Business Models - From Henry Ford to Boston SmallLaw, Competition Tends to Blow Everything Up

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In Boston, one-office and local-only Choate Hall & Stewart has 168 lawyers. It restricts its practice areas to five. And its hiring policy is: Come and stay here forever. That's very unlike BigLaw which operates on the up-or-out model. Branding Content-provider Current Affairs Games Personal Musings Rebranding Selling Values Writing

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Loss of a Fine Legal Mind - "Boston Legal" Denny Crane Prefigured Sandra Day O'Connor's Suffering

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From 2004 until late 2008, network television fictional series "Boston Legal" played out what actual human being Sandra Day O'Connor is enduring. That's why even lawyers kept tuning in, despite knowing that the plot twists and turns didn't mirror accurate legal practice

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Boston Marathon: A different version of Newtown, CT

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  We in the region all know someone who practiced continuously and then traveled to participate in the Boston Marathon.    This is Boston's version of Newtown, Connecticut.  Our thoughts are with the survivors and their families in the Boston area.

"Boston Legal" and "The Good Wife" - Those All Began with "L.A. Law"

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Law"  there couldn't have been "Boston Legal" and "The Good Wife." Law," practicing law became the stage for the play-out of complicated but cool lifestyles and fascinating relationships. Without "L.A.

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"The Good Wife" - No "Boston Legal," but give it time

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  No "Boston Legal" but let's give it time.    There's none of the depth of "Boston Legal" in the understanding of what goes on inside one human being and among human beings.    For instance, all the cracks about age when Alicia returned to law firm practice, the Crusty Mother-in-Law type, the cocky associate pitted against her for one position. I was set to put the full knock on "The Good Wife." 

eloquent elders practice for bat mitzvah

The Eloquent Woman

Focused on the speaking practice as the women prepare for the ceremony, the story has many touching moments, as the women recall days when girls' bat mitzvah ceremonies got short shrift, occurring on a Friday or omitting the reading of the Torah. The concern was not whether aging bladders could handle a ceremony that lasts an hour and a half, but whether relatives, some of whom are flying in from as far as Boston and California for the event, might be bored.

Seems Like a 2nd Amendment Kind of Guy - Dr. Matthew J. Bonnano

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He had been licensed to practice medicine in Florida, New York, and Massachusetts.   Here are more details from Boston Magazine.  Assault rifles. Handguns. Loaded Magazines. Body Armor. Helmet. Handcuffs. Rounds of Ammo. Knives. Brass Knuckles. Pepper Spray. Scopes.

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April 3 - Gordon Caplan, Lori Loughlin, Mossimo Giannulli Back in Court (side-by-side)

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April 3rd the national media will be in Boston. For example, if Caplan lawyers can't get him off the hook completely or convicted of a misdemeanor, he will lose his license to practice law.

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Presentation Tip: Actively Listen to Your Audience

Professionally Speaking...

The savvy presenter knows that practicing active listening skills is a powerful way to engage an audience. Nero the Boston Terrier. When you see a list of skills a presenter should cultivate, listening isn't usually one that's near the top.

Higher Education - No Longer Will It Be Unofficial Religion of U.S.

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Boston Magazine published a major feature how colleges and universities beneath the top tier (i.e. As NBC notes, more MDs are simply quitting practicing medicine. Boston Magazine projects massive layoffs of professors.  Optimism? Magical thinking? Nuttiness?

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Yesyesyes - There's Exit Out of Burnout Looping

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Former successful lawyer in Boston - Mike Healan - could become a template for how to exit that traumatic looping. No, taking a few days off or practicing meditation is unlikely to facilitate identifying the ramp out of the growing darkness.

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Gordon Caplan Says He Will Plead Guilty, Law Firm Willkie Farr Terminates Him as Partner

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Many recall that this week he appeared in federal court in Boston, accused of conspiracy to commit fraud and honest services mail fraud.    Therefore, Caplan can lose his license to practice law. 

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Trust So Broken: Medical Doctors in America

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  Much further east, in New England, Boston Magazine publishes a scathing expose. Or, if the situation is  that serious they leave the state and get set up in medical practice in another. None of them had lost their license to practice medicine.

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Ropes & Gray Makes a Move - 4 Implications

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"About 100 lawyers and staffers are poised to leave Ropes & Gray within the next few months as the Boston-based Am Law 100 firm prepares to spin-off is patent prosecution practice into an independent firm."

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Salem, MA Witch Triials - Had Sigmund Freud Testified

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  Here   is the coverage from Boston Magazine. Had Signund Freud been practicing psychiatry back then, he could have testified in court that such seeming possession could have results from the ethos of sexual repression.

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IBM - Top Employment Lawyer Represents Class Action Plaintiffs in Age-Discrimination Lawsuit

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Her law firm is Lichten & Liss-Riordan in Boston.  During the past six years IBM has terminated more than 20,000 employees older than 40 years old, reports ProPublica. That got the attention of not only those canned but also the now-famous employment lawyer Shannon Liss-Riordon.

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"College Counseling" - A $2 Billion Industry In Play

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Right now, as The Boston Globe discusses, the entire industry is on the defensive. But even before the outing of the downright illegal practices in the admissions game, the industry was vulnerable to scrutiny. Only time will tell if the ethical players in the $2 billion "college counseling" industry will survive the current elite college admissions scandal. Firms in the loop range from Top Tier Admissions to Ivy Coach.

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The Academy Awards - Why We Stopped Caring (and watching)

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The series "Boston Legal" has been over a long time. Perhaps Americans have returned to our practical roots. "Sunday's roughly 220-minute telecast [of the Academy Awards] was the least-watched Academy Awards since 2009, drawing an average audience of 36.6

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Post Steel/Coal - A Tale of Two Cities (Pittsburgh, Youngstown)

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Folks were bellying up to the gate hours early to view the Steelers' practice game. In cool, Pittsburgh mirrors much of Boston. Football season will be starting. Around Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, yesterday, things were jumping.

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Hourly Rates - We Content Providers Make about the Same as BigLaw Junior Lawyers

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The firm's founder made it his unique best practice to be in communications with not only employees but vendors whenever.   In an article in the Boston Globe , Isvari Mohan throws the same kind of shade on new law school graduates who start out in BigLaw with a $180K annual salary.

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Overcoming stuttering by accepting it

The Eloquent Woman

So says this thoughtful article on "Syllables and Self-Esteem" in Bostonia magazine, describing a program at Boston University that works with stutterers to get them to practice their stuttering, talk about it and even announce it to their audiences. Their ranks are small: A tiny percentage of childhood stutterers stay that way as adults, but little is known about the condition.

"Disrupted" By Dan Lyons Outs The New Silicon Valley

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His experience working in marketing in a Boston-based startup - HubSpot - was accidental. Since HubSpot was located in Boston, where his family was settled in, that seemed the best job offer to grab.

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How to give a great ignite talk

Speaker Confessions

I’ve spoken at 5 different ignite events (Ignite Seattle x3, Gnomedex, Ignite Boston) and make much of my living from public speaking - here’s my advice on this special format: 300 seconds kicks ass. This is super short, which means it’s easy to practice.

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Friends Let Friends Talk

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After he left BigLaw for a less isolated way to make a living practicing law, Fischbach developed an app called "Happy." For instance, one suicidal newbie to Boston got it on his own during the phone call that if he took trips back to the Pittsburgh he would be less lonely.

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Famous Speech Friday: Maya Angelou's "Phenomenal Woman"

The Eloquent Woman

Sometimes, I give clients poetry for practice. In the modern day, they''re a compelling way to practice your vocalizing skills. Rhythm matters: Speakers who drone through talks and presentations would do well to practice poetry, with its cadence and pauses for effect.

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Strategies for Apprehension Management

The Communication Blog

Boston, MA: Pearson, 1998). Here are several ways you can deal with and manage your own public speaking apprehension: (1) reverse the factors that cause apprehension, (2) restructure your thinking, (3) practice performance visualization, and (4) desensitize yourself. Reduce your fear of failure by thoroughly preparing and practicing. Practice Performance Visualization.

Talk About the Talk: Connie Trimble, MD, on kicking cancer's butt

The Eloquent Woman

Once I got close to a ‘story’, I practiced it on everybody. I practiced it on my cousins. I practiced it on my colleagues who do not do what I do. I practiced it on my gym buddies. I practiced it with a dear friend who is an NPR guy, so I learned about “NPR voice”.

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What Will Make YOU a 'Top Speaker'?

Speak and Deliver

Rushmore'' of athletes - for example, Bill Russell, Bobby Orr, Tom Brady, and Ted Williams for the Boston Area. Bob Proctor and Joe Vitale are practically the same speaker, simply differentiated by age and experiences.

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Interpersonal time

The Communication Blog

Burgoon, Guerrero, and Floyd relate the practice of college students being required to wait for a late instructor a certain length of time depending on the instructor’s rank, a situation I recall from my own college days. This, by the way, was taught to all incoming students during orientation classes and it may still be a practice in some colleges today. Appropriately enough, the practice is referred to as being “on the clock.” Boston, MA: Allyn & Bacon.

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RJ Julia Independent Booksellers: It's still here, Borders isn't

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What best practices are evident?    It's at 758 Boston Post Road, Madison, Connecticut, 1-800-74-READS. Management experts studying business models which are succeeding in this disruptive era should visit RJ Julia Independent Booksellers. 

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Observational Humor — Case Study #88

Humor Power

Our District 33 International Speech Contest winner was practicing her contest speech for the International Convention coming up in Orlando. A speaker mentioned how they pronounce things differently in Boston. I can understand that people in Boston pronounce things differently. Here’s another Observational Humor monologue presented at the end of a meeting. I’ll provide the set-ups first, what inspired the jokes.

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Commencement Speeches: The Bad, the Horrendous, and the Inspired


Ben Bernanke’s speech at the Boston College School of Law was a little too ego-centric for my taste as well. Some practical advice would have been nice. Commencement season has largely come and gone at universities and colleges around the nation.

How to be a passionate speaker, part 3

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

  Following is a quick primer in the care and use of the voice; you can spend a lifetime practicing these techniques and improving your vocal tone.    If you're in Boston next week, I'll be talking about voice and other matters live at our first Public Words Speaker Forum 2010.  Your voice is one of the chief ways you have to give vent to your passion as a speaker.    Heck, as a human. 

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Guest post: Confesssions of a newbie public speaker

The Eloquent Woman

My first such experience at Ignite Boston 7 back in March was exhilarating and terrifying — like skydiving, really. In the past three months, I have spoken at #140conf Boston , HighEdWeb 2010 in Cincinnati and Stamats Integrated Marketing and Technology Conference in Las Vegas.

How to Start Speaking at Events |

I gave it at BarCamp Boston. It isn't a natural strength so I'm practicing to be as efficient and effective a speaker as possible. Penn I did have to call bullshit on a speaking gig in Boston recently, on the paid thing. I have used this practice to do so.

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Linguistic differences and non-verbal behavior: the mysterious case of gestures

Max Atkinson

If so, could a greater reliance on gestures be a practical solution to any such problems?

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Online University Reviews : 101 YouTube Videos to Teach You the Art of Public Speaking

Boston University Online 8. A Microsoft employee, he teaches that practice makes perfect. He teaches the importance of beginning, conclusion, and practice. Practice Breathing : This video advises to spend a minute or two breathing before speaking. Practice & Preparation : One of the most important parts of public speaking is practice. The techniques and tips for practicing are emphasized here, including getting your mother to help.

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5 Reasons why you don't need to write a book | Penelope Trunk's Brazen Careerist

I came from a meeting with 50 other entreps recently who all insisted I finish my books because I somehow 'need them' I have a full-time private practice, a blog, a monthly newsletter and about 20 other things going on in my work and a book has somehow made it to the bottom of my list.

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Pennsylvania Education Policy Roundup for September 16, 2013: Since 1991-92 there has been no set formula for providing funds for PA schools. 65% of all funds now distributed in this school year are based on statistics from the 1989-90 school year.

Speaking Of...

link] Parents are rebelling against standardized tests Frustration with exams prompts opt-out actions Boston Globe By Katie Zezima ASSOCIATED PRESS SEPTEMBER 09, 2013 DELAWARE TOWNSHIP , N.J. He wants private enterprises vying to make money by providing innovative educational products and services, and sees his role as “taking to scale the best practices” that emerge from this contest.”

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Public Speaker

How to Change the World A practical blog for impractical people. « Practice and speak all the time. You can give it nineteen times to your dog if you like, but it takes practice and repetition. As Jascha Heifitz said, “If I dont practice one day, I know it. If I dont practice two days, my critics know it. If I dont practice three days, everyone knows it.” He was a great communicator then, and hes obviously had lots of practice since.

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