Mother's Day 2017 - Austintown, OH Public Library Closed

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That's what I thought when I saw the signs on the Austintown, Ohio public library. Yes, the public library was closing for Mother's Day. " Not in my book. So I asked her why the library was treating it as such. Public libraries have become third places.

10 Books for the 21st-Century Presenter, Storyteller

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A man will turn over half a library to make a book." And reading books is the best form of reading. I prefer books over articles and blog posts in the same way that I prefer albums over songs. But still I press on, trying to read as many books as I can.

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Reference books for design

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I keep these books in my library and recommend them highly: Resonate: Present Visual Stories that Transform Audiences, by Nancy Duarte Envisioning Information, by Edward R. Would you like your PowerPoint presentations to look better? Invest a couple hours to read about design from top design authorities. Tufte. Presentation skills Speechwriting

Duarte’s Diagrammer™: 4,000 Diagrams at Your Fingertips for 99 cents each

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to photocopy each of the pages of each of the books, so she could set to work cutting them to pieces, and sorting them. This taxonomy of diagrams was featured in Chapter 3 of Nancy’s first book, Slide:ology , where it quickly became one of the book’s most popular sections.

GUEST POST: A literary agent reflects “On Authors and Book Talks”

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On Authors and Book Talks By Debbie Carter of Waverly Place Literary Agency Living in the hub of America’s book publishing capital, I see new books churned through New York’s publicity machine of readings and TV talk shows. Every new book competes for a slot in bookstores, libraries, bars and colleges.

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Instant Influence by Michael Pantalon - Book 21 of 52 in 52

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Essentially, the book is written to persuade and influence us, not just inform us, which is both appropriate and a tremendous example to the rest of us looking at writing our first, or next, book.

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Toddlers & Books: Miller Public Library, Hamden, Connecticut

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Print books still cast their spell on toddlers.    That's what I have concluded from observing the brisk business at the check-out counter at the Miller Public Library, Hamden, Connecticut.    But the excitement seems to be about the print books

For authors who have books available in French libraries …

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My own books have been translated into Japanese, Dutch, Polish and Spanish. So far, my books have not been translated into French – but if you’re an author of a book that appears in French […]. In 2017, HOW TO WRITE & GIVE A SPEECH will be published in Chinese – both in print and ebook. Freelance Writing International speakers News, events, and awards

Presentation Skills Book – The Presenters Edge (2nd Edition)

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I'm excited to announce that the updated version of my book on presentation skills, the Presenters Edge is very close to launching. If you've been putting of polishing your presentation skills then the Presenters Edge is a must have addition to your library for 2017.

Public Speaking Book Roundup: Duarte, Livingston, Smith and Boettinger

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The pile of new books on public speaking people have sent me regularly gets too high to be safe, and then I work through them to see what’s most useful.    In this case, it’s the wilds of public speaking, and this is a useful book to have.    If you’re looking for more of Nancy’s thinking, her recent book Resonate l ays out her method, and it’s brilliant.    As such, it’s a more technically-focused book than Duarte’s. 

Libraries: Already rebranding as Third Places

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On November 13th, I might swing by the North Haven, Connecticut Memorial Library to hang out at the "Cooking with Paula" free meetup.  That branch of the CT public library system has become my favorite Third Place.   Books Branding Web/Tech

Get your Book in Print Without Going Broke

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Writing the book can often be the easy part! It’s like having a general contractor, which is helpful because dealing with bar codes and library of congress stuff may not be in your wheelhouse. I adore my book design team at Heidy Lawrence Associates. Booking Speeches

Presentation Zen: 10 non-PowerPoint books that can help you create better presentations

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Books are good, but which ones? I don't usually suggest PowerPoint or Keynote "how-to" books, but instead recommend reading books from various design and communication fields to stretch your knowledge and perspective. I have almost all of Scott Kelby's photography books.

The Public Library - Building Community, One Special Event At A Time

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  Like all library special events, it was free. It's long been said that public libraries are the new Third Places in our society. The public library has been the heart of the community. The public library might be the 21st century version of the settlement house.

Ofelia Zepeda - Tribal Voice from Desert Overtakes Crowd at Woods Library, Tucson, AZ

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April is National Poetry Month and the Woods Library , based in Tucson, Arizona, hosted  this special event.  " Books Current Affairs Food and Drink Intuitive Personal Musings Public Speaking Travel Values Writing

"Zero to One" By Peter Thiel - 23 On Waiting List At Woods Memorial Library

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The Woods Memorial Library is not in San Francisco or Manhattan. "   Books Web/Tech It is on the Eastside of Tucson, Arizona, miles away from thriving commercial areas like Phoenix, AZ (where the Superbowl will be) and Dallas, Texas. Yet, the folks know their memes.

Intelligence: Libraries gone within 5 years

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Public libraries are all sorts of entities, ranging from where we can borrow books to where we can hang out as third places. During the past few weeks I have been talking with those who man the front desks of libraries.     Part of the reason is the migration of le book to digital form that can be delivered via a gadget.    Communities are less and less willing to support the library any more.  Tags: Books

Barnes & Noble - Meet You at Starbucks, I Just Ordered the Best-Seller Used from Amazon.

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Amazon offered us better and better bargains on books. There has even been the option of ordering used books. Also, more of us are willing to get on the waiting list at the public library for a best-seller. " The wait was short since the library had multiple copies.

North Haven, Connecticut Public Library: The place that keeps us working

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The North Haven, Connecticut Public Library has evolved into the working person's secret weapon.    The staff at the New Haven Public Library stepped right up to the plate.    She directed me to several books.    The client complimented me for going beyond Internet research to an actual book.  I thank all the staff - and the taxpayers who support the library.

Library of Congress & Digital - Is there a gap?

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  There on Caller ID was: 202-707-5000 - Library of Congress.    The issue was:  In order to receive a copyright the book has to be "sold" or "published."    The implication was that a book would not have been sold or published on Christmas Day. When I called the Library of Congress this evening the office was already closed. 

How to start building a library of photos

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They asked where they could find a library of good photos that their department could use in presentations. How do you create a library of the ones you find suitable for your business? To this library that you build from the stock photography sites, add photos that you take yourself. But once those are understood, look for opportunities to add to your library of photos with ones you take at your company or in public.

People I’m Grateful for #8: Nancy Duarte

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  Her strength is in telling great stories through powerful images, and she’s written a couple of books on the subject – Slideology and Resonate – both of which are essential elements of your communications libraryBook Reviews 12.

Phone box becomes the world's smallest library and a worldwide news story

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Jan Fisher (interviewed HERE ) came up with the idea of a book-exchange, as the travelling library no longer comes to the village.

Books - Hey, Dude, We Read Differently

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Unlike little children who flock to the public library for story-time, we don't have the time for the "experience" of reading. No longer is stress reduced by curling up with a good book and getting lost in that world. Books careers Values Web/Tech Writing

Books - That's What Clients Want, Or, More Accurately, Need

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In this era of disruption, one thing hasn't changed: Published books remain the price of entry. Actually, given the glut of talent in almost every field, a well-done book is even more needed. Then, they will move on to play around with concepts for the next book.

8 gifts to encourage your favorite public speaker

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Conference organizers and program chairs, if you book speakers throughout the year, stock up on these options. Susan Cain talks about being an introvert and a speaker in the popular book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking , or the audio CD version of the book.

O.J. Simpson - The Return of the Hero

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Here in small town Ohio, the Austintown public library has a special display on books about criminals - international, national and local (Cleveland). Books careers Current Affairs legal Media Personal Musings Sports Television Travel Values Voodoo

Book Stores: No Business for the Ambitious

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Of course, we expected more woe in the book store category after Borders Group filed for bankruptcy.    Book stores simply aren't where people buy the books they will eventually purchase.  Books careers Current Affairs

Books: Are Hardbacks Over?

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After an initial good week or two, books which were supposed bestsellers aren't selling too well.    I buy books for the ideas, not for the prestige of displaying it on my office bookshelf.    In addition, I don't buy books beyond a certain price point, even if I am going to refer to it in the long term.    Instead I will scurry off to the library, as I am doing today, to again check it out. Tags: Books Your book received negative review

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   Consumers review the products, especially books.    Some are experts in the field the book was about.    Another is that books are no longer a mainstream purchase.    They can make the trip to the library

5 Ways to Present Naked

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  Along with his earlier books, Presentation Zen , and Presentation Zen Design , The Naked Presenter is a beautifully designed book with a series of elegant insights into how to present effectively.      Following are 5 of the best lessons from the new book.    I recommend all of Garr’s books highly.  Book ReviewsOf course, I’m envious.    I wish I’d thought of the title, The Naked Presenter.  

Yes, A Book Is Still "Price Of Entry" - Agent/Publisher Route, Self-Publishing, Home-Publishing

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A book functions as a multi-dimensional marketing and sales tool.  No, you don't put the book out there hoping to earn a bundle from royalties. Therefore, you have consider how you go about publishing your book. Having a sinking book hurts your brand.

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New book by alum getting good attention

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Speechwriter Jim Holtje’s new book on corporate storytelling is off to a great start. Ask for The Power of Storytelling in bookstores, online and in libraries Jim’s done a guest blog on CNBC and is also writing an article for PRSA’s Strategist.

Win by Telling Great Stories with Peter Guber

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Peter Guber has written a masterful additional to the storytelling library shelf with his book, Tell To Win.   My only complaint is that he doesn’t tell you how to craft a story beyond the familiar three-part opening challenge – struggle – resolution that is the stuff of hundreds of similar books on the scene.    Maybe he’s saving that for his next book.    That’s brilliant advice, and a nice cap to a valuable book. Book Reviews

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Book Review: Advanced Presentations by Design

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I really like this book. It’s a book that should be in everyone’s presentation library. Tags: Book Reviews Design book maui nancy presentation Video So much that I’m reviewing it while on vacation. Advanced Presentations by Design takes a 10-step approach to writing and designing a presentation. Andrew Abela takes a methodical approach to creating a presentation that drives action.

Books: Traditional Niches, Bookstores Hit Hard

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While sales of e-books soar, those of mass market paperbacks dive 30 percent and adult hardback 11 percent in January, reports Jason Boob of MEDIABISTRO.COM.   Like the public library, the role of the book store has to be reconfigured.    However, there are still many Americans happy as clams with the old role of the book store as genteel hangout.  Books

Controversy Sells Book in Tough Market: Murdoch defender's book gets a bounce

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This weekend in THE NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE , none other than executive editor Bill Keller told us to forget about writing a book.    Controversy makes for the sweet spot on the book market. Books Branding careers Current Affairs Writing

Writers as Drunks - New book "The Trip to Echo Spring" looks at occupational disease

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Scott Fitzgerald's book "The Great Gatsby" there has been renewed interest in how booze did the young genius in.  At the Miller Public Library in Hamden, Connecticut, biographies on Fitzgerald are on special display. With the latest filming of F.

Presentation Skills Book – The Presenters Edge (2nd Edition)

Inter-Activ Presenting and Influencing

I'm excited to announce that the updated version of my book on presentation skills, the Presenters Edge is very close to launching. It's the first in a series of bite-sized business books which are high on valuable content and low on waffle, and it will be available shortly in both paperback and Amazon Kindle format via amazon and other booksellers. Make 2017 the year you transform your presentation skills.

That College Bubble - I Heard the Hiss in Greensburg, Pennsylvania (Seton Hill, U of PItt at Greensburg)

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Instead of those all-purpose campuses (both Seton Hill and U of Pitt at Greensburg have libraries) there will be small brick and mortar presences for those institutions granting degrees. The complexity of that is played out in the brilliant book "Stuart, A Life Backwards."