Make Money Doing Free Speaking Engagements

Perhaps your thinking, I already sell BOR productsBut are you happy with just placing a few CDs on the back table or a few of your books? Most speakers think doing free engagements is a waste of time, money and energyBUT those that think this may not be using all their resources.

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Charli Jane Speaker Services: Public Speakers: Create Streams of Income With Your Products and Services by Wendi J McNeill

Your speaking engagement is the ideal place to start the ball rolling. Be sure to get permissionbefore the eventto set up a table for the purpose of displaying and selling your BOR products. 14 ways to make money when speaking for free! Club New to the Speaking Industry?

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Charli Jane Speaker Services: 5 Ways You Benefit When Speaking

One would be not finding enough pay based speaking engagements. So, we must learn to leverage the free engagements that you do while building a stronger platform and seeking out the fee based events. At your free speaking event. Do you want to enhanceyour speaking career?