see our daughter and son-in-law and my about-to-be 7-month-old grandchild. Last week, I had a deep dive into talking, speaking, and language.and it was all about writing speeches.

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Pennsylvania Education Policy Roundup for September 17, 2013: “Anyone want to see the “crisis in American education”? Come see how the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is denying a thorough and efficient education to the children of Pittsburgh.”

Speaking Of...

Not just pre-K for 4-year-olds, as in Oklahoma ’s widely praised program, or for poor children, as President Obama has proposed. The Pre-Conference begins on Saturday with PIL Academies and Common Core sessions. On Sunday and Monday, our features include keynote presentations by Chris Lehmann and ASCD Author Dr. Connie Moss, as well as numerous breakout sessions on PA’s most timely topics.

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