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A book functions as a multi-dimensional marketing and sales tool. If you haven't published one, you are at a disadvantage. Why You   Publish.  No, you don't put the book out there hoping to earn a bundle from royalties. Agent-Publisher Route.

Book royalty cheque arrives and I am smiling

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Book royalty cheque arrives and I am smiling. Tags: Self-Publishing & Print On Demand POD print on demand self-publishing Here's why.

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One Writer’s Tale of Self-Publishing

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In 2009, 76% of all books released were self-published, according to Publishers Weekly. The number of self-published print and e-books continue to grow exponentially while the number of books issued by traditional publishers declines. This trend is being fostered by both independent authors and the new wave of print on demand (POD) publishers who publish books for would-be authors lacking the technical skills to otherwise self-publish.

Share of Royalties, Only: Those "deals" still being offered

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The odds of an author without a brandname publishing a book that makes any money are slim.    As for compensation, what is offered is "share of royalties."  Books

Shared Royalties as payment: Pre-digital dreamer

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  A wannabe author puts an ad for ghostwriting, offering as compensation a share of royalties.  This is the post-book era.    To bring in any royalties it has to be published by a big brandname like Sarah Palin or really dish the dirt like THE POLITICIAN.    Otherwise it's unlikely to yield any royalties at all.    It's published by the American Management Association.  Tags: Books

Why all the Hail Mary Passes in book publishing?

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  Yet, there is a surge in those Hail Mary passes to publish a book.    Several times a day I receive emails from authors seemingly desperate to have a book out there.    I describe this reach as "desperate" because they have no knowledge how much work as well as expense goes into having a book written and promoted.    Regarding the latter, we all know that 90% of success of a book is the promotion. 

Article: Self-Publishing, Author Services Open Floodgates for Writers

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Mid-level authors already know that the era of large advances, generous royalties, book tours and media spots are over. They have to spend their own time and money to create a website and publicize their books. Publishers just don't have the resources to offer them full support. The Internet, online bookstores, e-books, and an economy in decline are cited as some root causes of the steady slump in the traditional publishing industry.

Book Authors Now Earn $17,500 Annually (Authors Guild Survey)

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Being a book author was like being an English college professor. " Now, thanks to the digital revolution, very few book authors can make it financially. Picking up assignments writing for my own byline for The New York Times or publishing books was fun.

Books As Loss Leaders: More authors realizing that

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 In exchange the ghostwriters would receive a share of royalties.  Books, even in the best of book-selling times, are essentially loss leaders.  Authors publish them as the price of entry to be taken seriously in a career path.   Books careers

Book Authors: Mostly Labor of Love or Marketing Tool

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It's rare that a book author will become wealthy, at least not through the royalties from books. Also, increasingly it's irrelevant whether the books are produced by a publisher such as HarperCollins or a self-publisher like

2014 65

Publishing a Tell-All: Risky Business

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In this era when gossip is a major industry, publishing a tell-all would seem a sure money-maker.    That's about as low as it has been since it was published.    Those forces could be pushing back against the book.    The book is at number 754  on    That's lousy news for me since for my role in preparation, I am contracted to 50% of the royalties.  " Tags: Books

Fewer Bad Guys/Bad Gals: Do a show or publish a book?

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  That gets us writers, particularly we book authors and ghostwriters of others's books, to ask:  Hey, do books make a difference?  It's been claimed, by some, that Michael Lewis finished off  Solomon Brothers and its arrogant head John Gutfreund with his non-fiction book "Liar's Poker."  provided myriad books on healing so we could be in the now.    Tags: Books Current Affairs

2009 43

Book Sales Uneven

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I have clients and colleagues whose books sold well on Barnes and Noble and crashed on  So, it's no surprise that Bob Dilenschneider's book AMA HANDBOOK ON PUBLIC RELATIONS has been having relatively brisk sales on Barnes and Noble.    There's no reason why weak sales in one channel should influence the overall potential of the book in the marketplace. My interest in this particular book is not detached. 

Sales 43

Authors versus publishers in the digital age

Max Atkinson

As many of you will know, there's quite a debate going on about Google's plan to make every book ever published available online. Although publishers are making a lot of noise about it, they've stayed remarkably quiet about another wheeze they've been exploiting since the digital age got under way - and about which they haven't bothered to tell their authors. Does a book ever go out of print? No", said the publishers of the day (Routledge).

How to work with publishers and agents: The Public Words Speaker Forum 2010

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

As I’ve blogged before, professional speakers need books in order to sustain a career over the long term.    And that means books published by traditional publishing houses for the most part, though there are exceptions.    The exceptions are speakers who already have a strong market for their speeches and can sell the books ‘in the back of the house’.  Writers often imagine a published book as the end of a long journey.? 

2010 51

Le Book: Over?

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"A book is the price of entry."   A book was produced.    No surprise, I am receiving more calls for scripting and/or presenting webinars than I am traditional print books.   Of course, there are books being put out there which still pull their weight.     The prominence and sales of the book have been helped by good luck for Young that the Edwards's saga keeps giving.  Tags: Books

What You Need to Know About Self-Publishing

Great Public Speaking

You know that public speaking book you have always wanted to write but never did because you would have to pay the printer to print hundreds more than you need and then store them forever in your garage? Now with print-on-demand, you can have a few or many books printed at a nominal price. This means you can order just enough to sell from your website, at your book signing, at back-of-the-room sales during your seminars, or for giving away to promote your business.

2010: What no longer sells books

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  The glut of product caused by self-publishing and desperation.  All these are significant factors depressing the book industry in 2010.    The book game has fundamentally changed.    What we're learning is what no longer sells books.    Here are some of those changes in the game: Preface authored with a big name doesn't move books.       Sales of that book could be much better. [Full

2010 46

Book Sales - Rules of Success Keep Mutating

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  Therefore,  financial expectations are lower for me who is contacted to earn 50% of its royalties.     Meanwhile Maria Bartiromo, who wrote the "Preface" for the AMA HANDBOOK ON PUBLIC RELATIONS, has her own book out there.  Should we conclude that there might be a positive correlation between a solid brandname and strong sales of your own book but not necessarily the book that brandname endorses with a "Preface?" 

Sales 43

AMA HANDBOOK OF PUBLIC RELATIONS: Like careers, books have comebacks too

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  It was published around February 17, 2010.    Like careers, this book can have a comeback.    Then I found out through the book was not to be published until mid February 2010.      On this blog I signaled the powers-that-be, ranging from Dilenschneider to publisher American Management Association, that the perspective and content had to be brought up to date.  Tags: Books

From the 600,000s to the 20,000 Amazon ranking: The book that made it back & did it ever

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  When that guide to communications fundamentals as they are being configured by digital technology was published by the American Management Association it quickly sunk to the 600,000s on    Tonight on, it's at the near-bestseller ranking, at least for books in that category, of 20,713.   This little book that could bears witness to the adage: don't give up before the miracle. Tags: Books

ASJA membership has its advantages

Joan Detz Speaker Services

I’ve been active in the American Society of Journalists & Authors since HOW TO WRITE & GIVE A SPEECH (St Martin’s Press) was first published in 1984. I credit the book’s 32 years of publishing success (read: 32 years of royalties) to the savvy advice I’ve gotten at ASJA.

How to write, sell, and market a business book – IV: You’ve written that proposal; now what?

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

  You can’t approach a publisher directly.    If you go to a publisher directly, it will think “Amateur!”   Look for an agent – this is really important – that covers the kind of book you are proposing.    Agents specialize in genres – business books, children’s books, fiction, religious books – you name it.    Buy one of his books and check the acknowledgments – he’s thanked in there. 

Market Your Book with a Movie Trailer

Animated Trailers My first encounter with movie trailers for print books--rather than films made from books--was the VidLit for John Warners Fondling Your Muse. A VidLit may be an excerpt from a book, or a synopsis.

Growth of ebooks and indie authors

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According to Publisher’s Weekly : Ten years ago, e-books accounted for less than 1% of the trade book market. Today, e-books account for about 25% of dollar sales and 40%–50% of units. Although the rate of growth has slowed for e-books, the affordability and accessibility of digital will continue to erode print readership. Writers retain all rights while earning 60%–80% of the list price as their e-book royalty.

Fox Effect and Long Tail

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Bob Dilenshneider's book "AMA Handbook on Public Relations" has grown a long tail from the author's controversial appearance on Fox News.    The book, which had been floundering for a year after its publication, keeps spiking on 

That Old "Don't give up before the miracle"

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The book I published is "Over-50: How We Keep Working."    After some brisk sales when the book was published about a year ago, activity was in a dead zone.    Then, today a nice royalty check came from the publisher.

2011 56

How the Professionals Make Money

The Speaker Point

Is it from book or product sales? Make money with a book? Think again Most speakers don’t make any money through book sales. They write it, publish it, and carry it around, as my friend Seth puts it, “as a business card to get speaking gigs.” And while there are a few speakers who sell enough books to make a living, the vast majority of speakers won’t make money solely from selling books. That’s what I plan to use my book for.

2011 100

Progress: I feel like Kalinda on "The Good Wife"

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Sleuthing unfolded this information:  The information about royalties from the book I assisted Bob Dilenschneider with - AMA HANDBOK ON PUBLIC RELATIONS - is solely in his hands.    By written contact, I am supposed to receive 50% of those royalties.  Kadin, Executive Director of AMACOM Books had sent me an email this afternoon.  Tags: Books Street vs. elite might be making some progress. 

Readers, give your input: should I give up my day job?

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That could be in the cards - my tarot card reader tells me - if Bob Dilenschneider's book AMA HANDBOOK ON PUBLIC RELATIONS continues selling.  All that adds up to 50% of royalties for me.  ON THE MONEY: Twice I contacted office manager at The Dilenschneider Group Joan Avagliano [] about the status the royalties.     AMA HANDBOOK ON PUBLIC RELATIONS was published by the American Management Association on February 17, 2010. 

E-Limbo: We authors are simply bidding our time

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Publishing, as it shifts from print to e-books and other kinds of publications, is in limbo.     As THE ECONOMIST reports , last week Amazon revealed that in its latest quarter, it had sold more e-books than print. So, we authors are simply bidding our time and putting up with low royalties.    Like the leaders and managers in the publishing industry, we authors are trying to figure out how to monetize digital. 

Should You Write an eBook?

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

  Should you publish one?    I get asked these questions all the time by people understandably confused by the sudden explosions of options in publishing thanks to the Internet and the lack of a coherent response by the traditional publishing industry.    Because the publishing industry is changing so fast, I encourage you to weigh in with your experiences.    Publishers used to do 5 things for authors. 

2011 65

Your Online Presence - No, It Doesn't Have To Be The Happy Valley

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Gleefully, photos of grandchildren, the perfect chocolate mousse, and the royalty check from publishing that book are posted. That's even the case when the post is a blatant sales pitch or a mere link to something already published on their own commercial website. The ethos of Facebook is primarily The Happy Valley. Even in sad events such as the death of a relative, the tone is upbeat. I have yet to come across a warning not to despair.

2015 52

No sweet spot on Barnes and Noble either

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  Books, even well crafted ones, are a hard sell.    That's what I warn prospects who have their heart and hopes set on publishing a traditional print book through a traditional print publishing house.    Given this declining market for books, it's no surprise that a solid book like Bob Dilenschneider's AMA HANDBOOK ON PUBLIC RELATIONS hasn't found a sweet spot on Barnes and Noble.  Tags: Books


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  As this PDF   informs, D2 has been hawking the book AMA HANDBOOK ON PUBLIC RELATIONS at the Javits Center.  For me and my two aging felines whose health bills keep surging [I am fighting for cat Medicare], this hustling on the book front by D2 is wonderful news.    Because of my assistance with the manuscript, by contract I receive a percentage of the royalties.  Nice way to go into the weekend. 

No Joy in Bookville

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The three upscale households I visited this past week all had lots of books: borrowed from the library.   I scanned their bookshelves and the last owned book had been purchased a while ago.    Books are being read.    But those books, in addition to being checked out of the library, are free downloads.    This is a guy who has the global connections to promote and buy the bookBooks aren't dead. 

Cautionary Tale for Writers

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  So, to ensure that I would be paid on a timely basis for my assistance with preparing the AMA HANDBOOK ON PUBLIC RELATIONS, I put the matter of the collection of the royalty payments in the hands of Adams, Stevens & Bradley, Ltd.   I asked it explicitly if it could process royalties.  The book AMA HANDBOOK ON PUBLIC RELATIONS, by Bob Dilenschneider who heads The Dilenschneider Group, was published February 17, 2010.  Tags: Books

Putting Your eBook Sales on Autopilot

Pivotal Public Speaking recently announced that its monthly eBook sales have surpassed its print book sales. How do you convert your books into eBooks? Does your book need to be in all formats? What’s a standard royalty or commission? As the demand for eBooks accelerates, the advantage goes to nimble authors, experts, and publishers who are able to stand out and rise above the noise. => [link].

What Happened?

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  In 1991, his breakthrough book POWER AND INFLUENCE was a best-seller in public relations, quoted verbatim for years.    I assisted with the manuscript and for that am contracted to receive 50% of the royalties, which likely won't be a windfall. Well, as I blogged last year , I was stunned when I became aware after checking that the publication date for the book was February 17, 2010.    In addition, there is a definite book glut. 

1998 46

Online Moves Offline: Bob Dilenschneider on how PR keeps mutating

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

That's what his  book "AMA Handbook on Public Relations" is about: The mix of online with offline and how the two can reinforce each other, if done right.   In addition, Dilenscheider recognized, yes, the book industry is in disarray. 


Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  Published on February 17, 2010 by the American Management Association by Bob Dilenschneider, head of  The Dilenschneider Group , it's not doing as well as those in the loop anticipated.  My role, for which I'm receiving 50% of royalties, was assisting with the research, interviewing, and writing.   Selling a book in a generic manner doesn't sell many books. * Tags: Books

"Creations must make money indirectly, by promoting sales of something else," Paul Krugman

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  My example is the book published to bring in business for the consultant, lecture fees for the motivational speaker, and believers for a spiritual or religious organization.  Fortunately, even prospects for my ghostwriting services are getting it that they can't hope for big royalties from a book.    They are clear that books are a tool for other commercial goals.  "I found what I was meant to do. 

Andrew Young's Genius and/or Good Luck: Not all exposes created equal

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  That's a marvelous accomplishment for any book in the glutted marketplace of print.    Those ways might contain the seeds of success in a book market turned on its ear. So, what are the variables which make a book, in this post-print era, hot in terms of bringing in royalties?    In his book, Constantine is the voice of competence and authority.  A good idea well executed no longer is the way to approach doing a book