"Rampage" - The Feel-Good of Having the Good Guys Win

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

All Chicago is at risk. Then they set him loose to battle the other infected beasts and save Chicago. The military will not have to drop a bomb on Chicago. The pull force of sci-fi is that there are old-fashioned bad guys and good guys. Also, if the creatives associated with the content are clever there will be larger than life beasts.    All that had been packed into the film "Rampage."

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This Week in History: Politics … the good, the bad, and the just plain ugly

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1968 Demonstrators disrupted the Democratic National Convention in Chicago. 1979 Lord Mountbatten, senior member of the royal family of Great Britain, was killed on his yacht (along with three others aboard) by a terrorist bomb … following political disputes in Northern Ireland 410 Rome fell to the Visigoths. 1530 Birthday of Ivan the Terrible. 1568 The oldest European settlement (in what is now the US) was founded … named by the Spaniards for St.

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Lessons from Charlie & The King

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No matter what you think about Charlie Sheen, after bombing in Detroit, he got back on the stage in Chicago and that took some serious guts. Ask any professional speaker and they will tell you about the time they bombed. Have you ever been nervous about speaking in front of a group? Just ask Charlie Sheen how he felt in Detroit). The fact is, on many lists the fear of public speaking is well before fear of heights and even fear of death.

"Hard Choices" - Brutal Lessons Learned About Betting Ranch on Book

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

" For one thing, sales of the book can bomb, in two ways.  In Chicago and on NPR she didn't do much better. Even we ghostwriters, who earn lucrative fees creating books, warn our clients: A book has become a high-risk move.   Seasoned publicists provide the same advice.  One wonders if anyone in Hillary Clinton's circle of advisors advised her about the pros and cons of "Hard Choices."

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Ego Food: Want to be a better speaker?


A Short Post ► Mar (4) Bloxes at Google Chicago Updates: SOC Orgs selected, Funabol CEO ignorantly. If you end early, take a question or two, or let them leave, if you have nothing else to say or have bombed. 19) You -will- bomb, and hard. Ego Food Healthy, organic food for Chris DiBonas ego, so it can grow up big and strong. Blog Archive ▼ 2009 (3) ▼ Mar (1) Want to be a better speaker?

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Rhetoric & imagery in Obama's victory speech

Max Atkinson

THE ART OF ORATORY Barack Obama’s speech in Chicago following his victory in the US election was a fine example of the rhetorical brilliance that helped him defeat Hillary Clinton and John McCain. This speech in an impressive example of how they can be used to get across almost every single point you want to make -- and, in this case, had the effect of moving many who heard it, both live in Chicago and around the world, to tears).

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How to Present While People are Twittering | Pistachio


But isn’t it better to get that feedback in real-time when you can do something to retrieve the situation - than wait till you read the evaluation sheets a few days after the conference - and find that you bombed? I love the Ombudsman concept and will be using it this week in my presentations in NY and Chicago. Pistachio Micro sharing. Macro results. HOME TOUCHBASE BLOG Your Suggestions? SERVICES Market Engagement Enterprise 2.0 Speaking and more Research TWITTER?