Charlottesville - Theatre of Boston Tea Party

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Just as in the Boston Tea Party there had been high drama which has become part of the American memory bank.  The violence at Charlottesville resonates. Three days afterward it is still a front-page story in the media.

Speaking of Boston

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The bombings in the Boston Marathon don''t quite compare in scope, but the events are tragic, frightening, and sad nonetheless. Tragedy Comedians Boston Marathon Bombings Colbert Satire 9/11 Humor What do you say after a tragedy?

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Michael Chiklis, the Boston Pops and the 4th of July – the Hazards of Live TV

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   So the Boston Pops 4th of July fireworks and patriotic music spectacular is made for me – and the roughly 800,000 other people who thronged the Charles River Esplanade last night.    It’s a time to yell, “Hello Boston!”   As a result, a great, big, “Hello Boston!” I love long summer nights, fireworks, and up tempo music.  

A Prayer For Boston

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" - Aneri Pattani, the Boston Globe. Boston needs the world's prayers.

Brand Boston - Professional Class Unburdened by Children

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Boston has evolved into the model of cool. And, like other Professional Class urban metro areas, Boston has a high cost of living. Is this combination of factors re-configuring the Bostons of the U.S. After all, that's where GE is relocating.

Coaching/Editing College Admission Essays - Boston Metro Area (help wanted)

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Here are details and how to apply. careers

Boston Globe's Trump Lampoon - Will it have any impact?

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"The Boston Globe has unveiled a bogus Sunday edition harpooning Donald Trump - and giving a chilling glimpse of what America would be like if he became President. [It] The Boston Globe's projection of what America will be like is quite clever.

Competition for New Yorkers - Folks Can't Afford to Live in Boston, Either

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In Boston Magazine , Rachel Slade points out that the cost of living in that city is 39.7% There's no better fun than scaring the jesus out of the young, the dreamers and unemployed who envision Boston as their Promised Land.

Polar Vortex 5.0 - Manhattan/Boston Could Become Ghost Towns

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the value of real estate in places in the Northeast, such as like Manhattan and Boston, could plummet. This year, Boston got buried under more than 9 feet (2.7 Manhattan and Boston could become ghost towns. Those in real estate, beware. Polar Vortexes 1.0 and 2.0

National Litigation Firm, Boston - Director of Marketing (help wanted)

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Here are details and how to apply. careers

Law Firm, Boston - Digital/CSR Specialist (help wanted)

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Here are details and how to apply. careers

"Boston Legal" and "The Good Wife" - Those All Began with "L.A. Law"

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Law"  there couldn't have been "Boston Legal" and "The Good Wife." Without "L.A. " On, Kathryn Rubino brings us down memory lane. Here  you can read all about it. Thanks to "L.A.

U of MA at Boston - Speechwriter (help wanted)

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Here are details and how to apply. careers

Boston - Posh Areas Blighted By Homeless, Situation Could Turn Lethal In Winter

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Two key industries in Boston - tourism and brick-and-mortar retail - could be hurt by the reality that homelessness is increasing. According to the Boston Globe , homelessness in Boston has jumped more than 15 percent between 2011 and the first half of 2015.

Boston Marathon: A different version of Newtown, CT

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  We in the region all know someone who practiced continuously and then traveled to participate in the Boston Marathon.    This is Boston's version of Newtown, Connecticut.  Our thoughts are with the survivors and their families in the Boston area.

What Happens in Boston Never Stays in Boston: OWS evicted from Dewey Square

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From the original Boston Tea Party to the BOSTON GLOBE's breaking the story on Catholic clergy sexual abuse, Boston has been a prime mover in change.    The Boston contingent has to do a lot of shrewd planning to prevent that.

That Snow In Boston: Local PR Agencies Can Make It Big Suggesting Disruptive Removal

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"Desperate to clear away the excess snow that's crippled the region, Boston officials are asking the public to conjure up creative ways to dispose of it - and fast." Boston looking for ideas," in Boston Globe, February 10, 2015.

THE BOSTON GLOBE: Likely to be bought by Aaron Kushner

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  Now THE BOSTON GLOBE employees are likely wondering how things will shake out for them.  "  It was THE BOSTON GLOBE which broke the story on sexual molestation of young boys by Roman Catholic priests. 

Boston Gets General Electric And 800 Jobs - Cities Are Cool, Suburbs Are Yesterday

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In summer it will begin relocating to Boston. One driver for General Electric to search for an alternative to its suburban Connecticut headquarters has been the cool of cities. Employees like hanging out in them. Also, cities symbolize things happen.

Lost Legs: This Boston Marathon bomber understood symbolism

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The Boston Marathon is about running.    So, what better way to send a menacing message than destroying the equipment for that running: the human legs.    The bomber understood symbolism.

Job opening for speechwriter in Boston area

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Position: speechwriter/director of exec comm for Raytheon (in the Boston area). Anyone interested should contact Megan Shattuck at

Tribes of Boston/New York - We who migrated to Southwest enjoy 62+ temps this a.m. (could reach 80)

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With telecommuting it was no longer necessary to be based in the New York or Boston metro areas to make a living. Sometimes leaving the tribe of our birth is necessary. And that's what so many of us Baby Boomers did since the first polar vortex.

Book tour coming: Boston Nov ‘09

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If you live in the boston area and might be able to help me with venues for giving lectures about the book, head over here. Things are winding down on the book. Finishing up the 3rd and final draft, scrubbing up the copyedit, and all sorts of little things. Thanks.

"Criminal Minds" - Boston Reaper Gets In Touch

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Next week on "Criminal Minds" we will encounter the fight between evil and good in the form of the showdown between The Boston Reaper and FBI agent Aaron Hotchner.    Tonight The Boston Reaper got in touch with Hotchner through an imprisoned serial killer. The Boston Reaper anticipated that Hotchner would eventually contact Fox.    The coming attractions show that The Boston Reaper is ready to again resume his crime spree. 

"Criminal Minds" - Boston Reaper v Hodge

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  The point is that the Boston Reaper seems to be winning the battle of wits between the two. In last week's episode the Boston Reaper put Hodge in the hospital with knife wounds that he knew the FBI agent would survive.     As a result, Hodge had to put them in protective custody until the Boston Reaper is captured.  In tonight's episode of "Criminal Minds" Hodge took, his team agreed, an unnecessary risk. 

THE NEW YORK TIMES Stands Alone: Red Sox owner John Henry buys BOSTON GLOBE

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 Its 1993 acquisition of THE BOSTON GLOBE no longer fit.  For the Boston Metro area it means getting its own iconic newspaper back. The Times Company had decided that the NEW YORK TIMES brand was the platform for increasing profitability.  It was global.

BOSTON HERALD offering buyouts - Hard times continue for newspapers

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Yet again, the BOSTON HERALD is offering buyouts.    She had taken a package from the BOSTON HERALD.    They're being extended to all employees who have until July 1 to decide.    After that, layoffs could take place.    For those who opt out or get cut this could mean the end of a career. 

CNN: Use this reporting error on Boston Marathon to start over

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CNN's error in reporting that there had been an arrest in the Boston Marathon bombing is a great opportunity for the struggling cable network. 

BOSTON, NEW YORK Magazines - Defaulting to Cute

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Both the current editions of BOSTON and NEW YORK Magazines, once influential in their category, have defaulted to cute.    The economic downturn grabs both cities by the throat.    And the recovery, when it comes, is predicted to be a jobless one.    Yet, both focus on some version of Cheap Eats.    This is also a time when food pantries for the poor and homeless are running low in basics.

Life Imitates TV Fiction: Jack Welch implodes like "Boston Legal" Denny Crane

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Remember when one-time famous lawyer Denny Crane on "Boston Legal" pleads with his buddy Alan to shoot him when he loses his marbles?    Crane went in and out on recognizing that he was not on his game. 

Famous Speech Friday: Margaret Sanger's 1929 self-silencing speech

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She prepared the speech for Boston's Ford Hall Forum on Free Speech, but as the topic of birth control was banned in Boston at that time, she came up with a different way to deliver her remarks.

2016 31

BOSTON MAGAZINE - It's not about the best ribs in town

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So, it puzzles me why monthlies like BOSTON MAGAZINE [and VANITY FAIR] haven't changed with us.    On BOSTON'S website is a piece about where to find the best ribs in town.  Everything has changed.    We have changed.    When the downturn is over, we will be fortunate if we are not the emotionally scarred basket cases our parents/grandparents were, thanks to The Great Depression.

"The Good Wife" - No "Boston Legal," but give it time

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  No "Boston Legal" but let's give it time.    There's none of the depth of "Boston Legal" in the understanding of what goes on inside one human being and among human beings.  I was set to put the full knock on "The Good Wife."  "  But it wasn't a disaster. 

Lina Bolanos, Richard Field & Illusion of Safety

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In a luxury condo in South Boston, two respected medical doctors - Lina Bolanos and Richard Field - were bound and then had their throats slashed. Here are the details from The Boston Globe.

Are you missing a sense of place?

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You’re everywhere and nowhere baby, that’s where you’re at Going down a bumpy hillside, in your hippy hat Flying across the country, and getting fat Saying everything is groovy, when your tires are flat – Jeff Beck, Hi Ho Silver Lining I recently flew across the country on a business trip to Boston, the place […].

Do Something Daring: Steal Home Plate!

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This weekend was the first of their series this year at Boston. Tags: Boston Red Sox Communication Current Affairs Jacoby Ellsbury New York Yankees Red Sox Yankees I'm not a huge Major League Baseball fan (outside of cheering for the Twins).

Watch the context of your language - why MSNBC should learn slang

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MSNBC decided to use the phrase "tea-bagging" because of the references to the Boston Tea Party protests that the protest organizers wanted to emulate (it is near the end of the clip above). Tags: Boston Tea Party Communication Current Affairs Daily Show MSNBC Protesting Taxes

BOSTON, Other Monthlies Need More Than Just The Best 10 Ice Creams

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BOSTON Magazine may well be in Stage Four of what management expert Jim Collins points do as the next-to-last phase before an organization tanks.  BOSTON announced that it has laid off six people, including the editor James Burnett and named Andrew Putz, from MINNESOTA MONTHLY, as new editor.  Cute has its place, as in the best 10 ice creams in the Boston Metro area. 

Ben Zander – tickets still available for JHB

Craig Strachan - Keep Talking!

Ben is the conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra, and one of the most transformational speakers that I have ever heard. Yesterday, I saw Ben Zander speaking in Cape Town.

Awaken Possibilty in Other People

Green Room Speakers

Wednesday, March 17, 2010 Awaken Possibilty in Other People Listen to this remarkable speech by Benjamin Zander, the conductor of the Boston Philharmonic.