Book Marketing Made Simple – A Review

Inter-Activ Presenting and Influencing

Having published by first book The Presenters Edge, back in December 2016 and, having made loads of book marketing mistakes along the way, I was keen to read Karen Williams Book Marketing Made Simple. My first reaction after reading this useful publication was – “I wish I had read this before I published my first book!” These examples brought the ideas in the book to life and showed me how I could apply the ideas and techniques covered in the book.

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Book Marketing Made Simple – A Review

Inter-Activ Presenting and Influencing

Having published by first book The Presenters Edge, back in December 2016 and, having made loads of book marketing mistakes along the way, I was keen to read Karen Williams Book Marketing Made Simple. My first reaction after reading this useful publication was – “I wish I had read this before I published my first book!” These examples brought the ideas in the book to life and showed me how I could apply the ideas and techniques covered in the book.

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How do you organize and structure your presentation content?

PowerPoint Tips

Olivia Mitchell recently presented in the Outstanding Presentations Workshop and recommended that everyone use a planner to organize content. You can get her e-book with the planner here.). In her presentation (and the planner), Olivia recommended answering the following questions that your audience will have about your topic: Why? Tags: Content kiva Olivia Mitchell planner

You Like Me? You Really Like Me?

Speak and Deliver

Sure, I can offer to give away a book to a random audience member who fills a sheet out, but even that can look a bit shallow. Usually they are designed to benefit the planner - should they bring you back? Do You Have Sally Fieldesque Esteem Issues?


What to do when you’re losing your audience

Speaking about Presenting

For example, John Medina says in his book Brain Rules : “I decided that every lecture I’d ever give would come in discrete modules. But if you make a transition statement such as: “So that’s the problem we’re facing, now I’ll go onto my recommendation to address it.”.

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Increase Book Exposure Through Author Speaking Engagements

Authors who pursue speaking engagements gain more attention for their books. Some authors have single-handedly propelled their books to bestseller status through traveling and speaking nationwide on a continual basis. Summary How many books can you sell through speaking engagements?

Speaking of Testimonials

Speak and Deliver

No accountability there, for the recommender or the speaker. It's not unusual for speakers to write their own testimonials for a meeting planner or company big-wig, and ask that person to sign-off on it, pending their own corrections and additions.

Market Your Book with a Movie Trailer

Animated Trailers My first encounter with movie trailers for print books--rather than films made from books--was the VidLit for John Warners Fondling Your Muse. A VidLit may be an excerpt from a book, or a synopsis.

The Speakers Bureau Myth

Speak and Deliver

The above describes most large, reputable agencies, such as: __ (Interestingly, I put out a request for reputable agencies from my Facebook and Twitter friends and followers, and it resulted in only one actual recommendation. Let them know if they get you booked, you'll give THEM a commission.

Charl iJane Speaker Services How to get bookings

Below is just a handful of tips to help position yourself within the speaking arena and get those speaking engagements booked! Nothing else turns away a meeting planner or organization more than an unattractive and unorganized media kit.

Charli Jane Speaker Services: 10 Tips to Help Position Yoursel

Dont waste your time, energy and money on developing a niche that just isnt going to get any recognition because it isnt something that planners will be looking for! Develop an eye-catching media kit Planners get hundreds if not thousands of proposals and media kits every year.

Finding Feedback

Speak and Deliver

His notebook ends up in the hands of William Forrester, a reclusive author famous for a single book written in the 50's. Meeting planners will provide feedback of sorts - but it will still be weighted towards whether or not you met their expectations of message delivery vs. speaking skills.

Web Ink Now: Top ten tips for incredibly successful public speaking

You are in the book) The Gobbledygook Manifesto -- Cutting Edge! An analysis of gobbledygook in over 388,000 press releases sent in 2006 About David Meerman Scott Have me speak at your next event My books Free ebooks My blog -- buzz contact me Business TV Channel Recent Comments Marissa Yennie on Are you a craft marketer? Yes, sometimes it may seem appropriate, but it is never recommended. It helps meeting planners and speakers.

"Promote Yourself" by Dan Schawbel - Social media could be dinging soft skills

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Prominent in that interview is Schawbel's latest book "Promote Yourself: New Rules for Career Success." " And, for those who want more from Schawbel online, here is how you can register to virtually attend the book-launch event. 

Be Your Own Ghostwriter - DIY - Part 4

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

As with all writing, there is no one way to organize the book, white paper, article for a scientific journal, opinion-editorial for The Wall Street Journal, formal report, internal memo to employees or the board of directors or blog post.  I don't recommend this way of organizing.

Top 10 Best Presentations Ever at KnowHR Blog

Therefore I’m feeding you with a link to a speech from Lawrence Lessig I strongly recommend (I got the link from this page here, check for more wonderful presentations). I noted it on this blog, and I also wrote in with some recommendations for other presentations that ought to be in a ten best presentations list. [.] [.] I highly recommend you go and watch Proffesor Lessig’s speech at oscon, it has been called one of the 10 best presentations ever. [.] [.]

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Make Better Presentations - The Anatomy of a Good Speech |

Only some books have a table of contents up front (fiction doesn’t do that often). Look at comic book covers. referral link: [link] ) I read it on my flight and it was a really good book!!! Plan on writing a book review at SquaredPeg soon.

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How to Start Speaking at Events |

Are you hoping to share the learnings found in your awesome book (available for 24.95 Social Proof I also use my LinkedIn profile to get recommendations from people who’ve seen me speak, and I list professional speaker as one of my “jobs&# on the site.

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How to develop a paid public speaking career – III: Where do you find gigs?

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

  Most speakers starting out think that their best move is to find a speakers’ bureau and sit back and wait for the bookings to roll in.    More and more speakers and meeting planners are doing ‘end runs’ around the speakers’ bureaus.    Some meeting planners will even ask bureaus for recommendations, and then go to the speakers’ web sites and book them directly. 

How to Present While People are Twittering | Pistachio

Much of what’s recommended above threatens to fall into this same divide… would certainly recommend finding out first how many in the audience have Twitter accounts at all. If you’re a conference planner, please ID yourself as such when you weigh in on this post.

Charli Jane Speaker Services: Top 10 Do Nots When Working With

Remember the meeting industry is well networked and word of mouth travels fast Dont put them on hold - Big mistake, if you have set up a phone meeting with a planner make sure you give them your undivided attention! Not sure what to add to your planner page?

Charli Jane Speaker Services - contingency speaker

Susan Speakwell My Street Address -My City, NE, 12345 Phone: 123 456 7890 |Cellular: 123 456 7890 Fax: 123 456 7890 |Email: Web: February 8th, 2005 Karen Sharp Chief Meeting Planner SPEAK TO ME, INC.

Charli Jane Speaker Services: 7 Common Mistakes New Public Speakers Make When First Starting Their Business

So, do your homework, research your market, talk to meeting planners and executives in your market, visit associations in your market see who they have hired to speak at previous events, you can even talk to other speakers. MEMBERS LOGIN Home SPEAKER SERVICES Speaker Services Get Found Now!

Charli Jane Speaker Services: What It Takes To Get Noticed By

Relationships rule: Although there are many ways to get a planner to take notice of you, I want to focus on only one and the most important which are relationships. Meeting planners are very keen on when theyre being played and yes it does happen.

The Self Publishing Deception

Everyone wants their books inside Borders or Barnes and Noblebut its just not possible. Print-On-Demand (or Publish-On-Demand) books are printed as little as 1 book at a time. This means their unit price to print and buy is higher per book. The book costs about $15.

How authors can endure the promotional process

More often than not, you have to convince an occupied public that the book you spent months, perhaps years writing, is actually worth spending $14.95 This becomes more difficult for authors who dont have the means of getting their books marketed to the masses.

Speaking Business

New Years Eve 2004, I started working my next book in the Sparkle-Tudes Series (Creating Sparkling Attitudes), researching quotations about love. Why not have the book ready and released for this event, only one month away!

Speaking with Value

About the author: Yvonne Perry has completed the requirements for the Advanced Toastmaster Silver (ATM) and Advanced Leader (AL) Awards and is available to speak about the subject of her books as well as a selection of other topics that inspire excellence and uplift the spirit.

Attending Special Events

is a speaker, author (over 170 books, articles, and publications), and consultant. Name: Email: FREE Speak-to-Me eZine for Speakers & Meeting Planners Includes great tips, Speaker of the month profile, and much more!

Wendi McNeill: As A Public Speaker Do You Twit?

There are hundreds of cool Twitter tools out there but dont get overwhelmed with all of them and just get yourself set up with Twitter first and then I would recommend Twitter Deck, after that you can play around with the other tools.

The profitable world of self-publishing

After each presentation members of my audience would approach me and ask if had a book or a tape for sale. All I needed to do was write a book and bring it to my audiences. This is how my first book was born.

Charli Jane Speaker Services - how to define your niche

But getting one booking is not enough, now you must. You want to get your clients to recommend you to others and keep them coming back for more! Speakers of choice get bookings and higher paying engagements!

Charli Jane Speaker Services: How Do I Fill My Speaking Schedule? by Wendi J McNeill

Another recommendation for marketing is to start an article marketing campaign and write articles on a regular basis and have them submitted to article sites, this will place you as the expert and link back to your website. MEMBERS LOGIN Home SPEAKER SERVICES Speaker Services Get Found Now!

Speakers: It’s About Time (and How to Manage It)

Manner of Speaking

I especially recommend this approach if you have a speech or presentation that you deliver on a regular basis. Before starting, it is always a good idea (as well as polite) to reconfirm your speaking time with your host or the event planner. It will also put you in many people’s good books. If you prefer taking questions at the end, I recommend that you stop your prepared presentation just before the conclusion and entertain the questions.

Charli Jane Speaker Services: 5 Ways You Benefit When Speaking

You can also create free reports, manuals, book marks, and even promote your coaching program. You can also gain more exposure for your book or upcoming workshops, seminar, coaching practice etc.

Charli Jane Speaker Services - speaker representation

An agent has an incentive to get you booking engagements and higher fees with better contract terms, because the more the agent gets you the more the agent gets.

Credibility: 15 Facets to speaking professionalism

Presenting ideas in threes is one of the oldest tricks in the book  our minds are trained to pick up on triads  not too little, not too much. Take a class at a community college, or go buy a book and analyze a recording of your last presentation.

Does Your Speaking Menu Look Delicious?

Speaker Launcher

recommend? recommended a book called ‘The Authentic Leader’ Another client had a Safety Keynote that we. for those of you who have a Meeting Planners. can easily see what you ‘also recommend’ This. bought this book also bought…’ - for your online product purchasers use the. Have you ever been to a restaurant where they. matched the food with the wine that they. Yum, love that! And it makes it.

Charli Jane Speaker Services: Public Speaking Hidden Opportunities

First, you have to interact with the planners, the organizers, and the media, build relationships, network and let your presence be knownlet them know you are the expert, otherwise they wont even know you exist! MEMBERS LOGIN Home SPEAKER SERVICES Speaker Services Get Found Now!

Apply Two Killer Presentation Truths to Boost Your Delivery, Credibility, and Image

Discover the secrets that speaking pros use to be more credible, influential, and polished in Allan Kaufman and Allan Mischs book and audio program Presentation Truths Revealed101 Universal Principles to Propel Your Speaking Success!