The flipped meeting

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One use she mentioned was for pre-meeting reading. You can download Nancy Duarte’s free book on slidedocs here.). What is the flipped meeting? Could this approach be used for in-house meetings? Traditionally, the Assistant Marketing Manager would present at a meeting and then there would be questions and a discussion on how to implement the ideas in the presentation. Let’s think how we could flip that meeting.

Ideas for the weekly team meeting

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What to talk about at the weekly team meeting? Yet again it’s that darned team meeting, and yet again, as the person chairing it, you’ve got no idea what to talk about. Let’s just present the weekly team meeting with the same agenda as last week. Which, incidentally, would be the same agenda as the previous week’s team meeting, and the same agenda as the week before that. While nominally a book about human resources, “What thinks you?”


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Zoom Meetings: Prevent BATS IN THE CAVE with 2 simple tips

More than PowerPoint...

I’ve been in quite a few Zoom web meetings lately, and I’ve seen a lot of BATS IN THE CAVE, if you know what I mean. If you use a laptop for web meetings, I’ll give you two tips to help you get rid of that BATS IN THE CAVE look. Get a stack of books.

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Meeting Report: Nancy Duarte discusses presentation excellence with Silicon Valley Speechwriters

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Nancy Duarte was the guest speaker at Monday’s meeting of the Silicon Valley Speechwriters Roundtable. Nancy acknowledged the important role writing her books has had on the growth of her business. Duarte is the well-known author of slide:ology and Resonate and the founder and CEO of Duarte, Inc. A few years ago, while searching for [.]. Business Communication Keynotes Public Speaking Speechwriting evita peron Garr Reynolds nancy duarte sherly sandberg Sparklines

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Book review: Your Best Just Got Better

The Presenter's Blog

It’s a pleasure to review a book that has changed not only how I achieve results, but most importantly has affected the results that I choose to achieve. This is a book that you can immediately gain from. I’ve read many such books, and this is the first one that has made a permanent change to the way that I work. One simple idea in the book is to carry in your bag a small number of ready to mail Thank You cards.

2013 173

Virtual and face-to-face meetings

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9.26.2010 Virtual and face-to-face meetings Here is a great little interview on virtual meetings and how they differ from the face to face groups that we emphasize in our small group chapters. Categories: face-to-face meetings , virtual group , virtual meetings 0comments: Post a Comment Newer Post Older Post Home Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) Loading. Click on "DeVito Domain" to visit my website detailing my books.

How to Book More Business with Speakers Bureaus with Diane Goodman and Kris Young

Speaker Launcher

On this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Show, I have invited 2 of my long-term friends and veterans of booking speakers for large scale meetings to join me. The post How to Book More Business with Speakers Bureaus with Diane Goodman and Kris Young appeared first on Jane Atkinson.

2020 73

How to book more business and own your niche

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

NSA/NC Meeting Report: Saturday March 2, 2013 The Saturday meeting of the Northern California Chapter of the National Speakers Association featured two savvy businesswomen who shared ways professional speakers and information entrepreneurs can book more business and own their niche markets. Heck, she’s even written a book on the topic.

2013 183

Greenwich, CT - What's Changed, What's the Same (such as so many AA meetings)

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Also, I can add from living in that area for a long time several years ago there are more Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings based in Greenwich than just about any other location in CT.   For extreme networkers those meetings provide excellent opportunities to bump into the very successful. Brown used to encourage females to attend AA meetings in affluent towns, even if they didn't have a drinking problem. 

2019 43

#MeToo Meets Up with Ambiguity - "Tirschwell v. TCW et al."

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

For example, unlike the Kerrie Campbell types who win settlements she likely doesn't have the resources to start her own firm or the book of business to land another good job. Recently Jane Doe 4 removed her name from class action gender discrimination lawsuit "Tolton, et al. Jones Day." " Federal judge Randolph Moss demanded that she disclose her identity. However, unlike 3 other Jane Doe plaintiffs, she didn't. 

2019 40

Greenwich, CT - Hey, See You at the 12-Step Meeting

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

published a book  "Framed," arguing Skakel's innocence. Throughout Greenwich there are probably more 12-step recovery meetings per square foot than any other upscale community in the U.S. Books Branding careers Current Affairs Food and Drink Games legal Media Personal Musings Rebranding Values Voodoo Web/TechIn the collective visual global memory bank, Martha Moxley will always be 15. That's the best of ages.

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The Communication Blog

8.17.2009 e-books An article published in the New York Times , “Moving into a digital future, where textbooks are history,&# discussed the changes taking place in education, specifically the move from written textbook to e-books. A flood of letters/responses are presented in the Times of August 16, 2009, many lamenting the rise of the e-book. The traditional printed text presents information through one channel; the e-book from several.

Take Your Meetings by Storm…Gamestorm, That Is

Duarte Blog

The deluge of out-of-the-box thinking began mid-morning and continued throughout the day as Dave Gray and Sunni Brown hosted their day-long Gamestorming workshop , designed to equip individuals with tools to change boring, unproductive meetings into engaging, productive (and even fun) game-like encounters. Who knew that a meeting to come up with a new name for adult diapers could get so heated? Now those are meetings I would like to attend.

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speaking up in meetings

The Eloquent Woman

For many women, public speaking means speaking up in meetings --and I've yet to meet a woman who hasn't encountered problems when she tries to do so. Ford does a "conversational analysis" that walks through the dance of discourse in meetings, including how people take turns speaking, use questions to open up the chance to participate or put a challenge on the table, and skills needed when your point flies in the face of the status quo.

The Nonverbal Communication Book TOC

The Communication Blog

Here is the Table of Contents for The Nonverbal Communication Book. The Nonverbal Communication Book. Welcome to The Nonverbal Communication Book. Welcome to the Nonverbal Communication Book [Preface]. Selecting Seats at the Company Meeting. If you want to: Appear a professional leader/in control of the situation, especially at meetings. the nonverbal communication book nonverbal communication table of contents Nonverbal Communication

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Did George H.W. Bush Meet Up with Barbara in Heaven? - Reflections on What's Next, After Life

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

So, there's the book "Heavens on Earth: The Scientific Search for the Afterlife, Immortality, and Utopia." Here the book can be ordered from Amazon.   Books Personal Musings pet grief Religion ScienceA Christian, George H.W. Bush had a firm belief in an afterlife. What seemed to ease his transition from living to the dying process was his conviction that he would join his wife Barbara in heaven. It worked.

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Want to book more business? Change your email response.

SpeakerSue Says...

You can even write,”Don’t believe me… here is what other happy couples/meeting planners/buyers/physicians have said.”. That is how you book more business now. ” You will book more business when you aim for the heart. Do people tell us the truth about why they don’t buy from us? When they tell us, often they say “price,” but what they mean is “you.” You’re the reason I went “in another direction.”. Harsh? Please know I include myself in that word.

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Valentine's Day: Find Rich Soulmate at AA Meeting

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

 As Jennifer Scanlon chronicles in her biography of Brown - "Bad Girls Go Everywhere" - the magazine tycoon told single women to get to a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) in an upscale town.  Here you can check out Scanlon's book on  At those meetings in tony locations are plenty of men in recovery who likely lost their marriage when they weren't in recovery.  Males can attend Open Meetings.

2014 47

Big Meeting Coming Up? Close the Slideshow; Pick Up the SlideDocs

Duarte Blog

Presentations have long been a staple in meetings. Does a presentation actually make a meeting better, or can it make the meeting experience worse? For internal meetings where the goal is to build consensus, consider turning off the projector. As an alternative to presentations, Amazon starts all its meetings with a 6-page memo. Text heavy documents are one way to get information across at a meeting. The post Big Meeting Coming Up?

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Unscripted: Why Alcoholics Anonymous Speaker Meetings Continue to Resonate

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

 The instructor kept reading excerpts from this book and that book. Since the early 1980s, I have been observing the extreme quality of speaking at Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. Over the years I have even brought clients to meetings which were open to the public.  Go online to Alcoholics Anonymous list of meetings in your state. Find where there are open speaker meetings. Tonight I attended a class at a Buddhist temple.

2014 50

I’m feeling lucky – book review

Craig Strachan - Keep Talking!

This book is for anybody looking for an inside view into the growth of one of the biggest brands in the world. Marketers, techies or anybody wanting to learn what it is like working at Google should ready this book. The book provides Insights into Google as it grew from startup to large business, and provides some valuable lessons to take into our own organisations. If you just want to find out about Google, there are plenty of shorter and easier to read books.

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Making it Easy for Speakers Bureaus to Book You with Gina Davilla

Speaker Launcher

The post Making it Easy for Speakers Bureaus to Book You with Gina Davilla appeared first on Jane Atkinson. On this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Podcast we are talking about how to make sure speaker bureaus can easily find and book you. Gina enjoys the challenge of matching the perfect speaker for her clients, and she’s always excited to meet the next great thought leader. Best practices to get booked through bureaus.

2018 49

Barnes & Noble - Meet You at Starbucks, I Just Ordered the Best-Seller Used from Amazon.

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Amazon offered us better and better bargains on books. There has even been the option of ordering used books.    Books Branding Current Affairs Personal Musings Rebranding Selling Values Web/TechDistressed Barnes & Noble has appointed Demos Parneros as chief executive officers. That's the 5th one of those in 4 years, notes The Wall Street Journal.

2017 40

Want to Get Booked to Speak? Answer Five Questions Correctly to Dramatically Increase Your Odds!

Succeed Speaking

Having assisted thousands of meeting planners and working with many of the world’s best speakers since 1999, I believe it comes down to how effectively you answer FIVE questions that every prospective client is asking. Watch this video and learn how to dramatically increase your odds of standing out and getting booked.

2012 181

Unlike iGen, Our Tribe HAD TO Meet Up in Person - Charlotte Toal, M. Lynn Rickert, et al.

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  Every three months, I HAD TO meet up in person with my close friends in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In her book by that title , Jean Twenge describes how those born between 1995 and 2012 can go on forever without making meaningful in-person contact with other human beings. After sending a digital message to Huebner not to contact me again, I never again sought to meet up with anyone from the good old days. 

Yahoo! CEO Carol Bartz on women getting talked over in meetings

The Eloquent Woman

In this report on the Women's Conference from the excellent Glass Hammer blog , a panel of top women CEOs at the conference talked about the barriers that remain for working women--and the challenge of women getting ignored and talked over in meetings apparently doesn't just happen to the junior staffers. The thing that really annoys me is when a woman will say something in a meeting and everyone ignores her. What's your experience with speaking up in meetings? Yahoo!

Dale Carnegie Meets Buddha: Getting the professional edge through mindfulness

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

 Some of that is in his new book "Emotional Chaos to Clarity." "Take a Dale Carnegie Course.  The basic one in how to present yourself." " That was what my mentor told me after I got laid off from Kraft in 1987.  It was the beginning of the era of corporate downsizing or eliminating "redundancies" like myself.  Everything had changed again  for us Baby Boomers.  We had started out rejecting the system.

2013 50

Dilbert on speaking up in meetings

The Eloquent Woman

Getting told she needs to speak up more in meetings. Related posts: Even Ruth Bader Ginsberg gets talked over in meetings Kenneth Cole CEO Jill Granoff on women presenting in meetings Where our readers do most of their speaking Our checklist for the whole speaker helps you prep for meetings, too A book that analyzes how and whether women speak up in meetings. Tags: women and public speaking speaking up in meetings

Questions for speakers to ask meeting planners

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

Following is a list of questions that speakers should ask meeting planners in getting ready to speak at an event.  How many of them will have read my book?   You won't need to ask all of them all the time; the list is meant to give you a broad set of ideas.    A.    The Venue When is the speech taking place? Where? How many in the audience? What time of day? How long should the speech be? Will the audience be eating or have eaten?

Ruth Ginsberg on speaking up in meetings

The Eloquent Woman

Ever wonder whether more famous women manage to avoid the pitfalls women face when they speak up in meetings ? In this USA Today interview , Ruth Bader Ginsburg gives a rare insight into the inner workings of the Supreme Court, focusing on whether women are heard in meetings. I don't know how many meetings I attended in the '60s and the '70s, where I would say something, and I thought it was a pretty good idea.

Book journal: Handbagging and women public speakers

The Eloquent Woman

As I continue to work on my book on women and public speaking, I''m sharing my "book journal" with you, a way of thinking out loud about the themes I''m coming across in my notes and research. Her cabinet (and other male officials and reporters ) called out her ubiquitous handbags as a weapon in meetings, using "handbagging" and "handbagged" as verbs. book journal

2014 78

Mark Zuckerberg - Wrong Brand To Launch Book Club

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Books? So, it's no surprise that, as Caitlin Dewey reports in The Washington Post , Mark Zuckerberg's book club is off to a slow start. Meeting up to take deep dives into books doesn't resonate with what fast-communication Facebook is all about. " As a ghostwriter for thought leaders, "The End of Power" was on my must-read book. One better choice for the book club might have been "Making Conflict Work" by Peter T.

2015 52

Book Review: Everyone Communicates, few connect by John Maxwell

Craig Strachan - Keep Talking!

Many of us have intentions to read more self-development books, but by the end of the work-day we are simply too tired, so we end up in front of the TV or reading a light novel. This book is one of those that you can pick up at the end of the day. The story telling style makes it easy reading; yet still a book of substance. This is typical of what I have come to expect from his other books. The book is divided into two main sections; principles and practices.

2010 116

From How to Write a Non-fiction Book in 60 Days

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

Opening remarks from the best-selling How to Write a Non-fiction Book in 60 Days. I wrote this book because I kept on running into budding authors who could tell me about their great book ideas but somehow were not able to actually write their books. You are looking at the result of my work — How to Write a Non-fiction Book in 60 Days , written in… well, 60 days. What does it take to write a book in 60 days ?

2014 59

Free Book Excerpt - Trust Me

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

For my holiday blog, I'm giving you the first section of my most recent book, Trust Me , free. We worry a lot about what to say when we’re preparing for an important meeting, giving a big speech, or proposing marriage.   We get nonverbal impulses for a lot of the important things that drive us: relationships, safety, emotional needs, fears, desires, meeting new people, seeing old friends, and so on. 

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Take charge of that meeting: 8 ways to make sense of Robert's Rules of Order

The Eloquent Woman

If you''re going to chair meetings or rise to a high post in your professional society, you''re likely to run up against Robert''s Rules of Order. it''s the most widely used authority on parliamentary procedure--and many a meeting chair has struggled to follow those rules. More recent editions of the book include versions of the rules for videoconferences and conference calls, an area where most of us need help taking turns and getting a word in edgewise.

2013 68

A Book - Can It Be Platform for Greta Van Susteren's Comeback?

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  What might be a platform for a comeback is her new book "Everything You Need To Know about Social Media: Without Having to Call A Kid." During her book tour, Van Susteren could meet up with a white knight who can reposition and repackage her career. Books Branding careersEver since the scandal broke about the former Fox News head Roger Ailes, legal commentator Greta Van Susteren has been having a tough time.    She had supported Ailes.

2017 40

"Big Book" of Alcoholics Anonymous - Original Manuscript by Bill Wilson to Be Auctioned Off in May

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Today it's still used in meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous around the world, in prisons, and in private groups of professionals such as medical doctors and lawyers. At meetings, several of those attending will typically "reintroduce" themselves. In the legal community, some balk that it has become standard for judges to give those with crimes involving alcohol a "choice" of jail time or attendance at so many meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous weekly.

2018 40

5 Questions to ask before you start to write your non-fiction book

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

A friend of mine told me he was starting to write a non-fiction book. I’m writing a book,” he said, “not a news article. I suggested that he take a look at the W5, from the perspective of thinking about and planning his book, before he started to write. Since I have written a dozen non-fiction books, he cut me some slack. “So So tell me how to answer the W5 before I start my book.”. Before you start to write any non-fiction book, ask yourself who.

2014 48

E-Book = New price of entry

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Building a brand for a consultant, financial planner, or politico used to entail publishing a print book through an established house like HarperCollins.   That   Self-publishing, including by individual authors on their own computers, has been replacing the way the traditional book gets out there. More clients are requesting research and ghostwriting services for e-books.    The books would be short and contain compelling graphics. 

10 great books to help you think, create, & communicate better in 2012

Presentation Zen

In the spirit of personal kaizen , I have listed below a few books that I read (or reread) over the past year that you may want to read as part of your own continuous improvement journey. Clicking on the book's icon takes you to (1) This book is quick and easy to read. A much deeper (and expensive) related book is e-Learning and the Science of Instruction. (3) This is a beautifully designed book. The book is simple, visual, and clear.

2012 87

Own Your Industry - Book 23 of 52 in 52 - A Review of Douglas Kruger's latest book

Speak and Deliver

10 years later, I finally had the chance to meet him, even share dinner with him - just a few weeks ago in Kuala Lumpur. He''s had a few other products created, but the first I''ve gotten my hands on is his latest book, on which his speech that week was based: ''Own Your Industry: How to Position Yourself as an Expert.'' If you''re not a self-marketing guru, this is definitely the book for you.

2014 58

5 books for the introverted speaker

The Eloquent Woman

Consulting a good book is an activity true to the introvert's way, so I've rounded up five good guides to help introverts consider their speaking situations of all kinds, from networking to speeches. Later, during her book tour, she went on to give a TED talk about being an introvert--a big turnaround. Introverts can be great public speakers--with plenty of time to prepare and the chance to be by themselves before and after.

2012 68