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All he won was Samoa.  As Gabriel Sherman warns in Vanity Fair , if Bloomberg doesn't do that he could go down in history with the tarnished brand of being a spoiler. Smart global ghostwriting, with SEO and social networking know-how. BrandingBuilding, preserving, and growing wealth. That's been the meme of every financial type. Recently it has become the American Dream. Being able to buy a house? Too limited a vision of success in America.

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Margaret Mead Created Her Fame By Writing for General Public, Not Scholars

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Because she chose that disruptive step in publishing her findings about adolescent girls in Samoa, she became famous. In addition, after the publication of her book Coming of Age in Samoa,  Mead took on the role of social commentator.   Blum also chronicles how iconoclastic Mead was herself in social and sexual mores of her time. Despite all that social activity, she only gave birth to one child. Those were the days of rigid boundaries.

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